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  1. Now it just says: "Searching for dedicated servers" I assume something happened to the service on their end.
  2. Anyone else receiving this message right now? Trying to connect on PC > Steam. Does this mean that the game is down or there's something up on my end? Zero problems with my internet access.
  3. So legendaries are new to me. I don't believe they were added since I last played. I've rolled 4 so far (deleted one of them), and I can't help but notice the stats kind of suck? Example.... Evasion: +20% dodge speed increased. -5% more damage taken. !3% Sense avoidance increased. Sometimes the way stats are written are a bit confusing too. Like I'm interpreting this to mean that I take 5% more damage. Whenever there's a negative sign, It means I'm taking a hit on those stats. So I'm only getting 20% dodge increase and 3% sense avoidance at a cost of 5% more damage? Um, if that's the case I don't think the dodge and sense avoidance is worth it. Then again, I'm not overly familiar with what dodge is/does. The others have: -3% Noise Generating Penalty, -1% Sprint Speed Decrease, -2% Breaking Free Stamina Boost Decrease. And I just find that the primary stats that you gain are barely better than the Epic's I have and I've rolled enough to the point where most of the Epic's I have don't have any negatives. Do the legendaries always have negatives built-in? All 4 of mine do.
  4. Yeah, but did you just do screenshots or video?
  5. So I've run into the occasional person or group of people glitching to the roof, blocking doorways, openly colluding with Jason etc. I've been taking screenshots and reporting here: http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ But I take it that screenshots probably aren't good enough to warrant a ban, nor do I know if IllFonic even reads the reports. I assume the best way to report is via video evidence. So what's the most convenient hassle-free way to make a short video on PC and where should I upload it?
  6. The reason I asked about the 100% chance for Jason to drop a counselor when he's being hit is because fairly recently I had 2 Vanessa players (I'm pretty sure they were buddies because they were fairly well coordinated) hitting me whenever I'd shift grab either of them. They were walking in close proximity to each other and when you're playing a slow Jason, you're not gonna be able to burn out their stamina by trying to walk them down. I dunno what perks they were running or if it made a difference, but every time I'd shift grab, I'd get hit and drop them. So I went around the map pulling knives and every time I'd cripple one, the other would heal, I'd either go in for a slash while they were healing or a grab, then boop, I'm hit and I let the person go. Maybe I need to transition back to equipping and spamming that cheap-ass insta-choke Jason kill and pray the other person's timing is off. But I really saw no way to kill them with a grab and slashing as a last resort wasn't effective enough and I ran out of pocket knives. Am I a bit rusty and could I have played it a bit better? Sure, but I think the outcome still would've been the same even if I was able to shift grab 100% of the time. Maybe people are just better at hitting Jason at the right time when he grabs, but I always used to be able to choke kill people even with a few others hitting on me around a fully equipped vehicle.
  7. Is there now a 100% chance for Jason to drop a counselor when he's hit? Seems that even if I get hit by the weakest counselors in the game I'll be stunned/drop whoever I've grabbed. I never remember this game being like that. And it seems like It's much easier to get Jason's mask off now. And I guess the door head slam kill is bugged? I'm not sure, but every time I've used it Jason glitches out. Just started playing again after a year + off and I'm a bit disappointed that there are still a fair number of bugs in this game. Would you guys say It's better now, worse, or about the same from a year ago in terms of bugs/glitches?
  8. That's a shame, but I figured it was likely to be the case. It was more time-efficient to be able to check your map while in those animations. Not sure what it actually accomplished I can see people still glitching on roofs. On another note, I guess due to the lawsuit there's no more active development on this game? So basically just patches moving forward?
  9. Is there a reason you can no longer check your map while crawling through windows and opening doors? I used to do that all the time, kind of annoying that I can't anymore.
  10. Casuals and noobs don't often think in terms of balance unless something is incredibly broken. Casuals and noobs comprise most of the player base of any game. They only see it as: "you ruined this game" not as: "ok, this is now fair" It's not logical, but I've seen this sort've mentality all too often.
