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  1. How do I report a player on PS4 for abusing an exploit where the player is under the map?
  2. Any idea how long it takes for items to wash up on shore? I have a feeling that it is not instantaneous or sometimes even glitched, kinda like how if you have an item equipped when you die it can be stuck in the ground.
  3. Sorry. I haven't had a chance to upload it yet. I had to leave for school. That is the same player though in those screenshots.
  4. I wasn't recording the whole time. I just have it recorded when Jason is trying to reach him but cannot because of what he did. I also showed how I was betrayed and how many others were betrayed as well. Unfortunately, I didn't catch everything though.
  5. I don't consider this a win. He's just trolling all players by doing this. He doesn't gain much of anything from it other than surviving the night. Other than that he doesn't get any experience.
  6. I recorded it so if seeing is believing I do have evidence. I just don't know where to send it. Should I just upload it to YouTube?
  7. I just played a game with a player that ran down everyone he could until all counselors were dead with the car and then drove to Jason's cabin where the sweater is and blocked himself inside the cabin by using the car. Is this a bannable exploit?
  8. Can we report team killers? I've recorded gameplay of other players intentionally trying to ruin the experience of other players by team killing as counselors. Is this a bannable offense?
  9. Thank you for responding. I'm just working towards badges for now.
  10. But there are 59 kills. You said 1 of the kills is bugged, not 2 of them. I did read the entire thread. It's never made clear if 2 are bugged or just 1.
  11. Are you suggesting that 58 kills work then? Any idea which one I have not completed? Thank you!
  12. 58? So there is one that I cannot find. Can you look through the kills that I have pointed out that I have completed and let me know which one I am overlooking? Thank you!
  13. Do you have 57 or 58 of the kills? If 58, can you help me find the 1 I am missing?
  14. I have only been able to perform 57 of the 59 kills. Are two bugged or only the boat? If 58 work what is it? This is what I've been able to find: Chair - FoldedToilet - SwirliedLake - DrownedCampfire - CookedBird Bath - Bird BrainedHouse - CrackedWater Pump - PumpedStump - CrunchedFireplace - CookedSink - SlammedTent - Sleeping BaggedTree - PrunedWindow - TossedWall (head punch) - BrutalizedGrave Fence - ImpaledTrap, Weapon, Knife - Murdered (all count as one I believe)Tree Spike, Hanger - Hung (2 separate kills I believe)Wall, Barn Fence, Door - Smashed (3 separate kills I beleive)Bed, Cabinet/Closet, Outhouse - Seek and Destroyed (3 separate kills I believe) + 18 weapon kills + 15 non-weapon kills
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