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  1. If you prioritize high-level players as Jason every match, there are going to be a lot of kids and ignorant, unemployed morons playing as Jason all the time. Not everybody has time to sit around playing Friday the 13th all day. Regardless, it's very doubtful that I'm the only one that wouldn't waste their time solely on this game even if they DID have all day to play. There are too many games coming out now that actually have competent developers that give a fuck about their games.
  2. Nope, you're just an absolute idiot. Don't you know that the counselors are just getting better? Randy said so himself!
  3. I know you said "exclude the recent shift patch," but shift-grabbing is the absolute least of anyone's concern at the moment. You can't do it now anyway; at least not without some serious luck. When the patch first came out, I played 1 vs 1 against my girlfriend and I could barely grab her when she was literally right in front of me. Several times. Yeah.... Nobody's concerned about shift-grabbing at the moment. I'll tell you that right now, no matter what you say to exclude from our thoughts.
  4. DbD vs F13

    Played DbD for the first time tonight and had a blast. I can actually play as the killer when I want to, I can leave the match as soon as I’m killed to actually PLAY THE GAME; instead of watching people hide under a bed for ten minutes. Also, @GunMedia_Ben, you guys should do something about the poll results with this new forum theme. You can barely read it.
  5. You’re probably going to embarrass the devs with this video. I’d be embarrassed if I were them.
  6. Actually, that makes him smarter than us. We actually spent our own money on this joke of a game (beta).
  7. I gave it a 0. I've had a lot of fun with the game since launch, but the current version of the game, in my opinion, voids any of that. Especially since it doesn't seem like Gun are even CONSIDERING making Jason powerful again. Add to that the fact that Gun has turned this survival-horror game into a damn Halloween dance party, it's even worse. I'm already expecting Jason to start handing out presents to the counselors in a Santa suit by the end of December.
  8. Do you still play the game?

    I bought DbD a few weeks ago and haven't played a single game of it, and I STILL like it better than the current version of Friday the 13th. What does that say? Hell, I just purchased Call of Duty: WWII (my first Call of Duty game EVER) and am even having way more fun in that game.
  9. The next step Gun Media takes should be a new line of work.
  10. This just confirms that the developers aren't listening to the majority of the players that KNOW Jason has been nerfed. It also means that they have no plans whatsoever in giving Jason his strength back. That ALSO means that this game will continue to lose players like it has been since this bullshit patch. I would rather EA be in control of this game than Gun Media's joke of a team.
  11. I don't mind it, but it would be great if the kids that developed the game would have implemented the option to turn it off in private matches like they said they were going to do last patch.
  12. Do you still play the game?

    Nope. I stopped playing just under a month ago. There are too many great games out there that actually work right.
  13. In the last match I played, I saw Jason blowing around in the wind and he got stuck in the trees.
  14. Summer's been over

    I’m more curious about why the game was delayed specifically for single player, yet single player still hasn’t been implemented six months after release.