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  1. Kinda going against the general consensus I think he should be the first Jason with run and + shift,and top it off with destruction. Since they seem to be against having him being accurate to his movie speed, run + shift will give him the ability to cover massive distance easily but his weaknesses would have to be well balanced to counter this. Perhaps, -traps and - morph. Wouldn't be able to hold objectives well but he'd be an absolute monster when he is around.
  2. Great idea to force the trap, no more breaking down the door and shifting passed it!
  3. As others have said, it was stated to be free. However I'd keep $5-$10 on your account just in case.
  4. Jarvis map hype

    One of the best kills in the series, part 4 can't come quick enough
  5. Down on the D-Pad currently has no in-game function, how about we start using the unassigned buttons instead of removing features from the game. (forgot that down on the d-pad was to drop items, leaving my original post however)
  6. Not more difficult in challenge, just harder to actually play.
  7. Some days I hate being right.

    This is honestly truly the first time I don't even want to play the game anymore. Why can't I even check the status screen anymore (I know I can do it by checking the map and then pressing l1 on ps4 but that doesn't even work as Jason) when there are 3 "D-pad" buttons that don't have any current in game function at all, why couldn't emotes be assigned to any other direction but the one that already had a purpose? It's not worth even going for a stun on Jason anymore, he breaks out of it before I even finish the attack animation. And now luck does the opposite of what it's supposed to do? We are the players not the play testers this is not cool. I am glad the devs are still trying to fix the game and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I love the emotes and new clothing options (I bought the spring break dlc before I even downloaded the patch). I love this game so much and it really disappoints me that I can't enjoy it in it's current state.
  8. Wouldn't mind seeing a variety of hero characters when you call for help on the radio. Tommy could keep his 10 in all stats to make him unique but maybe Tina, Rob, etc would have special abilities.
  9. This seems to be the normal state of things for me too. Sometimes restarting the game helps but it's still no gaurantee. The notes on the new hot patch do mention fixing an issue with lobby making so hopefully that'll fix our problem
  10. Dev Diary #1

    Love the open communication, you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the new content and the future of this game.
  11. Once someone decides to just start trolling like this unfortunately your options are pretty limited. If you run away from them the whole match you probably won't have very much fun If you decide to retaliate then you lose all the EXP you would have gained Or you just leave and find a new lobby. Right now all the power is in the trolls hands because they don't care about the EXP.
  12. I always thought that the two counselors Pamela kills in the beginning of part 1 were responsible for Jason's drowning, because they were too busy fornicating.
  13. I always try and use the same movie kills as the Jason I'm using. For part 3 I rock -Crotch Chop which was how the jock died, -eyeball headcrush ala Rick Pt. 6 -chest punch, Tommy's friend -Backbreaker - Sheriff Garris Pt. 8 -The headpunch - Julius -Chin Strike - (The way the councilor punches Jason in the animation also reminds me of Julius) -The Double choke - Nerdy Chick
  14. Hey there!

    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I decided it was finally time to join you guys!