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  1. Im not getting what this is. Is there a new update? Or hidden content?
  2. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Dance Hall Massacre - part 2!!

    If you want a video appear on the post you just need to copy and paste the link.
  3. Didn't read the whole thread but no, these people doesn't deserve any more money. After this they better release dedicated servers, if not, I doubt any game they release will sell. It's just way too much bad reputation.
  4. They banned him? Jeez.
  5. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    NHA Director Responds to Out of Context Quote

    Well im a hella big fan of him and from NHA so yes, for me yes.
  6. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    NHA Director Responds to Out of Context Quote

    Woah! The director from Never Hike Alone!!! Just wanted to say that your movie was pretty damn awesome! Edit: I think he just reacted to my comment!! My life goal is complete.
  7. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Womp Stomp Films Responds

    What's happening here it's very sad.
  8. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Ghostboy Exits

    Well I guess you are leaving Crystal Lake for a while then...... Say hi to your mom for me.
  9. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    Oh my god....... Can't believe you are going to left these forums, we need your complaints, we need your sarcasm, we need your jokes!
  10. PlayerAgainstTheMachine

    Ghostboy Exits

    Can't believe you didn't tag me, as a loyal follower of the king of the Chads army I feel offended. But now on a serious note, please don't go, this community needs you, you are the king of the Chads!
  11. WellIgottasaythatIhaven'tplayedthegameintwoweeks. But I won't leave the forums in a long time, at least for see what happens ya know? But im sure one day with all this shit happening devs will just one day shut down the forums and start using the official page for giving news. It doesn't really benefit them right now having these forums. But for now im gonna see how everyone leaves. I started playing the game since launch so I won't stop following his trail till the end. Besides, it's kinda funny see how this crap happens and devs just remain silent.
  12. Oh my god that's horrible..... When I saw the word "generators", al the memories came back to my mind........... Flashlights, generators getting started, survivors T-Bagging, pallets,salt messages.......... It was so horrible my god, I think I need a break. Guys chill the hell out, im still here, that's all it matters.
  13. Or maybe they will delete it. With all the shit going on I wouldn't be surprised.