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  1. I live and die by the shift grab, so when I'm on point with it, I can be deadly with part 9. I hate part 6's -morph, so I rarely use him. I'll take -traps any day over -morph especially since my traps get tanked and wasted right off the bat anyway. Wish I had Savini Jason.
  2. Here's how I got the stealth skull after numerous attempts( I managed to complete all other objectives in the process of those attempts). 1)Morphed to the cabin Buggzy went to to fetch the beer. Opened the front door and hid behind it. Buggzy entered the front door and walked right past me. I crept behind him and grabbed him as he was passing the first room on the right. I took him in that room and killed him in the corner so that his body was out of sight. 2)Morphed to the bathrooms, snuck up behind AJ and killed her with the mirror. 3)Morphed back to the cabin Buggzy's body was and and hid behind the same door. Kenny came in through the door and I grabbed him after he passed and chucked him out the window. 4) Morphed back to the bathrooms and waited for Chad in one of the stalls on the side AJ and the mirror was on. Chad searches the other side first, so I snuck up behind him and smashed his head in the door. 5) Went to Deb's cabin and followed her to the archery range. When she was in position by the targets, I shifted to the bow in front and performed the special kill. 6) Lastly, I morphed to Vanessa's cabin, entered the side door, snuck up on her from behind while she was at the table, grabbed her and killed her. Be aware that when you go to kill Buggzy and Kenny that sometimes they'll enter the cabin through the front door and sometimes the back door, so watch those sound pings and spam sense. to know which way they are coming from.
  3. Finally got the stealth skull for Challenge 7. That was tough considering they give you zero room for error. Your timing has to be perfect and because Buggzy and Kenny go to the same place as does Chad and AJ. You either have to kill the second before they see the first body or kill the first where it's not out in the open all while trying to sneak up behind each.
  4. Spoiler alert! Here is the hidden objective for challenge 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ789fgXZXY Brutal!
  5. I'll see your Legendary Heavy Sleeper and raise you Legendary Heavy Mover!
  6. It's not that they don't know how to use them on traps, they are just selfish and would rather keep it as a get out of jail free card for themselves. On the other hand, with Medic and Thick skin, it's pretty easy to tank traps especially if you're a fast character who can step in a trap, break out, heal and run away before Jason can catch you.
  7. Can't help you on the Jason boat tips. I was impatient with getting that badge and had friends let me tip them over. As for counselor boat repairs and escapes, my preferred method of escape is the boat even if it means risking certain death(especially against a +water speed Jason). I got those badges early on because if a boat spawns on the map, more often than not, I'm going for it.😃
  8. Vaderspupil

    Medic vs. Thick Skin

    I use both, but if I had to choose, I'd go with thick skin to tank traps. With epic thick skin, you can tank 2 traps before you start limping.
  9. +1. If it didn't slow things down, it wouldn't be an issue.
  10. Vaderspupil

    Most degrading kill

    Love using the part IV kill from his kill pack where he cuts their leg off at the knee and chops off their head on runners like Vanessa. Let's see her run now!
  11. OK there Negative Nancy. Who pissed in your Cheerios?
  12. Need 1000 matches as Jason to complete the trophies. If I've been counting right, I have 429 more to go. I have all the badges Have all the Pamela tapes. Only have 3 Tommy tapes. @AdmiralJT No you don't need any kill packs or Savini Jason to complete PHD. Only the kills from launch are used.
  13. If your counselor has been running a lot and is panting heavily, Jason can here that.
  14. Vaderspupil

    Stalk is broken?

    My main problem with stalk right now is that it's useless in the water. You can be lying in wait in the water in stalk waiting for the boat to come to you, but the counselors can still see you on their mini map the whole time. If you have a slow water Jason, you're screwed. The same can happen with the car. The other day I was hiding around a cabin in stalk a good distance down the road from the car waiting for them to come to me. They never did because the could see me on their mini map.
  15. Vaderspupil

    Still too many pocket knives

    Now they do. My phone is through the cable company, so it doesn't work when the power is out.