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  1. Sorry im new here and to the game but what is the point of the team killing in game? Is it literally so you can betray someone if they have the petrol or weapon you need/want?
  2. Console - PS4 PSN - OMNILEGION (looking for horror fan friends)
  3. Whats up people. Im new to the game (loving it except the few bugs here n there) Im from London UK, male , 30 year old looking for new friends on there that love the horror genre and fancy playing the game in a like minded group. Infact ideally i would love to be able to form a new small group of gaming friends that enjoy horror games in general for present and future releases. If you fancy it , then im on PS4 and you can add me "OMNILEGION" just let me know in the msg that you are adding me from here. Cheers guys , hope to be catching some of you on there!
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