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  1. Here is chad and his OOOOHHHHHHH intro he will be missed for now
  2. I liked the new AI it works great but it does need some work like in this video i made
  3. When the full game was released the walking animation was changed for the counselors and Jason to me I loved the old walking animations it made it seem realistic and made Jason feel heavy and strong and make counselors feel more realistic, what’s y’alls Opinion
  4. That would be a great idea but I think 2-4 cops would go into the camp and have a pistol with 1-3 rounds in it and if the guns runs out of ammo the cops would try to distract Jason for a bit befor retreating back to the cars
  5. Originally on the Jarvis house residence chad would scream in the intro but it seems to have been removed what happened to it?
  6. We should be able to add emotes to tommy jarvis and maybe even change his clothing
  7. In some of the houses and packanack their are golf clubs it would be cool if you could use them to kill the players as a environmental kill
  8. On the live servers if you step in a BearTrap the counselor will walk slowly whilst holding their arm doesn't make since he stepped in the beartrap not put his arm in it, I want a animation whilst walking your counselor will be limping and not holding their arm
  9. I have a new skin idea for the swimsuit clothing pack it's SPEEDO JASON!!! add it devoplers
  10. When wearing a shot gun as tommy or the other people it looks like the gun is glued to their back can we get a better version of this like a gun holster?
  11. My idea for a new item is a inhaler, When you use the inhaler you would get Half or all stamina regen, but it's a one time use
  12. I would like a First person mode it would made the game scarier in my opinion, any else agrees?
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