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  1. Well that is very insteresting. I saw the model on a 3d program and the model looked pretty good, not as good as the other counselors but with a little bit of work the model could have been finished pretty quick.
  2. They had the model, so why did devs never add him as a playable character? Especially when they knew about the lawsuit coming, it would have a quick new addition, they only needed the voice and some recolors for the clothing. I know he is the guy that dies in the intro but it would have been cool playing as him, I always liked his style.
  3. I never said that people shouldn't post on it. It's just weird since Victoria came out and we won't get new content.
  4. So what about the press release? Wasn't today?
  5. They spoiled me the ending from someone who already saw it. It's kinda amazing that folks who had the luck to see it starts spoiling everybody. But of course im still hyped even if I know the ending xD.
  6. They used the same freaking cheer from the original Halloween! I have a very good feeling about this movie. By the way beware of spoilers in the comments. Someone who saw the movie spoiled the ending.....
  7. Please, PLEASE this needs to end. I can't believe Freddy, Michael and Chucky keep making stuff and Jason is trapped in a limbo because two old man can't get to a deal. It's just stupid.
  8. Ok fine, just look up (you can do this in any browser) and then press the red X button and you should be fine.
  9. Why would you want to delete an account that has 6 posts? Besides you can always just go instead of making an scandal.
  10. Actually yes. But even out of the U.S the game shouldn't have problems since it connect me to the U.S servers. Besides the cancelling loop it's a bug and it have nothing to do with the region where you play.
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