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  1. This is the exact thing that myself and many others here on the forums and in countless youtube videos, and on livestreams have been preaching about. gyaaft mentioned the radio station poll. Yes, when they ask us do we "WANT".. yes.. everyone 'wants'.. but do we NEED??? not until all else is fixed. Yes, we 'want' all kinds of stuff. But let's see if the new updates take us in a direction that we NEED. I guess we'll know in a day.
  2. And that's why the playerbase came into the theater, nice and hot.. and got up mid film and walked out. Plain and simple, not much excuse around it. If the attraction isn't delivering, people aren't gonna come in and pay for the show.
  3. I do think a certain kind of mo-capped stumble would be cool to see in regards to higher fear levels. The feelings and suspense that the game gives the player could very well be enhanced than what it already does. However, that said.. I don't think the game needs more screaming and counselors jumping, etc like you are saying, because.. those things aren't what translates into suspense for the player. Those kinds of things don't translate into terror. That little jump-scare that the counselors do when they see a dead body, those are actually more annoying than they are scary, because the player doesn't want to be stopped at any given time and interrupted, followed by a cheesy delivered voice over line.. that's not scary. The counselor avatars expressing more fear is not going to mean the player is feeling anything at all, it doesn't matter HOW scared you make the avatars seem.. that's not the way suspense is carried over into a player's psyche, our emotions aren't that simple nor easily accessed. To mention one thing they got really RIGHT, is the feeling of despair sometimes when Jason is closing in for the kill and the counselors beg for their life. I remember the very first times I heard those kinds of lines pop out of the female avatars, I felt almost bad for them before killing as Jason. To drive more suspense into a player as a counselor, You have to get the counselor player to be unsure and unable to calculate Jason.. the LESS you are able to calculate where he is, what he's doing, and the Jason player has the preemptive (let's say shift grabbing isn't a thing in the game), that's when he will become more terrifying, because now you can't predict it, you don't know where he'll show up, where you'll hear him suddenly, or if he's hunting you from the woods. The unease of not knowing at any given time where/when you might be getting hunted, or stalked creates unease, it drives the player to be paranoid, they slow down, they're more cautious.. looking around corners, making sure that when he DOES appear, that he's not too close to them.. because the closer you engage with Jason the more of a danger he'll be and the less chance you'll have of getting away, that's the suspense.. You have to think about it.. Gun has played their game a shit ton.. we've all played the game a shit ton... we have blinders on to what makes this game work, especially for new players that's hard to connect with, because we'll never be new players again. Remember how SLOW and CAUTIOUS people played.. we didn't know the gameplay or anything.. so we weren't zipping around and knowing what to do, where to go, and how Jason worked.. so we were more in suspense of what was going to happen. I think it's important for Illfonic to maintain that for how Jason works in the game so we have to approach him as that "New Player" all the time, and the less you know about what he's doing in the map or what he's capable of.. he becomes more intense, every match, for new AND experienced players.
  4. Michael is just trying to make us blush. 😅
  5. I'll keep trying Aldermach, just for you. Hey, someone's gotta do it.
  6. I never promoted emotes in the game. The only thing I promoted cosmetically for them or ever talked about on stream was them having costumes to wear FOR HALLOWEEN. I never went around saying the characters should be able to dance over Jason or do the silly stuff that they do. That wasn't MY idea, my dude. Don't go trying to blame ME for the game's direction when most of the ideas I put down on the table aren't even implemented into the game yet.
  7. This is true, Dead by Daylight was a dying game and it went through the same painful strokes that Friday the 13th is going through.. the community lashed, like we are now, about the game.. but they didn't take a year to make amends.. they actually spent 4 months not listening just about, but then came back around and.. they started livestreaming weekly.. they started getting in the dirt with the players and playing WITH them, embarassing themselves while players made these huge strides against them because (they didn't know how to play their own game)... and so they had to TURN IT allll around and finally they... have a game.. that works a lot better than it did before.. but it's not my type of competitive game... Friday the 13th IS my type of game, it's the flavor we all want.. but they need to take the same strides that DBD did, get in the dirt with their players and BECOME a player, learn what excites us all, what pisses us off, and what feels really OFF in the game so they can see we're not all just full of shit..
  8. Which is why you saw it and whined for someone to delete it, and then decided to come here and post that you didn't see it, so you could make yourself feel better. Ok. Like I said.. leave your ego somewhere else.
  9. Exxaaaaactly... how I feel in a nutshell. When Illfonic learns how to apply the magic correctly and they get it right, all they can do is go uphill from there. Once they it, everything they create after that moment will only be cherry on top for all time, which would send this game into extreme success. RESOUNDING success.
  10. Yes, but at the same time, you don't want them to spin this into a "Let's give them the ability to just kill counselors all the time". Then it's just going to turn into Jason killing people all the time and the counselors have no chance.. that's NOT a good direction for the game either. Counselors will still have a chance but it has to be because the player made smart decisions based off their own real senses of sight, sound.. and that running from Jason for a length of time will ultimately slow you down. There has to be a balance and a dance between the two divides of Jason and Counselor to where it FEELS really nice, after having adjusted stuff.. it can't be leaning one way or the other too much, but it instead feels believable. Or the game will once again become a mess.
