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  1. I like it because it has a boat 100% of the time. Everyone seems to only play pine, jarvis and small maps these days at least this one has a boat
  2. I like these ideas also when jason is in rage and walks through a door he no longer needs to fear a bat waiting on the other side of the door.Because stuns cant happen anymore
  3. Not sure if this is an issue or not I just hit 150 and have all my Bloody Jason Skins set up on my guys but whenever I get into a game with my Jason set to Random they never have the bloody skins on. So if I set it to random Jason is it only going to select the normal Skins? Is this a bug or what's supposed to happen? or am I just unlucky when it selects my Jason that I have only gotten the normal skins?
  4. So I was thinking it would be nice to have a system where I can set what Jason and counselors I would like the random to choose from. Like a check system for them. I like playing different Jasons but I hate 7 and Spear Jason would be nice to remove them from the random option as it always picks 7 when I put it on random :-P
  5. I play as Deb most of the time. I dont always spawn in the phone house but when I do and he pops up she will immediately let out a scream as soon as he pops up near the house now. maybe its just a Deb issue I'm not sure.
  6. So before the new patch I could hide inside the phone house under a bed etc. If I didn't make any noise I could usually make it out alive when he morphed away. Now as soon as the match starts and Jason morphs to the phone the counselor will let out a scream letting Jason know you are inside the cabin. As a low sprint stam toon this really sucks. Any chance to change this for the first few mins of the game?
  7. Yeah the new map is great. I just figured we would get a new house or 2 but it looks like they really put in a lot of work for this one. Really like the re-textured old cabins. The big houses are easy to get lost in as well.
  8. Yup the rain and lightning really make it feel much more like the movies. Love it makes the game 100% more enjoyable
  9. They are going to do dedicated servers. But when is the issue, that should be number 1 on the list of things to do. I cant play a game of jason without the host leaving anymore.
  10. Ps4 Short version, Hit share button a record your game then send it to youtube edit and trim on youtube. Long version throw a usb in your ps4 and copy the movie files to it from the storage under your ps4 settings>storage>Captured>Friday the 13th game>Video Clips> copy to usb device. Take them to computer upload them to youtube and trim/edit them if needed. Send email with link to video to gunmedia. This is a pain 2 do. Not sure why a photo wouldn't be better. Suppose I just edit together a bunch of exploiters and send it over maybe at the end of the weekend.
  11. when they go to use the window throw a knife at them. It will stop them from going in or out of it. Just got to be quick with it.
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