  11. Ok, it's good to know that they've acknowledged this as a problem; after I hit 100-which was a very long time ago--I remained very out-of-the-loop in terms of F13 information as I took many months off. I'm so sick of all these mouthy counselors who think they're so good because they're able to escape as an organized team with the current level of medical sprays and pocket knives in the game. Escaping prior to this accidental item patch used to require some degree of skill against a competent Jason and now It's a joke by comparison. Slash and mute will be my strategy until this is fixed I guess. Item changes will piss off a lot of counselor players I'm sure, which won't be good for the longevity of the game. (As a kamikaze man points out), my biggest issue with items pre-patch was always the accumulation of items within a few cabins - not ending up with any items if I spawn in an unlucky location as a counselor. That needs to be addressed if they patch items.
  12. There's been a significant uptick in the amount of grown men playing and acting like children lately. Ironically, all the kids in my games don't act as poorly as most of the adults I encounter. After taking a long break I came back to acquire level 150. Since playing, I've noticed that the primary complaint has shifted from: "that grab is so broken, you suck" to "quit slashing me, you're bad" Am I slashing you? Yes, but I'm playing as a Jason with a weapon strength for a reason; It's to counter all of the pocket knife spam. Try utilizing your brain to create some distance which will allow you to use one of the many easily acquirable medical sprays you pick up every game. It's called strategy people. Even if I only slash kill one person the entire game that's all I'll hear for the rest of the game. Sorry for not playing in such a way that will increase your survival chances. Is there anything a Jason player can do to win that will appease you cry babies? Should I sit in the corner of a cabin for the first 10 minutes of the game to give myself an additional handicap or will you still find something to complain about when you die? TDLR: Realize that in the current version of the game, as a counselor, it's my strongly held opinion that you have a significant advantage via and overabundance of survivability items and bugs that affect Jason. Quit whining when a Jason player doesn't play the way you think he should. If you have a problem with the game, post about it on the forums, but keep the constant whining out of the game because you're degrading the enjoyment of the game for other people who're trying to have fun.
  13. TDLR: -Playing Jason is the most irritating and insufferable experience when you're up against a half decent team using voice communication. Traps, and Jason's grab are almost entirely worthless due to pocket knife and medical spray spam. There are also some major bugs that give counselors a significant edge over Jason. 1.) Why is it that a counselor can attack and stun Jason with a weapon instantly after he's recovered from a stun and there's no way to counter this? The counselor can stand behind you and there's no way for you to grab or attack him first when you come out of the stun. This is some highly irritating broken shit, fix it. 2.) Fix Jason's left click attack from breaking. This bug can insta-ruin the game as you'll need to grab a counselor or have a counselor hit you with a weapon to reset Jason's left click. However, if they're in cabins with the doors locked, you ain't doing shit. 3.) 99% of the time I can't even tell which trap has sprung because the traps are typically placed so close to each other on a car or fuse box that I don't even notice which trap is missing unless I take a damn magnifying glass to my monitor (sarcasm). You guys have had since the beginning of launch to come up with an adequate solution to traps, yet you still haven't done it. How do you create such an awesome game, yet you can't fix something so simple? 4.) Tone down all the pocket knife and medical spray spam. You're turning Jason players into slashers because It's not fun being stunned with 2-3 pocket knives in a row then hit with a weapon from behind for a 4th stun. 5.) FIX E on Jason. So infuriating to press E 3-4 times just to pull a spike or you need to angle Jason's body just perfectly to pull. 6.) When a counselor jumps through an open/closed window Jason can't get up close to that window until the counselor gets up and moves. This is some sort of pathing issue. FIX.
  14. Can you make it so that his damn spear doesn't get caught 2 out of 5 times when smashing down doors or windows? It's very annoying.
  15. (Lvl 131 here.) Since the patch, there's now too many pocket knives and medical sprays. If you're playing Jason with a traps weakness vs a competent group you're screwed. Even without a traps weakness, traps barely exist anymore as a deterrent with the available number of medical sprays and knives around the map. It's not uncommon to pick up 2-3 pocket knives every match if you know where to look. If this change was implemented as a counter to shift-grab, I don't think it was necessary because people finally figured out how to zig-zag when Jason shifts. I guess I'll be playing weapon strength Jason's and spiking/slashing everyone to death until you patch this nonsense.
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