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  1. That report feature can't come quick enough. So far today i may have played 3 games inbetween connection to host lost, fatal error crashes, being sent into a room by myself and when i do actually get in a game it's nothing but toxic people or people in it for themselves. My personal favorite has to be a 7 year old and a 10 year old working with Jason. I get the shotgun and 2 pocket knifes and go to help 3 people in a cabin being attacked by Jason shoot Jason and then Jason and 3 counselor's are trying to kill me. A seperate time i get the shotgun search for a little more then go to help people and the blue car with 3 people drives by and stops because of Jason i shoot him and then theydrive past me a second time. I'm locked in a house with a guy that has the shotgun Jason comes in grabz him i hit jason with a bat and we both escape to another house i lock the front door then i get shot in the back. Its beyond frustrating to get past a wall of game related problems to get into a game just to get screwed over or team killed constantly. Maybe an option should be implemented to turn off being able to hit other counselors so if people do or dont want to it can be controlled or if you join a game with it you can leave. I would love to play this game but i only seem to get toxic people more than anything lately.
  2. Like the name entails i didn't recieve credit for this trophy. So myguess is only the person that delivers the final hit to remove the mask gets credit for the unmasking. You could have a co ordinated team distracting Jason or just group up later to unmask him in the proces of killing him and you don't get credit. This is like the 2nd trophy in less than a day that i can't complete or get credit for never mind the PhD one. Either way you look at it between not adding much help to doing the majority of the damage and only one person gets credit is dumb for a game that you need to work as a team to succeed. Looks like it's time for a break for me. The only fun i've been having has been doing the achievements which is just a matter of giving myself an objective or goal.
  3. Is there a good place to find good people to play the game with that won't cheat or kill you?
  4. Is there a way to know for sure each specific kill needed for this achievement or if there is a way to track which specific kills you have already. Do you need to get all of the kills on one Specific Jason only or are there other hidden requirements for this.
  5. Does only Tommy Jarvis get credit for this trophy and if so why is it that the team that helped and was standing around Jason did not. After going through all the trouble on the PS 4 the lag, disconnects, connection to host lost, failure to find connection details,kicked from lobby and, i am sure i forgot a few more being able to kill jason let alone in a quick play match without anyone using a mic just flashing flashlights getting to kill Jason being there and still alive and not getting the acheivement is a huge letdown. Some of us don't have friends or are shy about talking over chat and have to do things the hard way rather than cheat. Reading some things about this achievement here and there and reaading Tommy only gets credit sounds like another Pamela Tapes kinda deal. What i mean is it seems like someone is spreading misinformation and there is nosure way to know. Given that who spawns as Tommy and who spawns as Jason can be a problem also.
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