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  1. I just try to help them as much as possible. Since I'm mainly playing with AJ & Fox. I quickly try to fix as much as possible and call the cops provided someone isn't holding the fuse. I'll constantly check the map and go get it as soon as it's dropped as with the repair items. The reason I've enjoyed playing with newbies lately versus high-level players is that I have found the majority of them to be nice. I've run into so many toxic max and high-level players that troll, do shitty things purposely to piss you off, yell nasty insulting names for no good reason and generally have ridiculously inflated egos. That's why I started muting every player first thing as soon as I enter a public match (unless it's a friend of course). With the huge influx of new players, I stopped muting and I haven't had 1 newbie (& I've played a lot already this month) say anything insulting, rude, etc. Yes a of them do some stupid things, but I understand they're learning and I can deal with that.
  2. The other night I played a match where one of the counselors was actually named F13 Troll (not the screen name verbatim). I had never seen that before and level 150 to boot. He was also in cahoots with another player. Well, it came as no surprise that he ran over every other counselor (his buddy was Jason) with the 2 seater and then escaped. That was a quick game. He proceeded to do this in subsequent games until I did something I figured would make them leave . Is this becoming a new skill? Is someone teaching a class now (Trolls 101)? Are people actually proud of themselves and feel like they've accomplished something by pulling this crap? I did report it.
  3. This is so true. I recently got ganged upon by 6 counselors and got demasked in 2 hits. There's really not much you can do against that many experienced counselors sticking together. I knocked off all the power as fast as I could & tried to check them again, but that didn't prevent Tommy from being called. I also trapped the shack, but they still got in. I tried to hit people from a distance with throwing knives after that because how do I stop from being killed? It's so easy to kill Jason once his mask if off if you know what you're doing. Sweater Girl and Tommy just need to get close enough. I ended up surviving (how f'd up to say that as Jason) with 2/8 killed and got called all sorts of nasty names because I wouldn't get close to Tommy & Sweater Girl. I agree that does make Jason a chicken. What do you do? Just let them have the Jason kill? I tried blocking but that didn't work 100% of the time. BTW I was playing with part 2. Perhaps I should consider a different one as my main.
  4. I can't believe I managed to get to max level playing QP matches. Although, I have had to quit lobbies a lot and keep trying until I get to be host. As soon as I hear a kid scream, whine or just generally being annoying, I'm out. Last night, this weirdo kid kept talking in the mic saying the same thing over and over and over asking counselors if they like chicken nuggets. I swear he had a severe case of McDonald's Tourette's. It's a scary world out there.
  5. I actually got hit by the car a couple nights ago and to my shock, I survived. That's a first. It was Pinehurst and I noticed Chad got the car fully repaired with the battery so I found the keys on the other side of the map and made the trek there. When I got there, I gave him the keys (he was max level so I figured he could drive well and I don't like driving in Pinehurst). He drove off before me and another counselor could get in. On the bridge, he hit me with the car and I was still alive and limping. Note: That was first time I've been hit by the car since applying the Legendary Thick Skinned Perk I got. I healed myself and then he tried to run me over a couple more times when I was trying to escape via the cops, but I managed to thwart him using trees, rocks, etc. as cover. You'd think max levels players wouldn't pull this crap.
  6. This game is just one gigantic hot mess. I guess you just have to suck up and bear it if you want to play as awful as that sounds. I don’t what’s up with the Spawn Preference System but some guy got Jason twice in a row then later the host got Jason 2 out of 3. I never got Jason despite have him as my Preference. In fact I’ve only got him 2x now since the update. I just finally got him for 2nd time and I can’t believe (or maybe I can) all the glitches. I had to kill the same counselor three times. Then after all that I go to kill the host and he quit. No wonder why a lot people get high when playing this.
  7. I caught them making out and I was undetected but no X appeared for a special kill or anything. Hmmm...
  8. I had the same problem until I approached the gun soon after watching the scene with Shelly & her on the dock and Shelly’s walking away with his back to me.
