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  1. Redcat, ..... I'm gonna be real with you man, maybe you should stop and learn how the legal system works before you play anymore video games. You need some real life experiences. You seem to be very ignorant to a lot of stuff.
  2. I don't know if you've been keeping up.. but Pamela Voorhees will never be in this game due to legal reasons. She actually won't ever be used in any game, because Victor Miller owns the character. You should probably try and keep up with the current event information, my dude, because you're WAY behind.
  3. Tyrant, yeah, it's sad to see the direction this game has went. I truly was passionate about it, and excited to see Jason depicted in a way we were all excited about, and then to be kinda let down by a company that, I guess, just didn't care enough. One day someone that cares and is passionate enough will come along and get this all done right,. Now, that game we're all looking for may never be "Friday the 13th", but the experience will be there. Here's hoping.
  4. That's bull... no horror victim in ANY movie I've ever seen has sat in a hiding place uttering phrases to a killer who's actively looking for them, loud enough so the killer can find them and kill them. It just doesn't happen, and breaks any immersion or belief that it's 'real to life' so the player can then be immersed as well, because no person in their right mind would 'shout' out to a murderer, so that the MURDERER can notice them better. It just doesn't happen. I don't see where this is a 'horror trope at all'. It's just bad programming. Some people defend this sentiment by saying, it's just a game, it doesn't need to feel real. Well... that's why Gun Media & Illfonic & Black Rhino or whatever it's called is not "Rockstar" or any other development company, because they sacrifice on these ideas, and take the easy way out of developing the game.
  5. I'd really love to see this game come out with a patch that actually pays more attention to balancing the 'quality of life' that this game has lost. For example, *Jason being beatin by a group of counselors. It's still silly to see, silly to watch. Counselors should fear him, not want to beat him down. Make him stronger and more dangerous. This is one of the biggest updates that's been asked for... for well over 1 year and a half now, by a lot of people. *Counselors screaming when they are in a hiding spot, just out in the open, ruining any chance of ACTUALLY hiding. Everyone knows it. You hide, Jason shows up, and the counselors screams, letting Jason know EXACTLY where the counselor player is. (How this has been in the game well past the beta is beyond me) There are so many common sense fixes and changes that could have been made with this game that still have not come. The part that boggles the mind is how this stuff has been in the game for so long, when it's just such an apparent bluebook problem with the game. Any other developers would have had this kind of stuff stitched out well at the start of the game's release. This game is practically still in beta.
  6. This is the exact thing that myself and many others here on the forums and in countless youtube videos, and on livestreams have been preaching about. gyaaft mentioned the radio station poll. Yes, when they ask us do we "WANT".. yes.. everyone 'wants'.. but do we NEED??? not until all else is fixed. Yes, we 'want' all kinds of stuff. But let's see if the new updates take us in a direction that we NEED. I guess we'll know in a day.
  7. And that's why the playerbase came into the theater, nice and hot.. and got up mid film and walked out. Plain and simple, not much excuse around it. If the attraction isn't delivering, people aren't gonna come in and pay for the show.
  8. I do think a certain kind of mo-capped stumble would be cool to see in regards to higher fear levels. The feelings and suspense that the game gives the player could very well be enhanced than what it already does. However, that said.. I don't think the game needs more screaming and counselors jumping, etc like you are saying, because.. those things aren't what translates into suspense for the player. Those kinds of things don't translate into terror. That little jump-scare that the counselors do when they see a dead body, those are actually more annoying than they are scary, because the player doesn't want to be stopped at any given time and interrupted, followed by a cheesy delivered voice over line.. that's not scary. The counselor avatars expressing more fear is not going to mean the player is feeling anything at all, it doesn't matter HOW scared you make the avatars seem.. that's not the way suspense is carried over into a player's psyche, our emotions aren't that simple nor easily accessed. To mention one thing they got really RIGHT, is the feeling of despair sometimes when Jason is closing in for the kill and the counselors beg for their life. I remember the very first times I heard those kinds of lines pop out of the female avatars, I felt almost bad for them before killing as Jason. To drive more suspense into a player as a counselor, You have to get the counselor player to be unsure and unable to calculate Jason.. the LESS you are able to calculate where he is, what he's doing, and the Jason player has the preemptive (let's say shift grabbing isn't a thing in the game), that's when he will become more terrifying, because now you can't predict it, you don't know where he'll show up, where you'll hear him suddenly, or if he's hunting you from the woods. The unease of not knowing at any given time where/when you might be getting hunted, or stalked creates unease, it drives the player to be paranoid, they slow down, they're more cautious.. looking around corners, making sure that when he DOES appear, that he's not too close to them.. because the closer you engage with Jason the more of a danger he'll be and the less chance you'll have of getting away, that's the suspense.. You have to think about it.. Gun has played their game a shit ton.. we've all played the game a shit ton... we have blinders on to what makes this game work, especially for new players that's hard to connect with, because we'll never be new players again. Remember how SLOW and CAUTIOUS people played.. we didn't know the gameplay or anything.. so we weren't zipping around and knowing what to do, where to go, and how Jason worked.. so we were more in suspense of what was going to happen. I think it's important for Illfonic to maintain that for how Jason works in the game so we have to approach him as that "New Player" all the time, and the less you know about what he's doing in the map or what he's capable of.. he becomes more intense, every match, for new AND experienced players.
  9. I'll keep trying Aldermach, just for you. Hey, someone's gotta do it.
  10. I never promoted emotes in the game. The only thing I promoted cosmetically for them or ever talked about on stream was them having costumes to wear FOR HALLOWEEN. I never went around saying the characters should be able to dance over Jason or do the silly stuff that they do. That wasn't MY idea, my dude. Don't go trying to blame ME for the game's direction when most of the ideas I put down on the table aren't even implemented into the game yet.
  11. This is true, Dead by Daylight was a dying game and it went through the same painful strokes that Friday the 13th is going through.. the community lashed, like we are now, about the game.. but they didn't take a year to make amends.. they actually spent 4 months not listening just about, but then came back around and.. they started livestreaming weekly.. they started getting in the dirt with the players and playing WITH them, embarassing themselves while players made these huge strides against them because (they didn't know how to play their own game)... and so they had to TURN IT allll around and finally they... have a game.. that works a lot better than it did before.. but it's not my type of competitive game... Friday the 13th IS my type of game, it's the flavor we all want.. but they need to take the same strides that DBD did, get in the dirt with their players and BECOME a player, learn what excites us all, what pisses us off, and what feels really OFF in the game so they can see we're not all just full of shit..
  12. Which is why you saw it and whined for someone to delete it, and then decided to come here and post that you didn't see it, so you could make yourself feel better. Ok. Like I said.. leave your ego somewhere else.
  13. Exxaaaaactly... how I feel in a nutshell. When Illfonic learns how to apply the magic correctly and they get it right, all they can do is go uphill from there. Once they it, everything they create after that moment will only be cherry on top for all time, which would send this game into extreme success. RESOUNDING success.
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