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  1. I don't see a lot of Jasons use block since combat stance is so wonky. I'd love to see a video just to see how could even work.
  2. I enjoy the Original 3 maps a lot. I find the small versions to be far worst then Pinehurst or Javis House. As a counselor I can and have escaped on both a fair amount, but I do die more often then original three. The small maps are so in favor of counselors its a waste of time to play. If Jason can spawn on players right at the start and take 1 or 2 out, he may have a good game, but often time. Jason will teleport to 1 location. Do something with phone, or one car. teleport to 2nd location, and some vehicle is already started and on the way out. If that 2nd port wasn't to where the players are, its game over for Jason. So stupid The initial 3 maps have a good balance of spots for all players.
  3. Jason needs to be able to kill players via any method that will work. If terrain is an issue, or Jason is swarmed by players trying to chain stun him, the Jason player needs to be able to use whatever technique gets the job done. Some kill animations takes a while, and often times, time is not on Jasons side. Complaining about this is about as ridiculous as these forums get.
  4. Question

    There is a facebook group for the game, where people will post vidoes and call out trolls, but you can't do it here, because we don't want to offend a troll. This is a "safe" place.
  5. No weapons?

    I have 40 or so hours of playtime in the last week. Early game I've never seen 3 cabins near each other with no weapons. Late game maybe as people pick them up I can see this happening. Still feels like I find a ton of bats, wrenches and tree branches and every fireplace has a poker.
  6. I understand the challenge in Quickplay is not having good teammates. I feel people need to adapt or just keep losing. Jason should never be nerfed because people refuse to work together. You can see many threads about private games, that Jason is still owned so easily by various issues like stunning, or characters that can kite him forever. Heck, even a random quickplay with 3 or 4 very good players, Jason is screwed still.
  7. Carrying Matches

    I find adults as bad as kids in QP. The bias on these forum against children is so odd. (I'm an old man fyi)
  8. Of the 3 small maps. I'm not a fan of this one, but I hate it less then the other 2. Higgins small is a map I just auto quit out of now, regardless of who I play. I just find it to be a negative play experience. I do enjoy the standard packanack map. i find there is a decent mix of escapes/slaughters on that map. The car can be a pain to get away with, but i still manage a decent amount of escapes with it.
  9. Carrying Matches

    Many QP games a portion of the players aren't working together. Some maps I have bad luck and will search 6 to 8 buildings. Find nothing. Look at the map and see Nothing has been done, and no items on the map and just wonder what is going on. I just don't know if other players are taking stuff to vehicles or not even looking. I do think most games have some number of players trying to help. Sometimes some of them get unlucky and die early, or just have bad luck finding things.
  10. In a 7 vs 1 game. a 'lone wolf' player should not be a match for Jason. If that was true, then Jason would be screwed in any 2 on 1 or worse scenario
  11. Oct. 11 Mode

    The car thing is always interesting to me. While i often feel it handles poorly, and maybe is to slow, someone great at the car can weave in and out of the forest like they are on a NASCAR track with ease, and just dominate any Jason player. If the buff the car, they need to disable some of the off road options that thing can do. Private matches should have a couple more options to toggle. Quick Play item drops to me are critical as they balance out low teamwork without having to nerf jason directly. Having the played a the game a TON at launch and a fairly decent amount the past couple months I don't feel there is huge different. I didn't play much after during the super nerfed Jason period, but that was more because other new games caught my attention vs not wanting to play this game.
  12. Oct. 11 Mode

    Drop Icons are a HUGE improvement in the game. I think an option to enable/disable that feature in private matches would be nice for those that don't want it. Most people that want Jason nerfed play mostly quick play it seems and either Don't want to work with other players or are always stuck in games with players that won't work together. After playing another 30 to 40 hours in the past week, (all quickplay) I've seen multiple games where a match has some number of counselors doing nothing. Either they follow someone around, just hitting them with a bat, or just clump up in a room hiding doing nothing. I have to imagine these same players who do nothing also complain Jason is too powerful. Jason is strong now, and my only real major complaint is the ease in which he is stunned, but a Decent Jason player will destroy any quickplay match were there is no teamwork or people don't really try. You can't nerf Jason because people aren't really playing the game.
  13. No teamwork = Jason Wins Teamwork in current meta = jason will have his work cut out for him. You can't keep nerfing Jason because people won't work together.
  14. Some people don't have my friends that play the same. Just play private match sounds great, but you need a bunch of people together for that. I have 1 to 2 friends that might play when I play. Finding other people, and then working it all out so you have a full 8 isn't as even for everyone. I'm VERY HAPPY for anyone that has a core group to play with, but thats just realistic for most people. I did spent some time after the game out in private games. 90% of those people quit this game and moved on.
  15. All of Jasons abilities cooldown after use. Perks can have Pros & Cons. no one is saying. Make Jason so he can teleport every 1 second. Thre are a lot of ways you can change a character while not breaking them.