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  1. I know how hard that can be since that is exactly what I faced lol. That's a good little trick you got there.
  2. Sorry bud but I gotta disagree. Stopping the car is either insanely hard or insanely easy. It's all dependent on your skill as a Jason and the Counselors skill as a driver which is how it 100% should be. There are times as Jason where I won't even need to shift to catch a car because the driver is totally clueless and there are other times where I need to go full try-hard mode to even hope at stopping the car. I spent a good week playing with max level players in private matches and having them laugh at me and easily get around me taught me how to be greatly skilled at everything about Jason and totally convinced me that something needed to change in terms of the game balance since it seemed they could easily get around me no matter what I did. But then I went back into regular quick play and with my new skill level I always get a clean sweep as Jason and its rare for people to even call the cops let alone start a car. The lesson I learned is that it's all about the players themselves. The game can feel totally overwhelming and hopeless when playing against a monster Jason player or it can be a walk in the park and every single escape option is used and not a single person dies. It's set up to be totally based on you which is the best way a game like this could be balanced. If you are having a tough time with getting around Jason then good. Learn from it and get better man. Get better at driving yourself and soon it'll take a total try-hard jason to even hope at stopping you. If jason can just shift right in front of you with ease then its your fault for making it so damn easy. Don't be like every horror stereotype and make dumb decisions and make it easier for him. That's all I gotta say.
  3. I don't see how it ruined anything. If anything Jason X ruined it.
  4. I don't know if this has already been brought up and talked about so just wanted to bring it up. Perhaps you guys could bring in the Jason from the Reboot they did in 2009 as like a super special roulette type jason where you not only have to be picked to play jason but then theres an additional roulette to see if you get to the reboot jason. I say make it random because of how much more aggressive and faster the reboot jason is compared to all the other jasons. (Excluding Uber Jason of course) The Jason in question can straight up sprint and is really the smartest and most aggressive out of all the other Jasons seen on screen. I mean for christs sake he burned a woman alive in her sleeping bag. I don't know. Just my idea.
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