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  1. @DorianRo In QP its pretty easy to kill Jason, especially with fox who has 8 strength. All you need to do is find a machete and Jason bullying someone from there just play protection. As soon as they get grabbed swing at Jason a bunch and you'll get 3-4 swings on him. Swing at him when he breaks windows, you can bait him to windows by flashing your light at it. You can hit him through doors too but everyone knows that. With all that and fox you'll generally need only one machete at minimum. grab mask to mask sweater steal. At that point radio Jarvis and let him know whats going on. Then if you want to be even more minimalist just give jarvis the axe found in the shack and have him stun/kill Jason when you use the sweater. With fox you already get most of your stuff set up for you. All jarvis needs to do is hold the axe, follow and press the use button. Most everything falls on you at that point. Your main hope is that you aren't standing by the axe for awhile telling Jarvis to "PICK. UP. THE. AXE." just for him to pick up a nearby branch instead. Followed by the benny hill chase scene after Jarvis for the rest of the match.
  2. I'm with you there, HuDawg. I want this game to be harder! killing Jason isn't special anymore because its now the norm, meanwhile It should have been a crazy close ordeal that leaves your hands shaking! Some people who play as Jason have no cinema to their actions because they are 100% focused on winning so its all shiftgrabchokekill/headpunch. Games are so much more enjoyable when the killer is actually making you uneasy with uncertainty. If everything acted out like a play or scene in a movie every time I think It would have many more players online.
  3. I know the feeling, its been a long time having a full lobby with savini. Sometimes it's a long time before I get a full lobby with any Jason. There is ALWAYS that one person who quits at the start of the match. Then you morph near a person starting to open their first door and they quit too... In that case survival is easy, Just run away! Don't be greedy and try to open drawers anyways!
  4. Unmasked tactics

    I remember one game I got demasked, I morphed into a small bathroom after getting knives and lured them with the music. One came in with only a pipe and asked if I was in there, she got her answer when I whacked her two times in the face with an axe. She panicked and started opening and closing the bathroom door, but I stopped swinging because I didn't want to risk breaking the door. Then after some time fumbling outside the bathroom everyone was in it with me. I was facing a wall and already got hit by a pocket knife or two by sweater girl before Jarvis was on scene. There were three of them Jarvis with an axe, vanessa with a sweater and axe, and a vanessa with just a pipe as far as I knew. The vanessa started madly swinging at me on the back while I was blocking the wall while sweater girl was in the middle of the room and jarvis crowded in the back. Then vanessa's pipe broke. That's all I needed, I turned around real quick and made a gamble that she had no more knives due to the new update, I grabbed sweater girl. vanessa couldn't hit me with her pipe since it broke and Jarvis tried desperately to hit me but couldn't since he was crowded against a wall. I slammed vanessa's head in the door sweater and all while keeping the others trapped in the bathroom. vanessa lost her will to live and drowned in the toilet while jarvis escaped by crossing the police line. It was a good time, I was very lucky.
  5. More Interactable Thingies

    I mean all that stuff is well thought out but I sure would hate to play Jason against all that stuff, he already is pretty easy to kill. I can see the stuff to unlock doors though.
  6. More Interactable Thingies

    I can really only see that crowbar out of this due to trolls locking items in doors, plus having a increase in a variety of weapons would be neat. With all the councilor buffs you'll need just as many Jason buffs or the game will become too easy and die. Every action needs an equal and opposite action. The game shouldn't be Jason Voorhees is pitted up against councilors. It should be camp councilors are being hunted by a vengeful spirit of the lake and need to save themselves by any and all means.
  7. I remember a buddy and I were playing a match together and we killed Jason. We were polite with our banter and whatnot, we said good game and that was really close yaddayadda. At that moment the child that was helping us, the Jarvis player decided to yell at the top of his lungs "DIE FUCKER!!!" No one talked after that, not even the Jason player, the lobby went silent... We both sat there feeling bad for that poor part 7 Jason. Must've been humiliating... It still was pretty funny though.
  8. The -Shift weakness

    I think its fine, you can still get an 8/8 game with a walking Jason without shift grab. Especially nowadays when people expect to stun Jason so much, a quick block and grab will do them in. sneaking around and catching people off guard is also a great way. (You don't need stalk to sneak around.) Shift grab isn't very cinematic or fun for the person against you anyways.
  9. Packanack Small all the time

    I know its a favorite map but I can usually get people to change the map every so often by using chat or talking. Playing with friends helps too. Maybe when dedicated servers becomes a thing you can have a map preference, or search for a match with that map being active.
  10. Hey thanks, honestly though IRL I wouldn't have the balls to go anywhere near that guy even if he's "dead" I would expect that he would grab me.
  11. +destruction is bound to Jason, not the weapon.
  12. Yea that is true also, didn't think of that. At least it wont be on his face of all things. I'd like it because it would be neat and would suit the theme.
  13. @Chetork or... equipment including the start weapon?
  14. Another reason why it fits the horror theme, its not scary if that preppy boy is bouncing his balls on Jason's face.