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  1. Been playing since this game released. I'm not great at video games. But I've become pretty good at this one. I get away most of the time. I like to beat up Jason alot. Pretty good at avoiding his grab and his swing. The times I don't get away? It's because I fucking stumbled. It is the most bullshit aspect of a game that is almost entirely comprised of bullshit aspects. I understand why it's in there. It's a cute reference to the horror genre. I liked the idea at first. And if it happened once a game, ok fine. It happens 10-15 times per game. Do these characters have vertigo? How in the whole fuck is this any way fair? Jason has no equivalent. His character doesn't randomly freeze 20 times a game. I realize all this has been said before. It's just been irritating me for a while so I thought I'd whine on the internet. Wahh! Ahh. Better. Lastly, I would just like to extend a hearty "go fuck yourself" to any player who exploits this absolute fuckery. If I've been beating the shit out of you for 20 minutes, and then you "win" because my character froze, please understand this in no way constitutes a victory on your part. Ok that's all. Let's see how they fuck the game up next!
  2. Just played a match where I drove out in the car with a passenger. Both of us got suicide as a result.
  3. In the very first game I played since the patch, my character glitched. I began rubber-banding all over the map until I fell through the floor. The view became a foggy white. I could still see the HUD but could not move. Now I could quit and earn credit toward the salt mines or I sit and wait for 20 minutes. Are they actually trying to ruin the game?
  4. '...but of course we didn't share this with you.' You're lying. You didn't see it as a best-case scenario. You just failed again. I wouldn't call you out on your bullshit if you had followed through on any of your promises. You have repeatedly set goals and failed to meet them. From the initial release which was months (years?) late on through every single update.
  5. There is one way. The developers could hire someone who knows what they are doing.
  6. I restarted the car but DIDN'T TOUCH THE GAS. Jason smashed the engine and it stalled. Simultaneously, a team mate hit Jason as he smashed the engine. Somehow this resulted in me killing my team mate with the car. Shouldn't the car be moving to result in a Betrayal?
  7. I just recorded two players doing this glitch and emailed the video to f13game@fearthegun.com
  8. Yes, I believe he was in Rage mode. Maybe that was it. Or a very lucky Morph right on top of me. The timing is hard to describe. Basically as soon as the animation of him pulling the knife out of his neck was done he was Shifting. Haven't seen that done before and I'm level 95.
  9. So this post is 1 part bitching and 1 part serious question. I was playing against Jason Part 6 who has increased shift. He shift-grabbed me. I had a pocket knife. He dropped me. Before I had time to run the length of a cabin, he shift-grabbed me a second time. I had a second pocket knife. Once again, before I had run the length of a cabin he shift-grabbed me a 3rd time. How fast is this shift regeneration?? I myself use Part 6 mostly and have never noticed my shift to regenerate so quickly. So I guess my serious question is WTF? I guess this was just all bitching. Seriously. What the fuck?
  10. Oh shit, there's already a guy named Kapow on here.
  11. Teamkilling does suck. Some people allow a bad apple to ruin the bunch. I try not to let some asshole's behavior change my attitude. There will always be teamkilling shitheads. But if I stop helping my team, then in a way I'm helping the teamkiller who just wanted to disrupt the match in the first place. You're a "solo" player. That's a broad term but generally I suppose it means you come first. Like hypothetically if you find the 4 seater ready, then you take it and don't stop until you're gone. So in a way you're fucking over your teammates because someone might be a teamkiller. Again, valid way to play. I'm sure something like that would probably happen in real life. But if this were real life that would make you quite an asshole. In the game I guess it just makes you a bit of a prick.
  12. This game is something of a social experiment. You see people's personalities come out in the way they play. Are they helpful? Are they selfish? Are they cowards? Are they sociopaths who would kill you if they thought they could get away with it? I believe F13 is a team game. I believe that since Jason is overpowered, the counselors' best chance of survival is working together. I believe one of Jason's greatest strengths is that a group of strangers can be reluctant to work together. Barricading doors is the first thing you should do... IF you're a team player. By barricading doors early in the game, you are setting up safe points for people to jump into later in the game. As the game progresses, Jason gets stronger while the counselors become weaker (more afraid and less escape routes available). If Jason is chasing you and you have no stamina and just barely make it through a window only to look at the door and find it unlocked, you're screwed. But if it's been barricaded earlier, you can catch your breath; grab a weapon and make a break for the next cabin. That's how you survive late in the game when the cars are gone and the fuse is glitched through the floor. Anyone not doing that is not being a team player. And while that is a valid way to play, it weakens the team. And it means you're probably a dick in real life.
  13. Wow! Incredible information. I've been using Buggzy for his Speed and Strength but now that I know that Strength has no effect on Stun, I'll switch over to Vanessa and just carry a bat. Thanks, Rydog!
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