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  1. Do the idiots that glitch get banned for life or a small period of time?
  2. Let me start off by saying I do not work for gun media or any official company dealing with the game Since there has been a new update to the ban of the game reasons I have been in contact with the people behind Friday the 13th and have taken the opportunity to be a reporter of hackers/glitchers I cannot stand more than when I want to enjoy a game and have it ruined by someone who wants to hide under the map. So if anyone reading this is one of those glitchers then be warned. I'd be happy to have games with new players for my ps4 account so if you are interested then post your ps4 name below and I will accept to enjoy a good glitch free game. You glitchers have been warned!
  3. I agree there's too many people playing with their pals and going against everyone else
  4. I completely agree. Working g so hard and Calling the cops and just because the host has died he has to ruin it for the other players it's not fair
  5. There needs to be a system for reporting players I'm sick of playing and some guy blocking my car from moving cause I don't want to run him over then Jason maganing to get me then I escape them one guy gets pissed off and hits me with his bat then drives away. Getting proper bored of it already. People who also think it's funny to kill you right before you reach the cops...anyone any thoughts?
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