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  1. I believe he's claiming nobody plays it on PC period. Which really isn't true, there's still a solid core of regular players. Plus, there's been a group of new ones that spike in because of the sales. You can get matched in quickplay within 1-2 minutes tops regardless of time of day.
  2. Current Updates

    I don't have that issue. What platform? Works fine on PC.
  3. Jarvis House Map future.

    I love the Jarvis House map. It's different than the others because it's so large, so it forces a different approach to the match for both Jason and the counselors. I hope they leave it as-is.
  4. I have a ton of match videos, it's basically all I post on my YouTube channel. www.oldmangamer.net will take you directly to my channel. I don't do live commentary or anything, and I don't talk at all when I'm Jason. But if it floats your boat, be my guest!
  5. Thanks for the reply @GunMedia_Ben, I guess the issue I have is that at the time there was an option to back at that level or order on Backerkit, I don't think there as any mention of extra in-game content exclusive to those editions. Unlike the Savini Skin/Counselor Pack, which was said "get this or miss out." I could be wrong on that. But I would have jumped on it if I knew that. The other thing that was never really said until recently was that there wouldn't be a full PC physical release. The other platforms have that so I can go out and drop $40 and get those, but that's literally not an option on PC. Another thing I didn't expect, I kept checking Amazon and Gamestop hoping for a listing until Randy told me on Twitter it wasn't coming. Hopefully there can be some sort of way for us to get that content, other than jumping on eBay to buy someone's key (which you guys have already said isn't ok to do for the Savini Jason).
  6. @GunMedia_Ben Hey, any chance you can chime in here and comment on how PC gamers who didn't buy the physical version on Kickstarter (and thus can't get a physical copy) can somehow get the physical-only clothing/bloody Jason variants? I'd be fine paying for it as DLC or whatever, and I would love to have bought a physical copy to go along with my digital in hindsight (this is absolutely my favorite game, never knew I'd love it so much). But since I didn't at the time, is there any hope? Thanks.
  7. Yeah, there's actually quite a vibrant group of active players on PC, even if it has dwindled since launch. And we didn't have nearly the issues with griefers/kids that the consoles had. Plus, we've had dedicated servers since day 1 so no major stability issues. I have the game on XBox One as well but definitely prefer it on PC, primarily for the community of players who are generally not toxic. For some reason people like to devolve every thread into an argument. Not going to get into a console vs. PC pissing contest, that's not what this thread was about. I was just trying to get info, then share what I was told, hoping maybe someone like @Gertz would pop in and reassure the PC folks who don't have access to a physical copy that somehow we will still be able to get the same perks that consoles will have access to via their physical purchases.
  8. Guess I got my answer, in case anyone else was wondering: http://twitter.com/Randygbk/status/917189881838874624 So... guess it may end up as Savini 2.0 for the few folks who had the foresight to purchase the physical edition on PC, with exclusive clothes and blood pattern for them. Keeping my fingers crossed they release the "exclusive" clothes/blood for the PC physical edition as DLC, since at least that was never promised as a backer-only, never available again item.
  9. Apologies if this has been "officially" answered but I searched and all I found were speculative posts. My question is simple: Is there a physical release of the game for PC that will be available to the public? I foolishly didn't order a physical copy as a Kickstarter backer and I would like to get my hands on one, especially since I'd like the exclusive skins. I'd love one of the steelbooks too, but I'm guessing eBay is going to be my only shot at that. All listings online of physical releases only show XBox One and PS4, so I'm starting to doubt a PC version exists... thanks!
  10. I so wish I had the foresight to realize how much I would enjoy this game and have ordered the Steelbook version. I just got the digital when I Kickstarted it. Looks fantastic, hopefully I can find a kind soul willing to sell theirs!
  11. I'll be playing as him solely for the reason that he has a beard. Always nice to have someone who resembles me physically in-game. Though, I guess to be fair, I would need Lachappa's body, Floyd's beard, and hair longer than Adam's... So...
  12. Can't you make it so it works like the doors? So it could be broken with a weapon swing/combat stance, but also has the option for a prompt? That would seem to make the most sense from a consistency standpoint.
  13. Just wanted to chime in here and say thank you to @GunMedia_Ben, @Gertz, and everybody else from the team who is reaching out on here and Reddit and wherever to keep us updated. I know the negative folks are generally louder than the positives, but I really feel like the game is tons of fun and built on a really solid foundation that will just continue to improve as time goes on. These kind of "roadmap" posts help keep the optimism up, and I am glad some critical things continue to be addressed. Since the patch this week (on PC at least) I feel like both Jason and the counselors are working much more like I'd expect, and the games I've played with friends have been a blast. I think there are some issues with the Luck stat being inverted, as has been mentioned by others, but overall things just "feel" right. Jason is scary again, he's hard to keep down but possible to escape, and the counselors can still survive and escape with teamwork. Some of our matches tonight were 8/8 sweeps, some were 3/8. And we are all experienced players. Tweak the luck, polish a couple other things, and it's going to be much smoother sailing. Oh, and massive, massive thanks for fixing the male counselor voices and the Part 9 Jason music. Huge quality improvement from an aesthetic point of view when playing different counselors, and the Jason music is sweet. As far as comments on the above "quality of life" stuff, really love the idea of a sandbox mode. Keybinding would be nice but I'm used to the scheme at this point so I can take it or leave it. Jason should get XP when the kill begins even if the person quits/disconnects, and the body should remain correctly animated instead of insta-ragdoll until the kill completes. That'd fix the rage quit problem. Would be cool to see Tommy have some sort of special ability but not much or he'd become potentially unbalanced. He's already a key part of the "kill Jason" sequence, but having something to make him slightly more "heroic" would be cool. And having other hero characters would be great too.
  14. I'd support some progression system, but I think you need to hack a digit off the end of your numbers. I play several evenings a week for a couple hours (and have since launch) but I'm still around level 60. I have like 135 hours in-game. Us casual old people with families who can't spend 24/7 on a game would never unlock the content, and that would really take the wind out of my sails for continuing to play. It's how I feel when I hop on Battlefield 1 and see I need like 100 kills with some garbage weapon that I am terrible at using and then complete 40 of some other task that normally I am lucky to do once every dozen rounds just to unlock a single new gun in the new expansion. It's really frustrating. I get there are plenty of folks that are able to max out these things in moments (or boost with friends to do that) but things in a game like this, where new content is something desperately needed, shouldn't be gated very heavily. IMO, the best thing they can do is fix perks and make them worth getting, so that people who want to grind away can continue to earn CP and unlock those. That rewards the maximum time players with something they can see a tangible reward in grinding out, and still allows the casual folks to get the new Jasons, counselors, etc. without being gated behind hundreds of hours of playtime.
  15. Rain!

    @Gertz the rain looks awesome, but definitely begs the question: Will it be an on/off/random toggle at he beginning of a match? Or will it just always have a chance of showing up after the match gets underway? Also since we're talking initial match setup, what are the chances we can get the Random function of maps broken down a bit into Random All, Random Small and Random Normal? It would definitely be great to have a little bit more control over the maps but exclude things people don't want to see... my usual play group tends to avoid the small maps, but it forces us to eschew the Random choice and pick a map manually each round. Not a huge deal, but if we're getting weather choices with the maps soon-ish then might as well throw this suggestion out there.