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  1. The.Dark.God

    Offline Bot AI Improvements

    Outstanding. This patch can't come soon enough!
  2. I've mentioned a couple of these before, but I thought I should gather these in one place. All of these items I consider to be small corrections/enhancements, potentially easy to implement: Random Jason selection currently will never select Savini Jason if you own him. Random Jason selection currently will not select the skin that you have applied to Jason. So if you play with the bloody skins turned on, they will not be reflected when your Jason is chosen. These are frustrating since as a higher-level player, I'd love to throw the random mode on for my Jason and just go, but by doing that I deprive myself of using the bloody skins I earned or ever playing as my Savini Jason. Random counselors use the clothes I have set, so why doesn't Jason? Seems like this would be a reasonably simple fix. When playing as Jason, the Jason player should hear the appropriate theme music for their particular Jason like the counselors do. Instead of hearing the generic theme as Jason, let's unleash the full quality soundtrack and play our Jason's theme while we hunt down the counselors. Would again hopefully be a small thing to change, and would be great to break up the soundtrack monotony we currently have as Jason. When choosing a map, give us the option for Random Small and Random Large in addition to just Random. A small thing to be sure, but I would love the option to choose Random Large and exclude the small maps from my rotation when playing. On the flip side, I'm sure others would love to play only the small maps. I figured since the engine update is potentially going to encompass a lot of things, throwing these out there for consideration wouldn't hurt.
  3. The.Dark.God

    Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    Is that really all that's in this patch? It's 3 gigs... why so large if it fixes a single exploit?
  4. I would hazard a guess that at least one of the attributes for each Jason might be tied to the weapon. So if you swap weapons, you will be swapping skills as well. Could be wrong, but that would be a way to keep some balance. If you want +Destruction for example, you'd need either the Fire Axe, the Pig Splitter or the Pitchfork. Then again, maybe that's too much thought into this haha.
  5. Awesome! So when you say "next update" is this the server update patch in April/May I assume? Or are we going to see something earlier? Thanks for this either way, this is a GREAT couple of changes.
  6. Must have posted at the same time I did. The other one is misspelled haha. Oh well, good news is good news.
  7. That would be a great option too. Toggle on/off.
  8. I couldn't find a current topic on this so apologies if this is a duplicate. It would be excellent if a tweak could be made and instead of the generic chase music that the Jason player hears regardless of which Jason they play, the Jason player should hear the appropriate theme music for their particular Jason like the counselors do. It would be a nice perk, especially since each Jason has a unique theme. Just my two cents, thanks!
  9. The.Dark.God

    Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Not gonna lie, pretty disappointing news. Number 1, because people have been dying for these servers on the consoles for so long and it's still months away (I do feel for you guys), and number 2 because for me personally as someone who plays the game on PC, there is no real tangible benefit to this process (aside from whatever shakes out of the engine update) and it's bumping the roadmap further and further away. The game is already hemorrhaging players and I'm not real optimistic people are going to stick around with a pretty stagnant state of the game for that many months. Roy + Pinehurst gave it a nice little bump (and the balance changes feel great) but I imagine it will be short-lived. I love this game. I play it as often as I can. I want to see it succeed. But it feels like there needs to be a quicker turnaround on these things to keep people on board, which is an unfortunate reality of modern gaming. There is always something new to play, and people get bored quickly.
  10. Nice, he's a cool design and it was Kane Hodder after all. Plus, frankly he would fit in a lot more with the aesthetic of the existing maps/setting than cyborg Jason, who really only fits in on the Grendel.
  11. The.Dark.God

    Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    On paper I love these changes. Let's hope it works out in practice to make Jason feared again!
  12. I believe he's claiming nobody plays it on PC period. Which really isn't true, there's still a solid core of regular players. Plus, there's been a group of new ones that spike in because of the sales. You can get matched in quickplay within 1-2 minutes tops regardless of time of day.
  13. The.Dark.God

    Current Updates

    I don't have that issue. What platform? Works fine on PC.
  14. The.Dark.God

    Jarvis House Map future.

    I love the Jarvis House map. It's different than the others because it's so large, so it forces a different approach to the match for both Jason and the counselors. I hope they leave it as-is.