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  1. I'd go with Jenny for that last slot. She is very underrated. Give her a no fear build(nerves of steel, preparedness) and she's difficult for Jason to detect and her screen will never go dark. She's stealthy enough that she can hang with Tiffany any AJ and not give them away and she can act as a bodyguard for them with her high luck and composure. She's not the fastest or has the most stamina but she can kite if she has to.
  2. As a member of @RustInPeace and @Redrum138 's group, I can vouch for this. They are a lot of fun to play with. It's been awhile since I've played F13. I've been soured by practically every public match being a Jason hunting party now. It took all the fun out of it. That and I've been obsessed with Red Dead Online even though there's not a whole lot of content there right now with it being in beta. Any way, I would like to maybe play a little more regularly with these guys, so feel free to send out an invite if you're in the game and see me on. 😀
  3. I despise Jason kills squads. They ruin the spirit of the game, to escape from him, not hunt him down like angry villagers with torches and pitchforks. I refuse to play as Jason until they make it much harder to kill him and as a counselor, I refuse to take part in the killing of Jason.
  4. Run teamers down with the car any chance you get, even when none of them is currently Jason.
  5. That's what Tinker should have done, either slow down the skill check wheel or decrease the amount and increase the size of the skill check areas. Speeding up the wheel like Tinker currently does makes it much more difficult to complete without screwing up.
  6. The only real change I made since I've always had a fixing/escape mentality is to put my dad's a cop on all my fixers to get out that much faster.
  7. @lasse_hei and I ran into some Jason teamers over the weekend where a Vanessa took one of the cars and parked by the cops exit. We witnessed the Vanessa blatantly back into and run over a Deborah as she was making her way to the cops. When confronted the Vanessa claimed it to be an accident and when we continued to call out the bullshit, he then claimed that everyone was doing it(Jason teaming) and that it was a legit part of the game. He and the Jason player then proceeded to go into party chat so they wouldn't have to face the music. Lasse and I were going to run them over with the car the next match but we didn't get the chance.😥
  8. You need to find a good group of friends to play with regularly whom you know you can rely on. That's the key to this game.
  9. The online portion is a little boring right now as it is still in beta( and will be for awhile) and there's not much to do outside of various pvp modes, but single player is great and online still has the potential to be great.
  10. He's moved over to the Red Dead Redemption 2 forums. Same with @Bropollocreed79, @Cokeyskunk, @HuDawg. I'm a member too. Pick up the game and join us there in addition to here.😀 Rdr2.org/forums
  11. Plus with his high luck, he can also start the car quick as a flash which is an extremely underrated skill.
  12. I got my 500 match as Jason like a year ago. Still working on 1000 matches as Jason, though that is at a standstill right now as I've sworn off playing Jason even with the latest patch. I just don't have fun playing as him any more. Too much stress.
  13. I still see plenty of players surviving the night post patch. You just have to play smarter and outwit Jason.
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