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  1. "A missed opportunity" would be a great tagline for this game in general.
  2. The game has been in bad shape for a while. So many of cling longer then we should have due to love for the IP or love of the concept of the game. Luckily enough other good games have come out to fill the gap in some ways, but I just want to enjoy a F13 that not so damm broken.
  3. Well, people need to handle their anger issues over another questionable patch. You post is just a question, not as exciting to jump in on. I see your post and think about how crappy the entire skill system is in this game, and I was going to just say nothing instead of be negative in another place.
  4. There are more players back in the game now, so we will see more opinions The last month, the game hoovers between 500 and 700 players. There are 1900 players giving the game a chance, so we will more feedback. if this update is well recieved, those numbers should stayer higher and we will see more feedback (both good and bad) It if fails, those numbers will plumment over the next week, and we will see a spike in negative coments, and then the same 500 people that play this game daily that just care about all the negative issues.
  5. We love what this game could be and at times has been close to. There is no game so close to creating an experience like this. Sadly as it continues to fail, you see less people willing to sit around and wait for a miracle update that will probably never happen.
  6. take 2.. this company doesn't care about hackers or cheats. The sooner you accept that, the better off you will be
  7. some people want people to play 300 hours for a basic feature. now we should have to play 500 hours to unlock maybe 2 of these perks. Seems about par for the couse.
  8. maybe at level 150 your chance will go up 1% to reward 500 hours of play.
  9. Nothing should be put behind a 300+ hour play wall in a game like this. it is not some type of MMO. People seem to take the mentality, Well I did it, so everyone should have to do it. Not a positive approach to a problem.
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