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  1. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Anyone else getting an issue with Jason's grab range becoming insane around the car? Twice I had Jason body block the car, I get out and start running away, and he managed to grab me an entire car length away both times.
  2. Halloween Costumes - PS4

    Weird, I was able to purchase and download the Halloween DLC just fine after the first hotfix on the PS4 on the 26th. It's bundled with Part IV Jason kills.
  3. Whoops, sorry about that @Kodiak.
  4. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ @Cokeyskunk All my likes. Take them.
  5. I found a Pamela/Tommy tape today, died to Jason, when I checked my tapes it wasn't there and just the two I've found before. Bug, or did they change it to you needing to survive to keep a tape?
  6. Disc Copy DLC.

    For some reason it's not letting me remove the blood from Savini Jason no matter how many times I click R3. PS4, btw.
  7. Please explain

    Yeah, that's what I meant. I don't know if that's the exact reason for this glitch, but from what information I've gathered it's the most likely one. The biggest piece of evidence for this was that it was mostly happening to European players, who had the release of the patch delayed to after the weekend.
  8. Please explain

    As I said, it was just to my knowledge that's what it was. I've read several topics on this bug and that was the general consensus from other players.
  9. Higher level cap.

    The only benefit I can see from an increased level cap right now would be to get more of those sweet large chunks of SP rewarded whenever you level up.
  10. Please explain

    I'm pretty sure this has been talked about numerous times in several different topics, so please make sure to search the forums before creating a new topic to prevent possible redundancy. To answer your concern, to my knowledge this is a glitch that happens when a player who doesn't have the Spring Break DLC clothing installed on their system is in a match with counselors wearing said clothing. The game can't render the clothing since it's missing the related files, and thus the counselors are invisible.
  11. I agree with this 100%. It's been even harder to get the boat-related achievements with the release of the small maps, since the boat never spawns on them at all. I've felt that a good trade-off would be to always have the boat spawn on the original "large" maps.
  12. From what I've heard from other topics on the forums, this bug happens when EU players are in the same match as US players who happen to be using the new Spring Break DLC outfits. Since the swimsuits aren't yet implemented in EU, the game can't render them and thus the counselors are invisible.
  13. Odd. I play on the PS4 and have the occasional lag spikes, but this bug has never happened to me. The closest I've ever gotten to this kind of glitch was the 'riding in a ghost car' one.
  14. It's not Friday the 13th without some gratuitous bulge, butt and boob. And in all honesty I'm sure these making this wallpapers took very little time away from working on the game itself.
  15. Giving a single weapon back the ability to kill other counselors would not only undermine the whole reason they removed team killing from public matches, you'd also get all the trolls immediately heading to the shotgun spawn locations to hoard it instead of gas/keys. Counselors helping Jason by leading them to other counselors is still bannable according to the TOS, and if a player won't drop a key item then just move on to completing another escape objective. You can still run over counselors with a car, and weapons can still damage counselors in private matches.