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  1. They already have the basis to create a game. Only better developers are needed.
  2. Jason's weak players have another problem ? I dont waste time writing 5,000 forum entries compared to you. All the more if they do not contribute anything. Get a life brah :>
  3. So we're looking on this from both sides and most people do not like this idea. So I do not see the point of pulling this topic :)
  4. You've already done it so I don't have to bother ?
  5. Do not be so modest. Show off your "wisdom" ? You little "adult" boy ?
  6. I know that your nonsense does not contribute anything. That's why I don't take it seriously what you write. As you can see, the number of posts does not always go hand in hand with knowledge about the game ?
  7. We checked it on 2 different specs and the difference in fps was 0, and there were no other negative effects.
  8. It has almost no effect on performance. Unless your hamster is still running inside your computer ?
  9. About 5 times. This is a hotfix for a known bug :D
  10. Yeah. Field of view as counselor is weird.
  11. I saw someone who has 17% with epick thick skinned perk on steam forum. I think it's from patch 1.03. This only happens with this perk. Do you think this works properly?
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