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    NHA Director Responds to Out of Context Quote

    Well im a hella big fan of him and from NHA so yes, for me yes.
  2. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    NHA Director Responds to Out of Context Quote

    Woah! The director from Never Hike Alone!!! Just wanted to say that your movie was pretty damn awesome! Edit: I think he just reacted to my comment!! My life goal is complete.
  3. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Womp Stomp Films Responds

    What's happening here it's very sad.
  4. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Ghostboy Exits

    Well I guess you are leaving Crystal Lake for a while then...... Say hi to your mom for me.
  5. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    Oh my god....... Can't believe you are going to left these forums, we need your complaints, we need your sarcasm, we need your jokes!
  6. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Ghostboy Exits

    Can't believe you didn't tag me, as a loyal follower of the king of the Chads army I feel offended. But now on a serious note, please don't go, this community needs you, you are the king of the Chads!
  7. WellIgottasaythatIhaven'tplayedthegameintwoweeks. But I won't leave the forums in a long time, at least for see what happens ya know? But im sure one day with all this shit happening devs will just one day shut down the forums and start using the official page for giving news. It doesn't really benefit them right now having these forums. But for now im gonna see how everyone leaves. I started playing the game since launch so I won't stop following his trail till the end. Besides, it's kinda funny see how this crap happens and devs just remain silent.
  8. Oh my god that's horrible..... When I saw the word "generators", al the memories came back to my mind........... Flashlights, generators getting started, survivors T-Bagging, pallets,salt messages.......... It was so horrible my god, I think I need a break. Guys chill the hell out, im still here, that's all it matters.
  9. Or maybe they will delete it. With all the shit going on I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. Because the director had some kind of meeting with them.
  11. Man that's dark............. I knew about all this thing going on about mods closing every thread that was saying "game is dead" or "devs did a really bad job and now they are running away", but I never talked about that like Aldermach did. It's kinda sad the movements mods and devs are doing, really sad. But hey at least we still here right?! Im waiting to be banned now tbh.
  12. Well this is pretty damn depressing. First off every "important" member is freaking leaving?! Why would Aldermach leave if he made a whole thread about staying here and showing love to devs? Oh and then going to the Off topic section I found out that Rexfellis was kicked out of his home..... Looks like these are being dark days right?
  13. Well im getting a little freaked out. Which important member we lost? I didn't even noticed.
  14. Wait, what? What is going on with the members?
  15. I could say the put a lot of effort pre-launch (Creating hype and that stuff). But at launch everything was a huge disappointment, and after that everything got worse. The only thing I could say they do it right was the content. It was so good, every map had such a cool atmosphere and every character was so cool too!. But that's it, sadly.......
  16. I know, I can notice that in every small detail on every map. But the way the handled all the situations this game has been through it shows not only that they are very unprofessional with their stuff. But also show that you can love a franchise a lot, but also be lazy as hell with the franchise you love so much. After launch they saw the game was a disaster and they still didn't test the game before dropping big updates. It feel like they didn't care.
  17. These "announcements" really make me depressed. This game could have been so good with a little bit more of love and pasion.
  18. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    What is your favorite Map!

    @BrokenFattHardy dude chill the fuck out, you're everywhere xD.
  19. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Your thoughts about The Strangers 2.

    So recently I watched The Strangers 2 (Prey at night). And I gotta say I really liked it, the first Strangers of course had a whole different style. It had more suspense and quiet moments, instead, this one is all about gore, action and 80's music. It had his things of course like the camera shots, there are some scenes that the camera work is totally amazing (like the pool scene or the truck on fire chase), but there are some moments (like the intro where aunt Sheryl walks to the door when someone knocks it that are totally out of place and just bad. And the ridiculous zooms? Let's not talk about it. The acting is actually is pretty good, there are some moments of course that are meh but is pretty decent. The story is pretty simple (like the first one), one family of four go to a trailer park to stay for the weekend before they drop their daughter to boarding school. The music is totally 80's, it have songs like Kids in America, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Live it Up, Cambodia, Making love out of Nothing at all and Cambodia. There are some people that think 80's music is a bad move and take out all the creepy atmosphere, in my opinion, seeing 80's music in 2018 is pretty cool for me. Besides, the use of the music is amazing, the most remarkable moment when they use 80's music is the pool scene and when Kinsey explodes the truck and then the truck starts chasing her.
  20. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Victor Miller Email

    Ah jeez devs, I can't believe you are cancelling everything you love just because of yes. I mean, they don't have a single clue of when this is going to end. Let's see if devs delete this too.
  21. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Friday the 13th Tournament

    So, everybody know there will be a Friday the 13th this Friday. And since we probably won't get the new update, I decided to start this tournament (To clarify, if we don't get the people to make a full lobby at least, the tournament will be cancelled) -What is this tournament? This tournament is about to pick the best players of F13 and put them in a lobby and see who's the best player and how they can work as a team in some situations. -In what consists? It consist about 7 players that will play on 4 gamemodes. The first one is called The Hunt: This mode is about a PVP where everything can happen, you can team up with a friend and make some type of battle royale, you can team up with only one friend and the last one alive wins, if you teammed up with a friend and you are the last ones alive you have to fight until someone dies. If a players hides for not be killed the player can send a message to Jason and he will be killed. The second gamemode is kill Jason, as titles says, you have to teamwork together to kill Jason, if the player that is playing Jasons runs when he is about to get killed, everything is allowed in this gamemode except team killing. The third gamemode is called Hide and Seek, this gamemode is about Jason trying to find counselors without using Sense. It's only allowed to use Tiffany and Deborah (since they are the characters with more stealth) and Jason must play with the TV volume turned off (since counselors scream when Jason is close) And the last gamemode is the normal one, where counselors have to try to survive against Jason and try to escape (it's not allowed to juke Jason here) At the end of the round, the winner can pick which gamemode he wants and in what map -In which platform will be? Right now it would be only on PS4, but if you wanna do it on PC or Xbox you can put it here and see who wants to join from there -How do I join? Just send a PM and I will put it there, if the lobby is full before you join then I will let you know if someone leaves -Who will be the host? Right now I don't know, since I have a crappy connection and I live in S.A I can't host the game, so if someone want to host it and have a good connection tell me here -When will start? Sometime at Friday, probably at night, but I will let you know when will start. If you have questions just say it and I will response you.
  22. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Friday the 13th Tournament

    Yeah me too xD. I was like oh hell yeah!
  23. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Friday the 13th Tournament

    Well im up for that. Count me in, I play mostly on night, besides I will celebrate my birthday so the day will be very busy.