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  1. All I wanna know is how you managed to post 3 pics. Lol my damn thing says I'm limited to 203kb which if you don't already know is the resolution of a potatoe camera
  2. They'll likely copy any number of anti-TK protocols present in countless multiplayer games hell even the one from cs:source from 10 years ago would work. One team kill a little pop-up appears warning you not to kill your fellow counselors. Second TK a more prominent warning with a notification that further kills will result in penalties. Third TK and you're kicked from that game to a screen telling you you were kicked for team killing & further violations in the next (insert arbitrary amount of time) will result in a ban requiring you to click it certifying you read it. Something like that would discourage griefers and satisfy your desire to see team killing go away. And if they really want to get fancy they can apply that only to pubs allowing it to be turned off in private matches. I used to run cs:s WoW and X-Men servers I had my team kill limit set to 3 before you were kicked and banned 24hrs. It worked for me it'd easily work here. Shielding can be fixed by players not being retards trying to use a shotgun to stun Jason holding a counselor if you still try to free them you deserve that van.
  3. Bro trust me its not just you. BSODs happen regularly on ps4 if I play for say 5hrs (which is about average for me) I'll experience 2-5 crashes. Usually when I join a game with a party. One person gets kicked so I invite them back once they try to rejoin crash. I think it's because the game thinks the person is still connected and it can't reconcile the same id appearing twice. They'll get it sorted remember the servers used to take 30mins to find a pub.
  4. I've actually ran into that ghost killer guy before he ended up in a lobby I was hosting tried to talk him down by saying I'd kill him last but he wasn't coming down so I made him wait until there was 10 seconds left and ended the game. Forfeiting my bonus but also making him waste 19min entirely. Fucking glitches in pubs SHOULD equal a full profile reset & 24hr ban from pubs for the first offense (with photo or video proof) and 96hrs for a second offense with the 3rd a permanent ban. And to discourage profile switching the bans should be ps4 specific. It's really the only way I can see to curb this problem. In private matches with friends idgaf go for it you're only pissing off your friends. But in pubs you're a douche.
  5. I can't upload the screens of them actually on the roof for some reason says the file is too big I guess because the previous screen grab was 1080p HD I must've used up my allowed file size or something but it's seriously getting out of hand. 20min matches killed the only legit players in the lobby.
  6. Does anyone at gun media actually check in on these forums from time to time or is this strictly fan made and operated? The out of map and roof glitching is way out of hand. I ran into a party of 3 all on the roof of packanack took screenshots of their psn ids and of them actually on the roof. If this was an isolated case I'd just say forget it but 9 out of 10 games I join are on packanack and at least one player is always up there. Glitchers psn: SF_GIANT_209 LiveLikeLarry7 ralphforeign04 Ran into these 3 twice in one night about 4 hours apart. Took a break after realizing I was not having fun after dying and being forced to lose all match xp to not have to wait 20mins. Came back played a few, went to get a drink come back and bam ended up with them again. They only play packanack in pubic lobbies and always glitch.
  7. I was wondering when an in-game cheat report function is coming for consoles? I know the devs are hard at work patching known glitches as fast as they can like the roof/bear trap glitches but I'm still running into players glitching inside walls like the wall next to the book case 2nd floor of the Higgins haven main house. There's another inside the wall glitch on packanack 2nd floor as well. I thought maybe it was unintentional as I've personally gotten stuck inside closets and had to leave the game so people didn't have to wait 20mins but I caught the same player doing it on both packanack and then on Higgins. I screen shot the guys name (Fluxx_bills) on psn and the exact location he was hiding but without a reliable means of reporting (and no devs verifying if anything is actually being done) it's starting to get annoying even playingF13. Crap like exploits and cheats are all I see even after the patches and it just drains the fun out of the game when I'm playing the objective but die and have to either forfeit my end game bonus xp or sit and watch a guy sit inside a wall for 15mins. Same guy two different maps, then a group consisting of 3 players using out of map glitches while I'm running around trying to call the cops. I don't care about griefers who betray me (which happens with crazy frequency) it's sometimes fun to have a beef with other counselors, I'm not even mad about the counselors who help Jason find me (I can get my vengeance the next game) what's really killing the experience is a counselor who's invincible because he's inside the wall or outside the map. Can we please get a glitch report function with the next patch? Forget the retro reskin, forget the free cp, just allow us to report bugs so they can get addressed and the exploiter punished.
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