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  1. I'm not talking about sense MECHANIC itself, but the cooldown abuse spam of sense. If you immediately cancel the sense, the cooldown isn't as long as it would be if you allowed sense to run out naturally. Example: (a) Jason uses sense for 0.5 seconds and cancels will give him about a 3-5 second cooldown vs (b) Jason uses sense for 10 seconds equalling a 30 second cooldown. As it stand right now, Jason's sense formula is sense, cancel after 0.5 seconds, wait 3 seconds, sense for a split second, and etc.
  2. Was the sense mechanic intended to be spammed every several seconds? If not, I think the constant sense spam is more of a problem than the ability itself.
  3. It may seem broken at first, but the teleportation system is NOT accurate. If you try to teleport near the exit, the game will probably put you in between a fence and the exit. You will then have to jog 100 yards around the fence. I'll make counselor teleportation grid can allow for more inaccuracies. As others previously posted, if Buggzy breaks the usual horror movie logic of having the black character die early, let him live.
  4. Adam Palomino - Give him abilities that helps with the car. He seems to be the type of guy to work on cars. One ability could be a once-per-game instant car start if the car was disabled by Jason or an environmental crash. A.J. Mason - "Red Herring" - Activating this ability will allow you to place a false noise signal that lasts 1 minute unless it gets destroyed. It can even be place in the wardrobe or under the bed. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson - I like the previously posted idea of him being unable to die if he survives 18 minutes, so lets add that to this list. Chad Kensington - "The 1%" - The Chad player receives a 50% bonus to total earned XP for that round. Deborah Kim - "Engineering" - Allows her to repair electronics in silent. Jason will NOT be notified of failure of repairs and/or the repairing process. Eric "JR" LaChappa - We can give this guy the one-time instant repair as requested by others. Jenny Myers - "The Final Showdown" - If you are the last player (at the location), other than Jarvis, if you knock Jason down or stun Jason, you "kill" Jason (but the XP isn't worth as much as the sweater kill). The stunning condition will require a minimum of 5+ accumulated Jason stuns through the match from any player(s). Jenny matches the type of movie character to kill the villain at the end. Kenny Riedell - "You Killed Kenny" - If a Kenny dies, Jason will appear on the map for 30 seconds. Tiffany Cox - "Time to get away" - Once per game, Tiffany can auto-break from Jason and run away without making noise and/or showing up on the "sense" ability. Those effects lasts 10 seconds. On the auto-break from Jason, Jason is NOT stunned. Vanessa Jones - "Teleportation" - Like others said before, let Vanessa teleport throughout the map. Give this a cooldown between uses.
  5. If you (are lucky enough to) play as Jason, you will earn more XP than the average counselor. I think that the counselors should earn more XP on average because 1) (the most important reason) Jason is intended to have an advantage over the counselors. If counselors are able to excel with their disadvantage, they deserve more XP. The counselors who complete match objectives and help other counselors by breaking them free, distractions, etc, should have an XP increase. It is INTENDED TO BE HARDER AS COUNSELORS TO PLAY than it is for Jason. Harder work deserves better XP pay. 2) It will make people who died early (especially those who spawned near the car) want to stay 3) It will reduce people quitting because they were not picked to be Jason
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