  9. I thought I was alone thinking Ginny is the best character in the franchise. I watch part 2 more than any other movie. A Ginny character could have the ability to give Jason a swift kick to the balls.
  10. I hope they can get a better reporting system. I had a game over the weekend where people quit and I almost did too. 2 counselors (Adam & Tiffany) caught up to me and I knew exactly what was going on when they came into the cabin and closed the windows, unlocked the door and tried to block me from getting out. Jason came in and I was able to hit him with the flare gun and run out. The counselors with Jason in tow kept chasing me from cabin to cabin, but I had Vanessa with epic marathon/restful so they had trouble keeping up. Luckily someone had called the cops before so I was able to ride it out and escape. I can totally understand why people would quit that type of scenario. It takes all the fun out it. Although, there was some satisfaction in kiting all three of them and escaping (thanks to Vanessa + Pocketknife + Cops).
  11. Definitely for me it's Torpedo. It's the only one I have left to complete and it's been incomplete for awhile at 24/31. Despite my not going near the boat so I don't scare counselors away from repairing and starting it, I haven't had anyone attempt to escape by boat in awhile.
  12. I was surprised to find one in only 2nd match after the start of the higher drop weekend. I hope you find a bunch!
  13. Just got the last Tommy Tape I need in Crystal Lake. I bet I’ll run into them more often now. When I find one, I’ll make sure to let people know where it is. Would’nt want any to go to waste since they’re harder to get. Happy Hunting!
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I like to be a good host and have waited out many games after dying early, but I have left on occasion when people are team killing with Jason. Lately I have seen a lot of people taking the car, driving around and beeping the horn to get counselors to come out to the car so they can run them over. I've seen many other hosts quit for this reason and I don't blame them. Some days I also get the blue screen a lot while the host (only with this game) so wondering if that could push me to the mines.
  15. My biggest issue lately is getting the blue screen a lot when I'm the host. It seems to come in waves. A couple of nights ago, I stopped playing after getting it the 3rd time as the host. The first time everyone was in the lobby so ok then the second time was mid-match after Jason had killed a lot of people. I felt really bad. The third time was in the lobby again. I play a lot of other online games, but hardly ever get the blue screen with other games (just this one). It's extremely frustrating because I try to be a good host. I've died many times and waited out the whole 10-15 minutes. Maybe I'll get sent to the Smurfy Salt Mines.
  16. That's been my problem with trying to get use to Jenny and other slow running counselors. I've used Vanessa (epic Marathon/Restful/Thick Skinned) as my main too long. I got so use to being able to run parts to places and run back to a house in a flash that it's second nature. When I first got Jenny, Mitch and Eric using random counselor, I felt like I was running in slow mo. It's a really difficult adjustment. People talk about the game being repetitive, but random is a great way to mix up your experiences. It's a challenge for me playing those characters right now with an experience Jason.
  17. It was the only weapon I could find at the time and I was desperate. Funny thing is I was playing last week and a max level player was rating the weapons by stun ability and he said #1 - Axe, #2 - Bat, #3 - Pipe. I didn't hear the rest because I was so stunned (no pun intended) by his pick for #3.
  18. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but I've found most of my Tommy Tapes in HH. I found most of my Pamela Tapes there too when they were still hard to find. I'm superstitious so I keep thinking I need to be on that map to have a good chance of finding one.
  19. I didn't want to start a new thread and this looked like the most applicable thread. I played last night with a Tiffany (Level 118) who was having her fun with a less experienced Jason. The cops were there and everyone else had escaped except for the couple people who were killed. Naturally she was at the escape exit waiting for him (Small HH Map). He didn't come there so she found him and proceeded to lure him from house to house and back to the exit. You know the drill. I personally think this is so rude and disrespectful to all the other players waiting a good 5-6 minutes (in some cases I've seen it happen a lot longer). In the time she did that, we could've started a new game and had it well under way. I understand it's a totally different situation if there is not a clear means of escape. That's fine. I do that myself.
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