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  1. Plus with his high luck, he can also start the car quick as a flash which is an extremely underrated skill.
  2. I got my 500 match as Jason like a year ago. Still working on 1000 matches as Jason, though that is at a standstill right now as I've sworn off playing Jason even with the latest patch. I just don't have fun playing as him any more. Too much stress.
  3. I still see plenty of players surviving the night post patch. You just have to play smarter and outwit Jason.
  4. That's the fault of the lobby, not the game. If others aren't helping with objectives, then you just have to accept the the fact that you're pretty much screwed and hope you can find a better lobby after the match.
  5. I usually main a fixer like Deb. I love fixing the phone and calling the cops under Jason's nose even if I fail to get out myself.
  6. At the very least, on the counselor's side, you should not be able to lock onto a fellow counselor.
  7. Sorry, taking advantage of unintended game mechanics is not "tactics". It is CHEATING! It is no different than being a Packanack roof glitcher and deserves no praise. It's like a steroid user in sports doing it to gain an edge over everyone else. And just like steroid users, players like this deserve to be banned from the game they play!
  8. I beg to differ on part 2 needing more traps.
  9. There's your problem. Stop using sucker punch and man at arms. You insist on fighting, but fighting should be a last resort. Marathon, Restful and Nerves of Steel are more beneficial post patch.
  10. If you need extra stamina, then go with the marathon and restful perks. Also you can still regain stamina by striking Jason, you just won't get the stun. Save those shotguns for the end when you truly need them.
  11. I've seen plenty of players survive the night against good Jason's post patch. You just have to be a little smarter with your stamina usage, which btw, can still be replenished with a hit on Jason, just without the stun. Other than that, it's no different than before, just no cheap stuns as Jason rages through a door.
  12. I thought about it as I was changing up perks last night, but then decided to keep my combat perks just in case. I put an epic 25% my dad's a cop on all my fixers and put lead foot and a legendary grease monkey on Chad. Of course marathon on my runners.
  13. Apparently you didn't read what many others, including developers, have said that combat was never meant to be the main emphasis of this game and should only be used as a last resort. The goal is to escape as quick as you can. You can fight Jason all you want pre rage, but it's at your own peril since that just builds his rage faster. If you can't escape before he gets rage, the sorry, you're SOL. No more wasting everyone's time kiting for 20 minutes.
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