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  1. This update, for the first time ever I got to do the tent sleeping bag kill against an offline bot
  2. Update downloading. Looking forward to checking out offline bots and VC
  3. I had the same thing happen last time I started up the game, even though I hadn't done that yet
  4. Played a few games after downloading the Xbox One patch and just had my first round killing all counsellors as Jason, catching the last one with two minutes remaining. A few players weren't easy to kill but it was lots of fun
  5. Just got my first escape driving the full four-seater. Managed to avoid Jason, but managed to run over another counsellor doing so and bagged myself the -1000xp. So eventhough I escaped, I only got 1xp for the match. Oooops!
  6. Haha I haven't really kept up to date with the game recently. Just been playing the odd match here and there when I was able to, so not sure of details about how the patch has been performing. Has it made some things worse?
  7. I'm on Xbox One. I'm okay-ish at the game, but still relatively inexperienced compared to a lot of people on here. Feel free to add me if you'd like: DarkLordMcStu
  8. Yeah, I envy you PS4 and PC players, lol. It was still a fun match but the unnecessary glitch exploiting put a bit of a downer on it
  9. Encountered my first glitcher in a match today. I was playing as Jason and managed to kill 7/8 counsellors and Tommy. Couldn't get the last one as he'd used the Packanack roof glitch. Don't see the point in this at all, it's hardly a victory. What fun is there standing around on a rooftop, doing nothing for 20 minutes? I'd rather play the game and if I die, I die.
  10. The patch can't come soon enough. First time playing today for about a week today, in a public match. I was Jason, killed 6/8 counsellors, was closing in on one of the remaining two when the connection was lost. Very frustrating. It's a shame because the game is great fun when you actually get to play it
  11. I got booted from a game for this but it was worth it. I entered a lobby and wound up playing as Jason (part 8). Was going about setting traps when I got a message from the host asking if I wanted help killing people. I replied thanks but I want to kill you all on my own. He kept messaging, telling me where other counselors were and attacking them, and telling me which one he was so that I wouldn't kill him. I eventually found he and Tommy in a cabin he'd directed me to. I let Tommy run away while I grabbed him, took him outside and punched his head off. He immediately booted me from the game, but it sure was satisfying. You don't make deals with Jason f'n Voorhees!
  12. Xbox One - DarkLordMcStu I don't have a mic at the moment, but use the Kinect (not sure how good that is though as I've had people tell me they can't hear me.) Don't have a preference to playing as Jason or counselors, just looking to have fun and enjoy the game
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