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  1. No he spawns but he hides until Jason finds him it happens when two people leave.
  2. If it says avoid you it is already too late it is already in the works.
  3. If he plays on Xbox they can report in Xbox to have people avoid him which he has if he keeps doing that he will be console banned from Xbox Live.
  4. Your playing Xbox keep doing that and you will be console banned
  5. I hope during this time you guys are safe I love this game. I play it with my cop buddies. And I hope you contacted the FBI about these events. Huge Friday the 13 fan you guys are in my prayers.
  6. This is not a laughing matter we will find who made these threats and bring them to justice.
  7. Also I am with law enforcement and they can find what they need about the person from gun or steam.
  8. Also I am with law enforcement and they can find what they need about the person from gun or steam we are looking into it.
  9. I'm taking about the new Reddit post dingly even said they are.
  10. This needs to stop the person that was banned dilly dingus says his followers have threatened people lives and have doxx them because of this it has blown over and I am law enforcement and it is time to take action . You can't threatened someone's life in any circumstance.
  11. I don't insult strangers over a headset. I don't get why it's even a cool thing to call each other fags and the n word. I got nothing to worry about. Don't cheat, don't glitch on purpose, don't basically be jerks to others and there isn't a problem. Kinda like real life, treat others how you want to be treated. Plus jason never talked in the movies Freddy did that.
  12. Or a med spary he is the only person that stood and fought Jason and lived he needs more things then just 1 shotgun bullet walkie and map.
  13. All this could have been avoided by muteing the people also the banned person dilly was team killing and being a dick. Then he says sexual harassment to kids and minor. Which makes me glad he is banned also if your not a dick to people if you don't call people name's you won't be banned . Psa Jason never talked in the movies. Also I am with law enforcement and we will find this guy dilly by his steam and were he is. You can't get away with what you said to kids and minors.
  14. Your not required to go 7 and 8 or 8 and 7 so them kicking you is just because they were not having fun. If that was the case just find another lobby.
  15. No it don't this ban person dilly said sexual harassment to kids that were minors for the whole match till he was killed by Jason. Also law enforcement is involved. So we will find his steam and were he is. Especially since this has to do with kids.
  16. Your always trying to kick the hornets nest bears. Also I have the game for pc and Xbox i get in matches fine in pc and a little longer in Xbox.
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