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  1. Update hasn't something to do with bloody skin. By the way every Jason is bloody savini too. Except part 4 isn't bloody
  2. No just put in cd and go to friday the game with the cd sign there is an option to download clothing and bloody Jason content
  3. Ghostboy u r a good son (Pam voorhees would say??)
  4. Here Its the Account from xbox Using App where u can See my Posts and pictures. Trusty for u?
  5. Its only for Part 3?That is Mine from Playing today u can Trust me
  6. I can Show tomorrow. In Army work atm but when im in i will Show ??
  7. Normal clothing but i like it. Adam has a cool New jacket and pant. Everything in Army Green ??
  8. Here i got it now Need to find out how to install it
  9. No i know right now u have to Go Main xbox Menue Choose friday 13th Disc then install it
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