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  1. I never said his running was running I said it was more of a light jog. Which In turn you acknoweledged you can call it what you like it. The terminology used isn't a concern of mine. What is a concern of mine is as you said a Now while this in turn is a "mechanic of the game" It is in fact poorly balanced. The game is a survive or be killed game correct. Therefore if in the break free mini game where mashing the button dosent even result in getting halfway through the mini game before being killed. That's Imbalance as the only means of escaping that is with simply put a pocket knife. This essantialy means that without those pocket knifes. Due to the fact so little of them spawn in the map. Unless you have one 3 seconds into the grab the counseler is dead. Wheres the challenge in that? Its not a game about just kill everything and be done with it. There needs to be give and take within the game. That also Includes Jason grabbing counselers in combat mode. As 90 percent of the time the player playing Jason just grabs a player in combat mode while in mid swing of the weapon. Resulting in as I said above the Initial 3 seconds of the mini game and then the counseler is dead. In closing this isn't Directly the movies its game therefore as a game it needs balance. If it was a game strictly about killing and leaving no survivors without a single means as to them getting away or being sportsman like period. Then it would be a game more like COD or HALO. Those are games specifically about killing and racking up points for kills. Again this isn't a game simply about killing there needs to be give and take.
  2. I'm sorry but how exactly did I contradict myself? I was pointing out that the mechanics need a Slight tweak. More Specifically when it comes to players who enter combat mode against Jason. Versus those simply trying to Run away all the time. Have you not played the game recently? A player who spends 90% of there time Running from Jason always almost always runs out of stamina. And when they go to regenerate that stamina they cant because when the player playing Jason catches up to them they areant even half the way rengerated on stamina. That makes the game one sided. The other problem breaking free from jasons grab. In its current state a player attempting to break free of jasons grab wont even make it half way through the Mini game before he can start killing. Again that's one sided. As for players within the combat mode the fact Jason can grab them rather then fight. Again is one sided and on the in sportmans side. As for your Jason running. That's part 2 and part 3 part 3 he had a light jog witch the games accurately portray. That isn't a full on sprint like you say he can do.
  3. The Problem isn't so much the game mechanics as it is the overall Balance of the game itself. There are many problems within the game. The way Jason being played is one of them. The fact of the matter is most players don't play Jason in a sportman like way. They simply do whatever it takes to get the Kill. This ranges from the Following I will list below. 1. Most players playing as Jason simply Grab. Since most players who play as Jason simply grab folks followed buy the Killing animation this leaves very little time to escape the grab or to even Fight back. 99 % of the time when one goes to escape jasons grab. Jason will need only three seconds into the grab to excute the killing animation. That's a very small window to Initiate the Grab escape unless you have Pocket Knives. The other problem being that if a player chooses to fight Jason. Most times Jason will simply grab mid swing of the weapon then Initiate the Killing Animation. Suggested Tweaks / Fixes for this simply add a delay to the killing animation. Make the game slightly more challenging when playing Jason. As well as when a counseler or player playing a counseler enters combat mode. Make it to where grab can no longer grab a player in Combat mode. Unless that player has been Significantly Injured. 2. Jason in Most cases walks way to fast or can run to fast. Most of the Jason Variants are quite fast for there counterparts in the movies. In the movies I don't recall Jason ever running. It was more like a walk with a large stride. The fact some jasons can run dosent help with that. While there is no problem with the speed of Jason itself gamewise. The problem as you said is the fact Counselers run out of stamina. 99% of the time a counseler uses up there stamina simply running from Jason. Again that in of itself is fine. However the more direct problem is how the counselers regenerate that stamina. You have to be eathier crouched or standing still. And it takes a good length of time to regenerate that Stamina. And when being chased buy Jason and you go to regenerate that stamina. 99% of the time you wont simply due to the fact your spending more time running then regenerating the stamina. Suggested fix for that. Stamina should regenerate when your not sprinting Again in most cases its making getting the kills as Jason to easy.
  4. First off I did not contradict myself. Obviously you failed to read or misunderstood the post. The way the mechanic is is fine. The way it works is fine. Does it have a bit of flaws in its current state yes. So yes I suggested some improvements for them. As well as improvements for when a player chooses to fight Jason. Glad you agree with me on it. As for the Dedicated servers. The dev may have said xbox isn't getting them. However with the due complaints and player feedback. They should add them. You cant give one system Dedicated servers and then give all other systems peer to peer. That's bad not only bad business and market manipulation. If only one platform is to get dedicated servers then why isn't the game only on that platform. The game is in dire need of them. As Peer to peer connection has allowed the following. 1. Poor connectivity resulting in players being dropped from matches Randomely. 2. Its given host players the means to rage quit and end a match for all players. In turn it causes Infuration among the players who don't quit. As well as a loss of xp. In the end the players that do rage quit who are host get no penalty for such behavior. 3. Peer to peer connection being outdated as it is. The last time I remember it being the common form of participation in xbox live. Was back in 2005. That's 12 years ago. Anyways they have my suggestions and honestly need to bring dedicated matchmaking and servers to the game.
