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  1. I agree I had friends being Jason and people quit during the kill animation so it didn't count. Doing the kill actions makes the game fun playing as Jason. Yeah I can just chop them down but a grab kill is just so so so much more satisfactory lol
  2. Maybe he has to be enraged to get through them and that takes time to fill if you don't have group smacking Jason around.
  3. I figured it was their end since I can still be on psn lol. i feel like double xp thing needs to be extended
  4. I try to to shift grab but it never works for me because bad timing. If a player can time it right and do it I say let them lol. combat stance to break the door is the only way to break it without a door glitch occurring. Sometimes when I break doors without being in combat stance it glitches and doesn't let my Jason go through the open space. Only counter to it is to break door in combat stance
  5. I try to shift grab all the time and fail all the time lol. Never bothers me I just figured it's some mad skills to grab someone right out of shift
  6. I think it would be cool if they gave us access to Savini Jason if we have random Jason selected since the game would have all the other Jason's to pick from. Even if it land on it the random Savini Jason would generate a randomly built one based on our Jason kills we own. Basically the people who actually have backed up Savini Jason always get to play as him when game picks them as Jason but the non backers have to jump through hoops just to have a small chance to play as him. Also nonbackers wouldn't have access to his unique kills. I know this will never happen but still a cool idea I think
  7. I agree with people coming back as cops but they can't escape until they are the only ones left. They also only spawn once the cops are called
  8. I like this idea but it I also think maybe spectators can spawn in as cops once they are killed but cops can't escape because they serve to help the ones not dead to escape
  9. They might want to fix the game first, not sure exactly but a working game is pretty good I think.
  10. there is no easy fix for this but some groups do play honest and only do this teaming up thing against cheaters. It's called social justice
  11. The first 4 were good but after that it was a hit or miss on the films. They did slowly get worst with Part 8 and Part 9 being completely ridiculous on how Jason is stopped. Honestly people say Jason X is the worst but I'd counter that Part 8 or 9 are worst than Jason X the 2009 was better than Part 8,9, Jason X by far
  12. I like this Team Kill idea, might cut down on betrayals since people don't have any consequence. Thought the penalty would stop people but it doesn't give the negative xp so it ultimately doesn't work
  13. We should be able to come back as cops once they are called because I remember Jason kill tons of cops. Of course the movies got weird as the part numbers increased lol
  14. Or put Jason on steroids and triple xp for anyone who escapes lol. Im not good at pinpoint suggestions like this that's why I started it so broad
  15. Maybe the should just be a T on the map for activated traps. I however understand why it was designed this way since Jason is overpowered as it is. All it takes is a good player to wreck a group and this trap thing being difficult to distinguish might be the only saving grace for a group
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