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  1. Bots

    The last update seemed to make the bots worse intelligence-wise. Also, their decision making doesn't seem to change with the difficulty level. I've had bots start the car in easy mode many times compared to rarely during hard mode (and never on any difficulty after the last update). Also, the hard-mode bots make terrible decisions by hiding in front of Jason every time they're in a cabin.
  2. Daytime maps

    This person seems to be as bright as the nighttime maps.
  3. Bots

    What is the best AI you've ever played against in a video game? You can't just bring up "best AI I've ever played against in a video game" and not tell us!
  4. Unfortunately, I have a life outside of video games that I need to prioritize.
  5. @ShiftySamurai, @[IllFonic]Courier What is a “sufficient progression level?” Is it going to be some ridiculously high level that you’ll only be able to obtain by playing 24/7?
  6. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    A few months is a small price to pay for a much improved Friday The 13th experience. Looking forward to it!
  7. Notice how it’s only new people complaining about the much-needed nerf to counselors. Lmao. The game is fun and tense again; FINALLY!
  8. I'm thinking the same thing can be said about you coming on to the forums. If it's so bad and it drains the fun out of playing the game, don't come on here.
  9. Bots in the new update?

    So I finally played against the bots..... I think their intelligence has been SEVERELY nerfed...... I recorded this video and have never had this happen while playing against the bots until this update. Yeah, they would run into me OCCASIONALLY before the patch, but this is crazy. It's not the new map either; this video is from Crystal Lake. This has happened quite a few times in my offline matches tonight. @ShiftySamurai, @[IllFonic]Courier, @GunMedia_Ben, @wes Did something go seriously wrong while updating the A.I.?
  10. Bots in the new update?

    Yeah, either autocorrect or I accidentally hit the ‘Y.’ Lol. If they’re still as stupid as before, that’s pretty disappointing. However, I know the bots have always been smarter in some rounds more than others, so maybe we just need to play a couple of rounds. EDIT: Oh! Has anyone noticed whether or not Tommy’s over his drawer addiction?
  11. So I’m just wondering how the bots are in this update? Are they any smarter? I’m really hoping they fixed the hiding issue.
  12. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    So no fixes to the window force field?
  13. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Whoo! I might actually be afraid of Jason and have a reason to play again! This is a serious buff to Jason, so it might make part markers on the map easier to deal with (although I still think there should be an option to turn them off).