  5. First off attempting to break out of jasons grab is a nessassary game mechanic. There have been plenty of times I managed to break out of jasons grab. So the game mechanic in in of itself is fine. However there does need to be an Improvement made to the Mechanic itself. The Problem being that Jason can instantly go into a kill shortly after a grab. In effect it means jasons grab is a tad to strong. The only way breaking free of jasons grab is possible is if the player playing Jason waits a length of time to allow the player to escape. Otherwise you need pocketknives ect. The other problem with his grab is it can ignore weapon swings. Effectively meaning if your swinging a weapon that's melee. Weather its a baseball bat or a Machete ect... you wont be able to hit Jason as his grabs simply cancel out the weapon swing. My suggestions for this are 1. Weaken Jasons grip allowing the player to escape ( unless the player is significantly Injured the player should be able to escape a tad bit easier) 2. Add a small delay to the kill animation so that the kill cant be performed 3 seconds after the grab. 3. When it comes to weapon swings if Jason is attempting a grab while the counseler is swinging the weapon. Jason should receive the hit (unless the player is again significantly injured or he simply dosent swing the weapon) As for the hosts or players dropping and needing a new host Dedicated servers and dedicated matchmaking will fix that In closing the problems listed above. Are key problems in eathier allowing a player not playing as Jason to escape or to fight back per the players choice. And the following suggestions are effective Suggestions at correcting those problems
  6. I can belive that. Its definatly a problem that needs addressing and fixing effective Immediately. Will they listen and actualy fix that is to be determined.
  7. Simply Bringing this up again as I'm sure its been mentioned before. However the game realy does need dedicated servers. The game is still a mess with hosts quitting because they were killed buy the player playing Jason. Its extremely Detrimental to the players when the host just up and rage quits cause they were killed buy Jason. I will also add in that the peer to peer servers the game uses. Is simply put just outdated. Most games rarely use peer to peer connections anymore. Most have Dedicated servers with Dedicated matchmaking. Thus making Games easier and quicker to find and join. Dedicated Servers also would prevent players being dropped from connection timeouts. Or simply loosing connection the match All together.
  8. Completely Agree with this. More then once I been in a game where I swung a weapon at Jason. To have it Completely ignored. Ended up being grabbed then boom Killed. If a player has been significantly injured I understand being to slow to remotely hit Jason. But when at peak health and having swung a weapon to have it ignored just buy being grabbed isn't balance within the game period. The Suggestion would be to slow down Jasons grab enough to be able to be un ignored buy weapons. Unless like I said The player is significantly Injured. Also at times don't know if its just me but at times it seems the Range of Jasons grab is bit larger then what it should be.
  9. Recently Ive noticed in game. Players playing as Jason are able to Morph Inside of buildings without Breaking down doors. Morphing Inside of any building should not be possible within the game in the first place. To accurately Describe the situation I had fortified myself within a home barricaded each door. With Each door having been barricaded there should have been no way he got inside. However the player playing as Jason. Suddenly Stopped breaking the door down then Appeared inside the building to grab and kill me through morph. This is exactly why game testing is done prior to release of a game. To Ensure balance and fair play.
  10. First off insults do nothing but cause an emotional uprift. And are a detriment to the topic in the first place. Calling me bad is simply nothing more then an Irrational regaurd as for what you have said here. Is exactly what I'm trying to get at. If Jason is unable to grab while in shift or use grab while in shift or morph period would be beneficial to the game. thus why I said. A Cooldown or a period where Jason cant use grab while in shift or morph is needed. As morph is simply a method for getting around the map. Shift your catch up mechanic as Jason cant run fast.
  11. First off why are you assuming. That Jason is just going to walk. I have not said that Jasons KEY abilities are getting removed. What I have said is they play a key part within the game itself. They are quite usefull. However You shouldn't be able to Shift then immediately catch up to a Counseler while in shift. And grab them At any time shift is active. The same is said for Morph. Hence why a 5 second cooldown is needed on Grab upon activating shift / morph. It will balance the game. And ifyou the player playing Jason play Jason correct and use the tools at his disposal rather then just shift grab / morph grab. Youl be able to catch up to a counseler buy slowing em down with traps and the throwing Knives. Aka Balance the game. that's what this post is about. Secondly Your quote here. I have not moaned that Jason is OP. In fact I stated that Jason is far from OP. He is difficult to defeat and Fight back against. That is what I said. Again never said he would just walk around the map. As I said his grab would enter a cooldown upon the activation of Morph / Grip. For about 5 seconds thus balancing the game. Aka making Grab not useable while in Morph / Shift.
  12. Zig Zaging may make it harder for him but your forgetting. At some point some time. You as a counseler are going to run out of stamina. Therefor when your out of stamina. You will not be able to run as easily therefor making it easier for the player playing as Jason to grab. Now that in in of itself is fine its a much needed mechanic of the game. However I have been in matches where reguardless of running out of stamina or not. Jason has shifted all of a sudden appeared out of shift Aka where it shows a blip of static on the screen. And immediately end up in a grab. Thus to be insta killed. That is the exact Imbalance the game does not need. Again its a game its supposed to be challenging for the Counselers to Survive yes. However it dosent mean that Jason aka the Killer has to have it easy. The game should be challenging for both the Killer and the Counseler.
  13. No Jason is not supposed to be OP. Have you not watched the movies. Friday the 13th Part 1-4 every victum of jasons within the movie was caught buy Surprise. Even in parts 5-8 they were caught buy surprise Unware. If you watched the movies closely Jason never ever made a grab with his initial victums. Instead they received a weapon to the face with a hand coming off screen. Or he caught them in the act of making love. Aka the scene where the dude got the arrow in the throat. Jason never grabbed. I will say in the game the grab is a vital ability but should not be used immediately after Morph and Shift. Case in point Jason was hard to defeat his gift being he could never die. In fact he couldent die till part 9 where it was revealed that only a vorhees can kill a vorhees and send Jason to hell. Thus in point his opness being hes hard to defeat. His abilities not being balanced making kills easy to get and unchallenging is Unbalanced then Balanced.
  14. ahhh my apologies for misreading then. I agree with you they shouldn't be gotten rid of as I said jasons ability to grab immediately after a shift / morph needs a cooldown preventing him from grabbing after a shift / morph.
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