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  1. Less than two, a buddy and me both spawned right next to boat parts real close to the boat at Crystal Lake, repaired and out like the Flash
  2. Yeah, I'm a backer, and it's selfish, but I want him exclusive, and not just a skin, I like other backers, risked my money with no guarantee this game would actually make it. This is our reward for helping make this happen, the whole we didn't know tis was happening, or it was a short time don't really matter, it's over and done with. It's ours, no one else is entitled to it. Don't can't that I'm being greedy.
  3. Oh, I think I would do the stomp exclusively with that Jason.
  4. So true, but I can see part 6 Canada Jason in my head, decked out in Team Canada hockey jersey with the flag across his mask, hockey stick replacing his spear, and Oh Canada playing when he gets close
  5. I've recently had friend who don't use the forums mention the idea of new skins of existing Jason's using different countries flags a color theme, part 3 USA, part 2 Mexico, part 6 Canada, were just some of their suggestions.
  6. Odd, mine is still there, what system are you guys play? I'm PS4.
  7. Badass Bikers Pizza, here when it gets here and you'll love it, or else.
  8. You have 4 kill slots, but there are only 3 weapon kills to each Jason
  9. An example of what I'd describe for a Jason, long tattered dark brown trench coat, has some burn marks and buck shot holes in it, underneath, tattered overalls and rotten green sweater, black muck covered work boots, a ragged looking hockey mask, a bit melted in his left side with discoloration from burning and the right side broken of a bit revealing an eye. His weapon, a farm scythe, the three kills, 1. He hit the with the blunt end of the scythe and while stunned cuts them in half at the waist. 2. He swing the scythe citing of their legs and with a follow up beheaded them. 3. He does a quick one two swing first eviscerateing the cutting their throat. Strength would be Traps, Weapon Damage, Grip. Weakness would be, can't run, destruction, less health.
  10. Oh, I don't even expect them to consider this, it's fun to think about though
  11. Maybe make a mechanic when someone teabags, Jason grabs them and jabs his weapon through their crotch, instakill style
  12. So I mentioned this in a previous post, but how would you guys feel about a contest to design a new Jason. Not a skin but a full on Jason, the outfit, the weapon and it's kills and his 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. They could take submissions for a month, one per person, and then they could hold a series of contests after they chose their top 100, and keep hold a weekly vote cutting the numbers in half until the winner is decide by the community. The winner gets the dlc free, the Jason named after them, and a signed replica of the new Jason's mask by the team. Thoughts?
  13. I'll up the ante. Build as Jason contest! Have people get one submission each, give a rough outline of the Jason, draw a picture, make a model, whatever, and then after they pic their favorite 10 and put them up for community vote to see who becomes the next Hockey Masked Jason of Camp Blood! Also, sorry for the reality tv spiel, couldn't resist.
  14. I can totally see AJ with Kenny, he's real and down to earth and she digs about that's not into her just for her looks and sees the real AJ.
  15. Idk I always saw AJ as more of a rebellious preacher's daughter.
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