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  1. Is there any chance we might get an offline mode where you play a counselor with an AI Jason?
  2. Then do it in private matches with a group of friends who are perfectly fine with it. Just keep the trolling out of public matches.
  3. In my experience it's pretty easy to tell the difference between an accidental team kill, such as a counselor suddenly coming out from behind a building right in front of you, and deliberately maneuvering the car right in the path of a counselor.
  4. I say if anything teamkillers need harsher penalties than a measly 1k exp deducted. I'm talking full-on account bans for these pieces of filth.
  5. What about players who intentionally run people over with the car? How do we report that and what sort of punishment will they face?
  6. Just had a host ragequit on me after I killed him on PS4. Can I list him here for a preemptive salt mine candidate?
  7. I am so sick of losing hard-earned progress on badges for both Jason and counselors because of the host being a little ***** and quitting then he/she dies, especially if he/she are the one of the last to do so. Until dedicated servers are implemented, I humbly request that the host of a match have their "quit game" option completely grayed out until the current match is completed. Once the scores are tallied and recorded, THEN they can turn off the console and cry.
  8. All I can think of is a combination of Epic-level Marathon and Restful perks, and possibly a fear-reduction perk.
  9. With the latest patch on the PS4 I've noticed that the animations for starting the car and boat no longer play. I'm not sure if it's the same on the other platforms. It gets pretty stressful holding down X to start a vehicle and being unable to tell if I'm actually doing anything.
  10. Anyone else getting an issue with Jason's grab range becoming insane around the car? Twice I had Jason body block the car, I get out and start running away, and he managed to grab me an entire car length away both times.
  11. Weird, I was able to purchase and download the Halloween DLC just fine after the first hotfix on the PS4 on the 26th. It's bundled with Part IV Jason kills.
  12. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ @Cokeyskunk All my likes. Take them.
  13. I found a Pamela/Tommy tape today, died to Jason, when I checked my tapes it wasn't there and just the two I've found before. Bug, or did they change it to you needing to survive to keep a tape?
  14. For some reason it's not letting me remove the blood from Savini Jason no matter how many times I click R3. PS4, btw.
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