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  1. Resident Evil 2 was my favorite game, could interchange disk 1 and 2. Especially like using the Game Shark to get that infinite ammo. I actually beat the game in 45 minutes with just the knife.... that's how much replay value it had.
  2. Glad to hear some of the more reasonable source to proclaim the assurance of SP with it not in limbo. As for the double post, I am not going to debate about it, although I am curious as to what was double posted? I don't believe I really posted anything twice in this thread unless I was reinstating a point to a member regarding something I posted from earlier.
  3. I already know, I have a similar personality in that regard, I do accept the apology. I don't take anything personal. It is just a topic of discussion, nothing more.
  4. Exactly so it's just the only question of why, and why would they dance around the question when asked. Sure things happen and yes they need to fix MP since that is what the game is as of now. But marketing a huge diverse selling point that separates from MP teases people to buy a game to show support for something that may be released later if not ever at this point regarding their actions on the removal of these sites. Regarding AldermachXI
  5. Was that at all said in this thred? No, so why waste a post for sarcastic rubbish.
  6. Exactly thank you for understanding what this topic is about. Good show.
  7. Nope just facts on ones opinion that is shared by many. Not everyone is like you that prefers MP. I just gave all the reasons why I disagree, and am not going to say them again. The attitude is possibly because of your direct attitude and your use of description. And yes your very Bias, read what you just posted. If I want to play a game in a certain mode, then that's my business. The topic is not about this nonsense your insinuating, it is about the fact of what's going on with SP. If you don't don't care about SP or just want to say " chill out" then maybe your in the wrong forum. You are entitled to your opinion but is it irrelevant to the topic. If it is not related to the topic then I will not respond to it. Bottom line.
  8. Just let it be man.. No one here needs to prove anything. we made a point that it was wrong to say. Just going to keep it going. Sorry for your troubles. Lets just keep this thread focused on the topic.
  9. That is why is said loosely compared.. The point was that SP is still the primary selling point to a game, or otherwise a crucial component. Even BF and CoD has SP. That was the point. And yes time will tell on the remaining time in summer if it will be released.
  10. All I'm going to say is that's pretty harsh to say. I understand we don't know each other, and that everyone has their own problems.. But there is enough hostility in the world, and we should have a little compassion.. Even if you or anyone else doesn't agree, keep it in your thoughts and ignore. You never know what kind of time that person is going through.
  11. The fact is when something is close to being promised of delivery, you would like to see details surrounding what it is and how it will play. That's part of the communication and investment process. And the car analogy does work with the point of being promised something and not getting it. Yes I understand that Summer is not over, and that yes they can still release it. But if you was reading the previous post in the conversation surrounding SP, there has been very little communication and just looking for others opinions. Therefore you need not to be bias on what was posted. By now if it was really going to be released in the summer, there would by now be some hard date set. That said if you sold something that fell through you cant be obligated to not be able to return the money back, unless there was a contract.. In which what your selling probably has somewhere. So that does not apply. The difference is, they could release it and upload a patch for it.. I am not rushing this but like I said. We should know something. "Soon" can be in a few minutes to a few years.. It doesn't well work in the real world involving money.
  12. I think you clearly missed the point and may need to re-read the post.
  13. Just using this as a loose example, what happened when GTA 5 tried to abolish the SP experience? They signed a petition of over 50,000 players and gave the game on Steam from a overwhelmingly positive review, to mostly negative in 3 days.. Why was that such a big deal? Because most players can contest that SP is what made the game great. Yes, modding was the primary reason, which is why I said loose ex. But MP there sucks, and if it were just a MP game, it would not be where it is today. I am happy to get on for 20 min and be Jason killing bots in bot mode. Like I said not everyone likes MP games. I play an MMO already so I can give two shits less about it TBH. No offense. You got to see it from both sides
  14. That's is a very bias point of view to say that People who like SP is trash online. When in fact there are many other variables out there like, maybe being Jason whenever they want, or more role playing. I watched a video of players T-bagging Jason when he was knocked down. Although may be funny, it ruins the feel of the game coming from a movie. There is no way in hell that would happen in a Friday film. I frankly get sick of hearing peoples shit. Trash talking trolls who would get the shit kicked out of them in real life if they every talked to anyone like that the way they do. The point is it's a game and it should be played the way the buyer wants to play it. I don't talk mess against the person who loves MP games so It should be the same the other way around. Nuff said
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