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  1. Played in a couple private matches last night with @Redrum138 and @RustInPeace. We played with no med sprays and no maps to be found unless you used the perks to start with them. Mini map was turned off unless you were using nerves of steel and power was cut to start the match. The only real buff the counselors got was double health to compensate for the lack of med sprays. It was more fun than I've had playing F13 in a long time. It was tense, exactly how the game should be. I managed to survive the night in one match by hiding in the kitchen pantry of Packanack when I was the only one left. I'm not one to usually use hiding spots, but when the deck is stacked against you, you do what you gotta to survive. It was great.😎
  2. Gotta have Thick Skinned. I hate going into limp mode after just 2 knives!
  3. This is why I essentially quit playing this game. Gun has their head shoved so far up their ass, they can see out of their belly button when it comes to these issues. This once great game is no longer that fun for me to play. Only occasionally playing with great friends such as @Redrum138, @RustInPeace, @lasse_hei and @pioneer67fkd keeps me barely hanging on in this game. I was an above average Jason and have played well over 500 matches as him. For over a year now with all of the counselor buffs and Jason nerfs leading to the emergence of Jason hunting squads in almost every single match, I refuse to play as Jason. Jason is supposed to be the hunter, not the hunted. The game today is completely the opposite of what it was at launch. The original intent of this game was to escape from him, not gang up and hunt him down like a pack of angry villagers with torches and pitchforks. Killing Jason is supposed to be a last resort. It has now become the first resort.
  4. If it wasn't intended, then yes and they shouldn't use them. I don't. Some of those are worse than others. At least stunning through a window somewhat makes sense unlike stunning through a solid closed door.
  5. An exploit is any action or effect used by a player in order to gain an advantage over the competition when said action/effect was not intended to be a part of the orginal game design. A player using exploits is no different than an athlete using performance enhancing drugs to gain an advantage in his/her sport. There's no place for it when the majority are trying to compete legitly clean.
  6. It hasn't been horrible yet, but I wouldn't exactly call it polite. I just hate these best/worst arguments because it's all subjective.
  7. I wish the mods would close this thread as it amounts to nothing more than a pissing contest based on biased opinions. Every counselor has a role to play, some just happen to be more defined than others. When everyone knows their role and works together, there is no "best" counselor. The problem is in a public lobby, unless you're in a decent sized party, getting random players to work together is rare. Myself, I mainly play as Deb and I love playing as her. I love being able to stealthily fix objectives under Jason's nose. When I'm not Deb, I play as Jenny and act as a bodyguard to fixer counselors. Playing as Vanessa is not my cup of tea.
  8. Definitely fear. As I mentioned above stealth perks don't really help Jenny all that much. Same with sense avoidance since Jason can just spam sense. I run thick skin on my Jenny. I use nerves of steel, preparedness and thick skin. Good for fighting him off pre rage and kiting post rage.
  9. The no fear build on Jenny is great but it won't make you invisible to Jason. Jenny is not super stealthy. While she's nowhere near as noisy as Vanessa, she does give off a fain amount of sound pings as she's jogging or sprinting. Swift foot doesn't do much to remedy this. That perk is better suited for AJ or Tiffany. Where Jenny really shines with the no fear build is acting as a bodyguard for the fixer counselors. If Jason shows up, she can fight him off while the fixers do their thing. Her screen will almost never go black from fear. This is all great if you're the final girl and need to kite Jason to survive the night.
  10. Pocket knife, but not so I can use it as a get out of jail free card from Jason. I main Deb so I like to have a pocket knife so I can silently spring Jason's traps, fix shit and disappear like a ninja.
  11. New maps, new counselors, dlc kill packs for all Jason weapons and new counselor DLC outfits like the pajama pack the never got released.
  12. You know what would make that perk really useful? Having it so that it would reduce the time it takes to get up off the ground after diving through a window.
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