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  1. Okay, so if I was to go on my cousin's system and went to the PSN and purchased Friday the 13th: The Game on my account, could I actually play it there without have a PS4 myself yet?
  2. Exactly, I fully intend to buy a PS4 and Friday the 13th: The Game, but why shouldn't I be able to play the game in the meantime on my cousin's (I'm wildthing73's cousin BTW) place? It's silly, and it pisses me off that they did this... it's not like he's actually sharing the game with me and I'm not going to buy it eventually. I'm just playing the game on his system on my account, until I can go ahead and buy a PS4 myself!
  3. So, I don't own a Playstation 4 yet, so the only way I can play on the game is at my cousin's house. He's a well known member on here wildthing73 and I was at his house yesterday to play the game. At first I was just connecting to Quick Play matches, which I had no issues connecting to on the newest version of the game... and for the first few games on there I had fun playing with some fairly legit players. But then some of them left and a few more players joined, it turned out they were team killers, so after a couple of games suffering with playing with them... I dropped out and tried to connect with a different group in Quick Play. I found a group of very young kids playing the game and after playing two games with them (one as a counselor and one as Jason), my cousin decided to try and get a private match going. This was where the real fun of the night began, as he connected with a player who is a friend on both of our accounts CowardlyBadger and then he in turn invited a few of his friends and pretty soon we had an almost full group and were playing a few games. During this time I leveled up to 13 and equipped part 2 Jason because I wanted to play with him, and that's when the group asked if we wanted to try a legit Jason kill, everyone agreed and in the first attempt I was Jason. I'm not as good playing this game as my cousin, but I was aware of what the rest were planning with killing me, my cousin warned me not to try grabbing anyone unless they are solo away from the others. I didn't listen the first 2 encounters and tried grabbing and the rest of the group let me have it. So I finally just started swinging my pick axe and killed one of them, but soon after they knocked my mask off. But I was still sure I had a strategy to not allow them to kill me, I ending killing a member of the group that I was able to grab before the rest could save him. Then not long after I killed a third member, I came upon the rest of the group and went to try slash them all. I'm still not very good at following my character with the camera, so I was completely unaware that the girl with the sweater and Tommy were there and didn't even see the girl use the sweater. So, I was hit and fell to my knees and Tommy killed me. Even though I died, it was a thrill playing it and I wasn't even upset and congratulated the group on a job well done. Then we played a few more times trying to kill Jason and me and my cousin were pretty much alternating playing on my account with the group. My cousin changed Jason to part 6, because that is his favorite and we agreed if it was a counselor I'd be playing, if it was Jason he'd play. The group then decided to go for another legit Jason kill attempt, but this time it was my cousin playing as part 6. I'm still amazed at how good he is at this game now, the group gave him some good shots, but they were never able to get his mask off. He ended up thwarting their attempts to kill him and killed all 6 of them. The 2 kills that impressed me most watching him was his first kill, in which he used his sense then shifted into and back member of the group and grabbed him and killed him before the rest of the group even knew he was there. The victim yelled, "Oh man, you and your damned stalk"... but he didn't have stalk activated yet. Then later in the game he did enable stalk after using sense to figure out that everybody was in the main Higgin's Haven house, the back door by where the car was was already broken down, and he walked into the house then enabled stalk and waited in the kitchen watching through the doorway with the fireplace visible. Soon a member of the group went over to the fireplace to pick up a poker to defend himself with, and that's when my cousin shifted right into him and did the fireplace kill on him before anyone even knew he was there. It was awe inspiring and I can't wait to be able to play the game more to get as good as he is as Jason!
  4. While your at it, why don't you get on his ass about not insulting or antagonizing other forum members the way you did wildthing73, especially when wildthing was just telling him off for the last time... this guy does that crap nonstop to everyone else on here and I don't see a peep from you against him.
  5. No, I Hate to Spectate doesn't own him, that seems to be the real reason he's set on condemning anyone who has him.
  6. Wow, as your screen name already indicates, you're definitely nothing but a troll. Nearly everyone on here that has Savini has tried to tell you the facts about the character, but you constantly ignore what they say and call them liars. Then you think your so entitled, that you request that devs themselves quit what their doing and come on here to explain it to you, you're such a dick. And guess what, if one of them like Wes or Ben did come on here and verify what all Savini owners have already said, I have no doubt that you'd call them liars as well, because wildthing is right... you are nothing but a pathetic troll.
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