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    Reporting bugs and exploits when seen. I don't do drama and will do everything i can to avoid the angry mob.
  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    But then net neutrality died two days later and completely destroyed all the users and server services this game has. RIP update.
  2. Currently in situations like this I like to break them up by blocking their weapon hits and making them lose weapons, let them run a ways to find the weapons. Then as they are out of stamina and weaponless they are easy targets and if the ones with weapons want to try and save let them drain their stamina too. Either that or the smart way to take them on is to not be in that situation and stealth in a nearby building out of sight and near a window. Injure them at the window or grab them and smush their smug little faces into a wall. Bottom line avoid tanking group hits unless jarvis or sweater has been killed then break all weapons with block and don't attack until they run. Mainly go by killing the stray sheep quietly.
  3. Sooo it's just a code? That means... I bet... lets just wait until the next update when they raise the level cap. This physical copy nonsense has been bugging me like mad lately and yes I am crazy enough to re-buy the game just for the skins. I just couldn't find a copy anywhere, and thought I might permanently miss out. Hopefully not still.
  4. ...wait so the PC physical doesn't come with the bloody skins? That's odd...
  5. I really wish I didn't miss out on that... and there is absolutely no way to buy it for PC as of now?
  6. Is there a physical copy of Friday the 13th that exists? I've been looking everywhere for a copy for PC and am wondering, has at least one for pc been made? I'm also just going to say I wish I ordered a physical copy if it came down to this. No one could have predicted physical would have had exclusives that were to be released and announced on a much later date than the actual release date. That and I would have imagined that a physical copy would have meant offline single player and bots because if you buy a physical copy you do so because you don't have the means to download it, let alone play it online. I hope this means that at least a physical copy of F13 or some other means of obtaining skins for the game would be available in the future. Otherwise those skins are console exclusive. Now that I think on it, aren't you guys raising the level cap? Maybe add the skins as a level reward to still make them special?
  7. Patch Notes - 9.21.2017

    Yes! Thank you all! "Male counselors should all have their own VO now" "Part 9 Jason should have Part 9 music now" Really happy with these two!
  8. More reaction, More screaming

    I REALLY agree with this. Lip sync would be cool too but I can understand if that comes after the voice acting. I also do like the idea of them mourning for their friends and even sometimes saying the dead character's name. On top of that I do believe the topic of Tommy's intro lines being way to cheesy was brought up a while back from somewhere... Either way I completely agree to that too. Asking if it's a dead body is just too cheesy and should never happen. It should be in this order, (surprise> sorrow/hopelessness> mourning/hopelessness> anger/frustration/fear) depending on the personality of who is saying it and how much they were attached to the dead person. As for Jarvis, his intro line should be anger and revenge plus a little crazy. I do have to give props for the acting when Tommy hits Jason though, those are some of the best lines in the game besides "You better get every last motherfucking cop out here to camp crystal lake!" I love that one.
  9. Someone brought up bringing cops in after people called them. As I think that idea is really bad for many reasons, I do like the idea of a cop as a councilor. Give him a cool cop outfit like the cops in pt 6. They may be athletic but aren't very smart when it comes to a "make-believe" killer who died so long ago. And no he should not have a sidearm or any other advantage either, Just different and balanced stats... I can already see the trolls role-playing as cops too...
  10. I'm tired of seeing all this crazy shift-grabbing and all this tunneling that Jasons have been doing. Is the game truly scary if all your games go down like that? The answer: no it is not. Did you know you can be hidden without turning off the music? Its as simple as hiding around a corner... In this challenge I want you to catch as many people off guard as possible! Make them worry that you could be around every corner! Points if they come to you! Jason and Michel Myers have this stuff down pat and I gotta say that after using it, it's not only fun but a really useful tool to truly scare people! You score based on how many you kill because you ran into them or they ran into you not knowing that you were there, and at most they can only know you were there for 5 seconds before a grab and/or kill! You don't need stealth on to make a point. Tell us your stories/experiences/score when you get back! It's always funny to kill a person with the door in the first 2-3 mins in the match because they opened it for you! I want similar stories like this one! If points aren't the only thing that will make an impression, its the kills that will.
  11. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    Hey, that's a lot of new content before Halloween and even more before or on Christmas, plus whatever secrets you have for both of those. Thanks for keeping on with the game you guys, I've known a lot of projects to flatline because an angry community. Thanks for pushing on through it, eventually you'll get a more refined fan base when you refine the game more. You just gotta keep pushing bugfixes and content and eventually people will be happy with it, I know I am.
  12. If anyone doesn't know this already there are now kill prompts on the right and I think left side of the alter. Haven't tested the toilet but it better friggen work or ill be sad.
  13. I vote in favor of this. I have a few friends who hate playing Jason. When I'm in a party with them they get picked more than I do even though my preference is Jason. Preferring counselor should mean that you get picked as one 100% of the time unless the whole match has the same preference. It sucks for us who like playing Jason to get a less of a chance due to this also. It sucks for the person who got picked and will have a bad time as Jason. Also if this is the case then what is the point of the "none" preference? wouldn't it be almost the same as prefer counselor? Also a solo Jason or counselor queue would be ACE. Give Jason queued people their own lobbies and make them host. Only queued councilors can join those lobbies. Jasons who quit get a "cooldown" from using the Jason queue. One quit after another will lead to a temp ban from Jason queue that increases time the more they quit. I bet this would save on server costs too! Last game my friend who's preference was counselor got killed as she killed no one. My group of friends even cheered her onto playing and not quitting. She asked Jarvis and Tiffany to just leave at the end. She said she wouldn't kill them because she was demoralized and gave up. They then turned to killing her. She rage quit on her death animation, no one got points or achievements. She rage quit the group chat and went to bed angry, and we all felt so bad for her afterwards... So with that said, I bet her and everyone else would be exited for this kind of patch! TLDR: Fix this issue please! Let the Jasons have Jason time! let the campers have camping time! Everyone wins! Less Ragequits! good patch? great patch!
  14. I was sad when I couldn't swirly Jarvis in my shack. Id seriously love that option It would be kinda like karma or whatever.
  15. I don't mean to kiss any rears right now but this game was composed with a small team. due to this updates won't come out as fast as a AAA title fix would. Now I trust gun media and will vouch for them in this case because they are good people, they are all responsible and professional from all of my experience. There was even a poll on what needs to be in the next update on this site a few days ago, so gun is letting the community be responsible for their game also. Think of how many people in that small team is actually working on content/bugfixes and how many are busy reading/watching hundreds of player submitted reports all day. Also did you have cold hard recorded evidence submitted with your report? Otherwise Its hard to ban with fingerpointing.