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  1. Maps accuracy.

    Maybe he could win Tiffany xD.
  2. Maps accuracy.

    Is not hanging anywhere there is just a bed xD.
  3. Bloody skins for counselors.

    Puta it an Chad face and you son a free Mike. It would be the most inmersive clothing pack right now. The game is set in the end of what it would be the end of a movie of F13. It would make sense that the counselors are like that, at least it would make more sense than the SpringBreak and Halloween pack.
  4. Bloody skins for counselors.

    xD, seriously, counselors blood looks like Ketchup.
  5. Bloody skins for counselors.

    Jason can't make a good bloody skin, he just can hit you and put some low quality blood on you! Well, thanks for the wishes. I didn't want the Halloween clothes and look xD.
  6. Bloody skins for counselors.

    Because at least on console, it show you the button for do something like, when you got hurt automatically show you the button to heal yourself. Or just think it like a texture above a texture like, the blood is under the real blood, I don't know if you understand. Besides is not only the blood, there will be wounds, the clothes will have holes and such.
  7. Bloody skins for counselors.

    It mostly tell you (if you have experience) how many hits you get, with 3 hits (in strong counselors like Buggzy, in fixers like A.J it takes 2) you get injured and you can't run. With 2 hits of throwing knives you get injured aswell. The blood is mostly decorative because you can always tell when you're hurt (since the only who can damage you is Jason).
  8. Bloody skins for counselors.

    Hahaha. That's not the point, the point is make the counselors like if they were in the end of the movie, not only with blood a unrealistic blood, this would have better textures, with wounds, blood on the face too and with their clothes in a really bad state (with holes and such)
  9. I was thinking of how cool would be if we get a bloody skins for counselors. This would be like if they were in the end of the movie, with blood, wounds and with their clothes in a really bad state. Or maybe devs could do something like when match progress and Jason hurts you, you run and you get hurt too, the counselor would get hurt (more hurt than they get right now when they are injured) and even if they get healed, their clothes and body would remain the same. But I think would be way cooler to have bloody skins, it would be more worked and you would use them at the beggining of the match.
  10. Most anticipated change

    They actually don't play on quick play xD.
  11. Songs we definitely need.

    These days I've been listening a lot Total Eclipse of The Heart (what a long title lol) and Jesus what a good song, I would love to have that song in the game.
  12. Maps accuracy.

    I found two in Pinehurst. - At Pinehurst, in the game the lake is right next to him. But in the movie the lake wasn't there. - In the barn of the game, the doors are open of the wrong side. It was fine in this image but then they changed it.
  13. I thought there was an update?

    Shifty confirmed that all of those things will come in the next update, aswell with the engine upgrade.
  14. Maps accuracy.

    They probably just didn't put the room because is not showed on the movie. Hey! You have a pretty good eye, in my opinion, Packanack is the worst recreated one. Is missing tons of things.
  15. Maps accuracy.

    Have you guys notice that some maps have some big errors that aren't accurate as the movies? I got some examples, feel free to correct me if im wrong. 1- The "Higgins Haven" sign was on the entrance (you can see it when Chris and his friends are arriving to the lodge). In the game is in the path that goes down to Stillwater Camp 2- The bridge that is in the entrance of Higgins Haven doesn't exist in the game (it only on the small map) 3- The hammock in Chris room doesn't exist. 4- In Packanack the two small cabins were offices, in the game they weren't 5- At the entrance if Crystal Lake instead of those two big trunks there were some kind of big totems. 5- In the cabin where Jack where having sex, the bed was actually 2 floor bed. Not one, in the game, there are only normal beds. If you have another error you can leave it here! Who knows, maybe devs fix them?