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  1. We almost forgot! Remeber when Jason went to Elm Street....
  2. Hello fellow couselors, Our prior agrrangements to keep Savini Jason primarily for backers has since changed. Due to high demand for this premium skin, we here at GunMedia and Illfonic have decided to to allow purchase of this profuct for $6USD beginning July 1st, 2017 on PC, PSN, and XBox. We know we formally stated that ONLY backers would have the skin attainable, but due to server issues and several bugs still persisting within the game, we see it only fair to allow everyone the opportunity to own this one of a kind skin. We apologize to the backers for going back on our word, but don't freit! Tom Savini has a new design that will be exclusive to backers ONLY coming early July, so be ready for our updates in the near future. -GunMedia
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