  11. I don't care how much THEY don't care about the game. We do.. some of us have been waiting around 25 years for this. Are you just gonna let it wash away, and hope you get to live your lifetime long enough to MAYBE see another one? This is it you guys... if THIS one's never made right, you may never see Jason on screen again. That's a pretty big deal. But if this game actually was spun well and the devs put a little more passion not only in the game, but their community.. they could earn WAY more money than the bullshit their earning now with whatever plans they might have for pulling out.. (don't get nasty). This shit can be flipped for the good, and they could still be star developers. They just need to get on it man, ..focus better. Maybe they need to go learn a lot more about how horror entertains people and it will help them approach this all better, go talk to people in the industry and figure out what worked in the movies in terms of not the MATERIAL ITEMS (the story, jason, the characters, setting).. but learn about all the ingredients that make those things work inside the piece.. Once they understand that... they'll know how to make Jason work within the game and approach the mechanics with.. 'how can we build things that promote horror' within the mechanics and the way people play.. how can we pull tricks and illusions to give them this experience. Because in the end.. scaring people is an art (not jump scares) but making someone uncomfortable, and you can give a climactic jump-scare as long as it's executed with style.. how can we put counselor players at un-ease with the other Jason player. They should have learned a TON over the past year.... I have... and I'm just a player. How have they not?
  12. GIVEN THE PLAYER COUNT??? Have you been with the game since launch? They launched with so many people playing this just on Steam alone, and on Twitch they were #1 for a bit. People had expectations for the experience.. annnnd.. that experience wasn't met, because the devs didn't focus on strengthening that experience for players, and their focus went in ALL the wrong directions. It appears to me that they are trying now to implement things like Single Player and cosmetics and emotes to save the game.. but.. again.. (a pull hair moment), these things will only TEMPORARILY get your playerbase back.. once they see shit's still the same... poof goodbye playerbase, they'll be done with Single Player challenges, and they're back to square one after this upcoming update. ILLFONIC is under the impression that people left because of there not being dedicated servers and bugs.. well.. that may be part of the reason, but I'll say it and I'm calling it now. A majority of your players (you Illfonic) left because the experience wasn't there. Just a wash out repeat and rinse of sloppy mechanics currently still in the game and people are tired of that shit. I mean.. this is your community speaking and no one's answering.
  13. That would be a nasty downfall to the F13 franchise. I personally wouldn't want that if I were involved in making this game. The only way they'd be okay with that, is if GUN and ILL were never fans in the first place, fabricated their love for the 'horror genre' and only rode the ball with Sean Cunningham to earn a buck off a game they were just building up to milk a little money from via content releases, slow going at a time.. while never really putting in the effort to fix the game (too much time and money).. they could ride the ball for a nice couple years, and move on. That would be pretty f'in sad.. but they'd have a lot of angry people following them to hell and back to make sure they never lived it down, that's for sure. Something tells me they wouldn't make that decision lightly. The horror community, there are some damn passionate people here. If I personally directed this game, and stepped into the shoes of creating this.. I wouldn't go into it with that sole goal in mind of just earning a buck, knowing the community would never let me live it down. That kind of thought is pretty scary, you'd have to be REALLY blinded by money to go down that road.
  14. @dandop1984 That's another nail you hit, that I've been trying to relay to @illchuck 's team for awhile now. And this is probably one of the most important things in the game that will win back the playerbase. AS SOON AS players feel that this is an experience (like an attraction such as Halloween Horror Nights etc). Once they get what they paid for... which is to HAVE that Jason Voorhees rollercoaster ride... players will come back. This isn't a game about winning or losing.. sure it's fun to win, but what people REALLY want is the ride. If Jason kills someone and he scared the shit out of them first... it's met with laughter and enjoyment, and not irritation. I've worked in horror entertainment long enough to know the PAYOFF people want with this kind of medium and, once again, it hurts to see that Illfonic and Gun Media don't grasp this concept to its fullest understanding. People want those POPCORN moments in the game.. and that's what the team should be strongly focused on. Don't be afraid to use jump-scares if it's used artistically and effectively. The movies had them, they work and if used correct, they aren't cheap. TELL ME THIS.. has Jason ever once popped out in game, scared someone and they respond, "THAT WAS CHEAP".. no... they are typically excited and laugh and they got WHAT THEY TRULY WANT.. out of the game.. a scare from Jason that felt authentic. It's as simple as that Illfonic.. "People want to receive the rush they got from the films.. those scares are the payoff" You can't get that with Jason shift-grabs... silly chases... and all the other TL:DR mishaps you guys have made in this game without a clear focus on what players want because you're too reliant seemingly on these silly polls and stat numbers, and "What kind of content releases should we do next"...?? Stop all that silliness, and fix the Jason Experience.
  15. @dandop1984 I watched it.. and THAT was fabulous. See, if I were directing this game, I would watch this and other players' do this.. and be like.. "That's Jason... how can we steer the game in that direction and have players be able to make that occur 80% of the time" That's me with my Stephen Spielberg hat on... How ILLFONIC can sit around for a year.. and not say this to themselves and then work towards it within their mechanics and gameplay.. it makes me pull my fucking hair out dude. It's almost like they just don't get it.. and THAT realization hurts a lot. I want to fly over there and just start directing the game myself sometimes. lol.