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  1. A simple counseler creator would be nice; Giving the player the ability to hand distribute their points (With a cap) And have their own appearance.
  2. No? That's what I'm saying. Plus it doesn't really make sense.
  3. I like them aside from the Tiffany one... I know its in keeping with the movies, but come on.
  4. Not being sarcastic, but I noticed a lot of people don't know this. Stalk decreases MUCH slower when standing still, and lasts like 3 minutes. I'll shift and cut people off with stalk, and wait for them to enter the house I'm already in, waiting.
  5. I personally learned to not use the map. I'm a chad player, and usually my fear is so high I have no map. I pay attention to the street signs, it helps ^^
  6. I had an idea for a 1 man escape vehicle. Essentially, there would now be 3 keys on the map. A two seater car would be the model, although the passenger seat now has a man impaled into the seat, preventing a passenger from getting in. It only allows one player to drive and escape using it, giving lone wolf players more options to survive.
  7. That way people won't disconnect since someone has Savini Jason.
  8. Hm, what about at half rage charge, he can raise it temporarily, scaring any nearby counselers?
  9. That would be cool, and maybe allow Jason to shift up ladders like in the movies? (Teleport to the top to greet someone using stalk)
  10. After you die and start spectating, it would be cool to have "Vhs tapes" Which are little clips of the game, that automatically record and show some of the chases, or some of the players previous actions. IE jason getting a kill, someone repairing fuse box or stepping in a trap.
  11. I was thinking of having it so it only works once for each counseler, and works MUCH better if you have stalk enabled.
  12. I think weapon kills should be applied to each version of a weapon, rather than the jason itself, so they can be used interchangably. However, some weapons should be locked to certain jasons. Like, pitchfork is only for savini (Unless they make a non savini pitchfork.)
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