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  1. i did a pre-pay to get the game and some how it did not go right money was there but did not take it so got the money off the cord and got a xbox 50.00 cord to get the game need to get this fix if some one on here can help did pm the owner of the site here and hope he getting it and trying to fix this for me my xbox one acc name is Razor Viruss pls help some one
  2. Jason Witt


    love the game keep up the good work
  3. This bug i have to say ever time you come to be jason i get kick right out of the game this needs to be fix and i'm the host and i get jason and get kick all the time pls fix this
  4. love it man wish you all can fix this i can not get it at all



  5. Jason Witt


    yes i'm getting that too and can not get that jason thing i payed for need help on that
  6. Jason Witt

    Did Not Get Savini Jason

    nope did not get it some how some thing was worry on there end i need to get that fix?