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  1. I just got an ultrawide 21:9 3440x1440 monitor and I'm encountering this. It's basically made the game unplayable, the game caps out at 1920x1200 (16:10) and seems to force the window to zoom in. It's pretty hard to play with the counselor taking up like 1/3 of the screen. Is there any method at all to at least make the game render in the standard 16:9 with black bars on the side, assuming no true ultrawide support? I'd at least be happy with that.
  2. That's not exactly what was said. Let's face it, the Grendel is a huge undertaking. It's totally different than other maps in the game. It doesn't have any assets that can be re-used, it would need all new art and design work. It probably doesn't even have the same mechanics. You wouldn't be going after the sweater in a shack to kill Jason there, for example. And you aren't hiding in a closet or under a bed. So it's more than a map, it's a whole series of changes and additions. Whereas adding a map would be simpler. Sure, there are some key buildings you'd have to include from whichever film they draw from (like the main building at Pinehurst or the two iconic houses on the Jarvis map), but the interiors would be primarily assets they already have. I mean look at the existing maps, the cabins are pretty universally similar because they reuse the same chairs, tables, desks, lamps, etc. So a different camp map with a different layout would be a lot less work than the Grendel. Not to mention, they could do Jarvis House Small and Pinehurst Small if they wanted to be boring about it. At least it would be something and bring those into parity with the other maps. Personally, I'd like to see the kills and clothing packs (like the pajama pack and maybe some alternate outfits for Mitch/Victoria/Fox/Shelly) first, but I'm sure new maps would be doable if general content additions resume.
  3. Thanks @wes, @ShiftySamurai and the rest. I know you guys take a lot of flak over this situation but as I have said many times before, this is the game I have played more and enjoyed more than any other in the past year/year and a half, and I sincerely hope for more content to be able to be released. Glad to hear the stance has been clarified and softened a bit, and that the desire to make more content is still there from you guys. Hopefully we at least get another clothing pack or two and the kill packs for the rest of the Jason weapons that don't have them yet. The game would feel more "complete" with those. My friends and I still have fun queuing up on weekends either way, and that's what really counts.
  4. I'll have to go look through my old gameplay videos and see if I have any as Jason where the boat start is heard. I suppose it's possible I am mis-remembering, but I really do believe it was that way early on. I'm sure it will definitely change the dynamic, I can't tell you how many matches I had as Jason where I noticed halfway through that the boat was gone and I hadn't had the slightest idea people were using it to escape. EDIT: Well, I found a match I recorded from July 4 2017 that I was Jason and did NOT hear the boat start, so it had to have been before that if at all... unfortunately that's the earliest match I have recorded playing as Jason where the boat was used.
  5. Yeah, it absolutely was something in early matches. But it hasn't been there in quite a while, so newer players wouldn't know it was supposed to be a thing. And thank you for this patch, I got my friends together this past weekend after they were gone for months to run matches Friday & Saturday and many of these issues really frustrated us. Hoping we can have a better experience next time!
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/id/thedarkgod/ I'm down for it on PC. Usually around late evening on the weekends EST, feel free to add me on Steam (The.Dark.God) and if you see me online hit me up!
  7. Uber was "complete" enough though since he was in the Virtual Cabin, and his kills were in the game files. The rest doesn't really matter, they could easily recycle another Jason's music and that wouldn't violate anything. I choose to believe the difference is just that Gun is going to drop him as a surprise on us... haha. Unnecessary, sure. But I'm not gonna turn down ANY free content at this point, and these were found in the files. Plus, some of the stuff was really cool, like Buggzy's pajamas being an homage to A Nightmare On Elm Street. And it gives a little more variety, which we already know is not coming in the future aside from this possibility. I really hope so. I'll take anything at this point. Even a massive bug fix patch would be a gift.
  8. This is what I really want to believe. I hope they drop Uber + his kills, the pajama DLC and the last batch of emotes. All that stuff has been data mined out and shared in videos and screenshots for months, and if Blue Wizard can hide extra Jason models in their Killer Puzzle game build and get away with releasing them, I really don't understand how Gun couldn't have done the same. Maybe even the Grendel, but that's the thing I'm least interested in so either way. Hopefully this Friday the 13th, we are fortunate enough to get one last bundle of new things (and a fixes patch?!) and can hit the ground running. Though, I have a feeling I shouldn't get my hopes up...
  9. @wes I know I asked a couple questions earlier in the thread that maybe you aren't able to answer, but perhaps this one which is arguably more important might be something you can... Will there be any steps taken to ensure that the game can be played if and when the servers are shut down? For example, between my family and friends and the copies I've given out, I have a group of maybe 6-10 people that regularly play the game on PC. We do private hosted matches. Can we continue to play this way indefinitely even if you guys pull final support? And along those lines, is there going to be a provision to unlock all content or keep it unlocked somehow, since clearly the game communicates with a server to pull our level and thus unlocks down... if your servers are closed, even me who has level 150 currently will not have access to my unlocks, and that sucks. Not saying I will be playing this game years from now, but not saying I won't either. This game is the most fun I've had with other players online in literally years, and I want to be able to continue that. I'm sure a community of players using private matches would continue to play this game occasionally for a long time. Thanks again.
  10. @wesThank you for the information... I do have a pair of questions though: Why can you guys not push out things that you did, in fact, release in the game code? Uber Jason's model and kills are there and have been widely seen and used by hackers. The Pajama Pack DLC has been seen, and in fact partially used in the single player challenges for at least one of the characters. Why can't those be pushed out since they were technically already there? Secondly, what about the possibility of mods/mod community access? Not sure if people will take up that mantle, but opening the game up to the Workshop would potentially help it thrive. Thanks for all you do. Really wish this content wasn't stopping for sure, but I love this game.
  11. I've mentioned a couple of these before, but I thought I should gather these in one place. All of these items I consider to be small corrections/enhancements, potentially easy to implement: Random Jason selection currently will never select Savini Jason if you own him. Random Jason selection currently will not select the skin that you have applied to Jason. So if you play with the bloody skins turned on, they will not be reflected when your Jason is chosen. These are frustrating since as a higher-level player, I'd love to throw the random mode on for my Jason and just go, but by doing that I deprive myself of using the bloody skins I earned or ever playing as my Savini Jason. Random counselors use the clothes I have set, so why doesn't Jason? Seems like this would be a reasonably simple fix. When playing as Jason, the Jason player should hear the appropriate theme music for their particular Jason like the counselors do. Instead of hearing the generic theme as Jason, let's unleash the full quality soundtrack and play our Jason's theme while we hunt down the counselors. Would again hopefully be a small thing to change, and would be great to break up the soundtrack monotony we currently have as Jason. When choosing a map, give us the option for Random Small and Random Large in addition to just Random. A small thing to be sure, but I would love the option to choose Random Large and exclude the small maps from my rotation when playing. On the flip side, I'm sure others would love to play only the small maps. I figured since the engine update is potentially going to encompass a lot of things, throwing these out there for consideration wouldn't hurt.
  12. Is that really all that's in this patch? It's 3 gigs... why so large if it fixes a single exploit?
  13. I would hazard a guess that at least one of the attributes for each Jason might be tied to the weapon. So if you swap weapons, you will be swapping skills as well. Could be wrong, but that would be a way to keep some balance. If you want +Destruction for example, you'd need either the Fire Axe, the Pig Splitter or the Pitchfork. Then again, maybe that's too much thought into this haha.
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