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  1. take 2.. this company doesn't care about hackers or cheats. The sooner you accept that, the better off you will be
  2. some people want people to play 300 hours for a basic feature. now we should have to play 500 hours to unlock maybe 2 of these perks. Seems about par for the couse.
  3. maybe at level 150 your chance will go up 1% to reward 500 hours of play.
  4. Nothing should be put behind a 300+ hour play wall in a game like this. it is not some type of MMO. People seem to take the mentality, Well I did it, so everyone should have to do it. Not a positive approach to a problem.
  5. F13 should be a better game then DBD. the DBD system of just start generates is repetitive and fairly boring, and th game still has issues, but yet it is still me appealing and more enjoyable for over 10,000 more people that F13. heck. You can see F13 be at 300 to 500 players at times of the day DBD is at 15,000. I know people are just to frustrated with this game, and play that game because at leas they can have some amounts of fun. I'm hopeful todays update at least gives a couple hours of fun in the single player mode. The multiple updates I hope add some level of enjoyment, but I think it is probably too little, too late.
  6. carnage4u

    Is This Game Policed?

    No one that made this game cares enough to do anything. You get to troll as much as you want Be as Racist as you want.
  7. It actually is a general FU to anyone that wants a basic option that is locked behind a 300 + hour timewall.
  8. I dislike both sides of the argument - (I have a life, i can't put 300 hours into this game in a year, vs / its so easy to get 300+ hours of this game in while having a life.) That is not the point. The point is a basic idea such as weapon swapping is locked behind 300 hours of playing. name me any game like this that has a fairly basic feature that requires this time of playtime to unlock. The unlock being this high is a bonehead decision, regardless of a persons free time.
  9. Or since this is a game, and things can (and should) change, you don't put a highly desirably feature locked behind requiring 300 to 400 hours of game-play.
  10. The nice thing is, even is the quality of the Multiple player still remains in the current poor state, the Single Player challenge should provide a few hours of entertainment. I'm ok with that.