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  1. Because, in short, Jason is supposed to be taking revenge on his death by killing the adults in and around Crystal Lake. He is technically not supposed to kill outside the boundaries of the lake and surrounding town. Although he did venture out to get revenge for his mother's death by killing Adrienne King's character from part 1. Oh, and the nurse, morgue attendant, and hitchhiking hippy in part 4, not to mention he took a boat trip to Manhattan...err...oh, nevermind.
  2. A lot of them hold up well actually. Part 6 is really as far as I'm willing to watch them now to be honest (part 7 looks really cheesy despite the great spfx and addition of Kane Hodder). Part 5 might be the exception as I rarely ever watch that one, but parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 are definitely all in my normal horror film rotation, especially parts 3, 4, & 6 which are the three F13th films I grew up on. C.J.Graham's portrayal of Jason is up alongside Ted Whites (part 4) as my overall favorite.
  3. Hey guys, long time horror fan here. I'very been a video gamer for most of my life starting way back on the Atari 2600. I'be been a horror fan just as long. Saw my first Friday movie back in the early 80's on t.v. Friday the 13th part 3!!! I loved it and I was hooked. Once I heard about this game I couldn't believe they were actually making a Friday the 13th game. It was so surreal and now, it's here and after playing it for damn near a month I can honestly say that it's my favorite game in a long, long time. Such a great concept. Kudos to the designers and developers on something that might ignite (hopefully) a series of similar games to follow starring other horror villains. Could you imagine a Freddy, Leatherface, or Michael Myers game using the same game play system?
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