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  1. Continued off ideas from the last video. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. LOL! VoorheesJolly, you did some good grabs and that's what I was looking for really quick. Your stuff was the best example. My stuff has streaming overlays and crap, and I needed a clean example. :] I have added your youtube link to the video as well in the description. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow
  3. Here is another video on how things could start improving. From player perspective.
  4. Thanks for the minimizing of the arguing. I'm not here to argue with anyone or attack anyone. I've been attacked on this forum A LOT, and that's okay, people are free to think of me what they want to think of me. Or not enjoy the voice that I have to put out. But you can be sure of one thing. I've loved F13 since I was a 4 year old kid, catching that first moment when Jason walked in the Jarvis house on Trish while Tommy was upstairs... the feelings I felt were intense, and I questioned my brother on so many things while we watched that. It was horrorifying. I love this franchise, and if this game loses it's chance and fizzles out... that's it.. we'll never see this game in the market again. I'm not trying to kill this game with a video, or TURN MY BACK on the devs like so many people are trying to say I'm doing just because I am maybe a little blunt with my voicing and criticisms.. I just want to see this steered in a good direction, so that it will last a long time in the industry, and possibly maybe a sequel to the game where they're able to overhaul everything into something greater. Why didn't I do this earlier?? Because I didn't think things would be sitting steady like this with the way the game has been, for so long. It would take too much to list it all. Even the "Chadface", people were quiet about it.. but some were like, "Oh... oh.. they kept it in... well okay." and we accepted it. That's just one very tiny thing, but... will all this stuff change?? I dunno. You never know.. the devs may be WAY ahead of me.. I'm not buddy buddy with anyone, so I wouldn't know what they're doing. I'm just a voice. I'm no special treatment here. Ben could easily get sick of me (which I'm sure he is), and delete all this crap and put an end to me. I don't mean to be a pain the ass, I'm just expressing myself, because I want to see this game be the best. Not just another silly 'movie-game' outing that will fizzle away soon.
  5. Yes, but the game is still the same way it was, since the beta. Honestly not much has changed about it with the mechanics since then. It's still the same game, with the same tools, etc. The game is still silly. It enables you to do a loooot of goofy stuff. And yes, while with any game you can 'make' something silly.. that's just the way things are gonna be at points.. but you wannah focus your game so the funny stuff is pulled down to a minimum, and you want it KNOWN for being suspenseful, creepy, tense. Right now, Friday the 13th if you take a look at everything, what do you see? Any horror game is going to have levity here and there. Horror games have goofy costumes you can earn, etc.. but even these games (being single player experiences), leave that stuff for AFTER you've beatin the game once. But when it's a multiplayer game, you have to have your CORE atmosphere and emotions going during a real match, anything distracting from that, can tear up the experience they originally wanted to deliver to us. So when you play a counselor, and you can just run over to Jason and teabag dance over him after he's knocked down.. it turns into an embarassing thing to watch (even tho in the moment, it's funny), when Jason SHOULD be able to reach up and grab the guy's balls off in that moment (or some universal kill for both genders) If I had to make a metaphor.. it's like Wes Craven said, while he was creating Freddy. Summing it up, he said that, you have to be careful to not get the audience to laugh at the killer (that hurts for what the killer represents), and in that he had to becareful with Freddy in that he didn't want people to laugh at him, so his sarcasm and jokes were very dark. Also I am not burnt out.. I stream games all the time.. and I enjoy them, I am not burnt out on F13, albeit, I do wish they'd advance their reward and LVL system.
  6. It doesn't matter if I play tested the game or not. It doesn't matter if I were a streamer or not, I would have still voiced myself in the same way about this game that I am now, because it's something I'm passionate about. But you don't seem to understand that. You are also refusing to understand that we as consumers were handed this game. Whether we act silly in it or not, is up to us. But we are playing and using the tools that the developers handed us. (Oh, damn I figured out that bold font again). You're criticizing us for stuff we did in the game, but... it's in the game. Because that's the way the game is made currently........ hello.. ring ring. Chad-face was in there way before I started making any videos. We were ALL (including the devs) in there being goofy on the first few days. Was it funny, sure. Did we think it was just gonna be temporary as the game was in Beta then and we thought the devs were just having a little levity for what was eventually to be a kick ass game of horror.. did it change? NO. The tools and mechanics stayed the same.... I hope maybe you can understand now.
  7. But that's not the problem. We play with viewers of all races and minds. Some silly, some not. But through all these folks that have come in and played, a lot of them are expressing themselves about this game going in the wrong direction. It's not the players. It's the game for sure. Yeah, it's somewhat scary at times (particularly in cabins because Jason can't find you as easy), and yeah, it can be suspenseful. But some have a greater vision for this game, it could be SO MUCH more. And they are currently veering off course with that vision.. making the game sillier with emotes/clothes and the already clunky mechanics. This game needs to be set back on the correct direction again, and it should be growing and surprising us when we grow bored of something. Not temporarily tending the wound with silly content drops that are all mostly cosmetic, and just silly stuff.
  8. Hey man! you don't have to be subscribed to show love. Just by you coming by and having a good time and enjoying the streams is mucho appreciated by me!!! Thanks so much!
  9. J9 doing some serious damage. But outside of that, I love how the music syncs with most things happening in the match.
  10. Rain!

    Then the mechanics gotta be changed up. As long as the game remains the way it is.. unless they do something to heighten people's immersion with Jason and make it THE legit experience we've come to expect. No matter what handle you put on the mechanics that are currently in place now, it'll slowly die out. I'm hoping the rain + darker maps, and whatever else they have coming with those updates, is a step in the right direction at least in terms of immersion and feeling this game gives off. Because in the end, no matter the mechanics... if the feeling isn't NAILED, it's going to get boring to people as they continue to go through the motions.
  11. Hahahaha Thanks so much, Omni! Glad you both enjoyed this!!
  12. Jason Voorhees sings to Jenny Myers...
  13. Rain!

    But yet Dead by Daylight (a game I'm not too fond of, not because of their gameplay) manages to feel the same way it did one year ago, and manages to still get that FEELING right during certain chase moments (even with the bugs back then), and it's already been out a year. Deceit, another game that's coming up on it's one year anniversary, still manages to instill paranoia and fear of the monster and it does it with flying colors. And now Friday the 13th. First month was awesome... now players know the mechanics, and because we all know how it works.. BECAUSE of the mechanics in place, the 'mechanics' are killing the way this game is SUPPOSED to make us feel. Not even 5 months into it's life cycle and it's going downhill steadily. We'll just have to see what happens come October.
  14. Rain!

    Two screams, out of how many others that you played with. My point is... you should be able to play Jason, and get a cool reaction from 80% of players you played with. Not digging around in the haystack for the 2 folks that got scared. But having a majority of folks getting the experience they paid hard earned cash for.
  15. Rain!

    Show me one person that has been scared of the shift grab after playing the game for awhile.... and I'll believe you. Typically, the reaction from a player that has been shift grabbed... is not positive, nor pleasant.