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  1. You don't get to tell others how to play! As everyone has suggested mute Jason yourself if you don't want him talking. You should do so anyway because if he's in proximity to you, he can hear you talk or hear any other kind of noise coming through your mic and use that to pinpoint your location.
  2. Adults only lobby

    I'll try to remember to send you a friend request tonight after I get out of work. I mainly play in private lobbies against really good players. My PS4 name is the same as my forum name, Vaderspupil.
  3. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    You can in private lobbies, not sure about public.
  4. I kind of like it. It would be a deterrent to players who try to stun Jason through the window where he can't get them except with throwing knives.
  5. Friday the 13th: The League

    What system do you play on because I play with those guys regularly on PS4 and the Tournament proved they're the best of the best. Would love to have you join us too if you're on PS4.
  6. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    I find I get stunned just as easily when I'm Part 9 who has stun resistance, as I do when I'm Part 3 with -stun. The only difference I see is maybe remaining stunned a few seconds longer with Part 3. Not a big deal in my book. As for Part 2, the idea with him is to not let them even start the car with all the traps he has plus the ability to check on the car more frequently with +morph.
  7. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    The combination of -shift, -traps and can't run made it extremely difficult to stop the car as well as wear down some of the speedier more stamina rich counselors like Vanessa. Part 2's weaknesses were kind of offset by his ability to control objectives with his +traps and +morph. Part 4 can keep the pressure on with Can Run, weapon strength and Destruction. Part 7 had nothing to offset his major weaknesses. As someone who plays Part 3 frequently, -stun isn't that much of a weakness. It's certainly less of a weakness than -shift. Like Part 3, anyone who tries to stun Part 7 will now pay the price as Jason slashes back with weapon strength.
  8. A class in which all we did was watch movies? I could only wish all my classes were like that. By and large I had cool professors with a few exceptions.
  9. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    I hate to say it, I'm afraid you're in the minority there.
  10. Bachelor of Science, but yes it is kind of a useless BS degree.
  11. I have a BS in communications, so as part of my college curriculum I took multiple film classes where all we did was watch old movies. It was great.
  12. The announcement has been made. They are Tweaking part 7 Jason. He's losing + Grip Strength and gaining + weapon strength. He's also losing -shift and gaining -stun.
  13. Never seen the original version, just the 1992 version of Of Mice and Men with Gary Sinise as George and John Malkovich as Lenny. Loved the Looney Tunes characters too.
  14. I used to have the problem of not being able to see shit as Jason when I cut the power. Since I adjusted my Gamma to brighten the screen, it hasn't been an issue.