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  1. This update bring a lot of bad things one of them is make Tommy more "hero". Are you serius?! even if you OP a character he will not be a stupid hero he is gonna be OP as hell and annoying. Instead of not allow him to escape until all counselors escaped they OP more him, like if Jason wasn't nerfed enough. Also they change grab range, now you have the counselor have to be in front of you to grab him, wich is shit because is ridiculous how broken this is. And for last we have bugs everywhere: broken lighting in Jarvis house, bodyblock from Jason, broken stats etc. Im kinda done with this game seriously, is that hard test update before posting them?
  2. They used the same freaking cheer from the original Halloween! I have a very good feeling about this movie. By the way beware of spoilers in the comments. Someone who saw the movie spoiled the ending.....
  3. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    So what about the press release? Wasn't today?
  4. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    We're from Haddonfield couldn't be prouder! Can't hear that? We'll yell a little louder!

    They spoiled me the ending from someone who already saw it. It's kinda amazing that folks who had the luck to see it starts spoiling everybody. But of course im still hyped even if I know the ending xD.
  5. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Please, PLEASE this needs to end. I can't believe Freddy, Michael and Chucky keep making stuff and Jason is trapped in a limbo because two old man can't get to a deal. It's just stupid.
  6. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    New update today?

    It just fixed two server issues, that's all.
  7. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    How do you delete your account in this forum?

    Ok fine, just look up (you can do this in any browser) and then press the red X button and you should be fine.
  8. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    How do you delete your account in this forum?

    So we can say to him bah bye?
  9. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    How do you delete your account in this forum?

    Why would you want to delete an account that has 6 posts? Besides you can always just go instead of making an scandal.
  10. So we got an update today and the update came with dedicated servers. Yay finally, well seems like even the servers doesn't work properly in this game. When you search for a quick play match the game starts searching but then it keeps looking for session. You gotta A: Wait like 20 minutes if you got luck or B: Cancel the search and see that it keeps cancelling and restart the game and see if you got luck now. This is ridiculous, I've restarted like 10 times the game to see if I can finally play a match and the game just refuses. And please don't say "itz cuz ppl dnt instaled te update llet so itz ard to find a match" C'mon, I can't even cancel the search or something, besides the game puts me on the US servers (I saw it because I could play only 1 match today because of this shit) so it shouldn't have any problem to find matches. And when I try to join a friend match the game throws me a bypass error. Great.
  11. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    That moment when even the servers doesn't work.

    So is happening to you too? Wow....... I wonder if they are aware of this.
  12. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    That moment when even the servers doesn't work.

    Actually yes. But even out of the U.S the game shouldn't have problems since it connect me to the U.S servers. Besides the cancelling loop it's a bug and it have nothing to do with the region where you play.
  13. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    It's not like they didn't have their reasons.....
  14. Im not getting what this is. Is there a new update? Or hidden content?
  15. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Dance Hall Massacre - part 2!!

    If you want a video appear on the post you just need to copy and paste the link.
  16. Didn't read the whole thread but no, these people doesn't deserve any more money. After this they better release dedicated servers, if not, I doubt any game they release will sell. It's just way too much bad reputation.
  17. They banned him? Jeez.
  18. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    NHA Director Responds to Out of Context Quote

    Well im a hella big fan of him and from NHA so yes, for me yes.
  19. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    NHA Director Responds to Out of Context Quote

    Woah! The director from Never Hike Alone!!! Just wanted to say that your movie was pretty damn awesome! Edit: I think he just reacted to my comment!! My life goal is complete.
  20. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Womp Stomp Films Responds

    What's happening here it's very sad.
  21. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Ghostboy Exits

    Well I guess you are leaving Crystal Lake for a while then...... Say hi to your mom for me.
  22. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    Oh my god....... Can't believe you are going to left these forums, we need your complaints, we need your sarcasm, we need your jokes!
  23. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Ghostboy Exits

    Can't believe you didn't tag me, as a loyal follower of the king of the Chads army I feel offended. But now on a serious note, please don't go, this community needs you, you are the king of the Chads!