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  1. @ShiftySamurai Is there a EU/UK Version of this? please say yes you are working on it.
  2. There are unlocks up until 101, https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Player_Level And I am saying this as a father of 3 who knows hasn't hit 60 since day 1 on the PS4, It maybe high but I am fine with it.
  3. I thought it may be worth posting I even got a better one just now so I have changed the link.
  4. Picture of challenge 3 https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/fridaythe13th_gamepedia_en/3/3f/Challenge_03.png?version=d26371057ab1672c522c16eb68d65627
  5. It could be many things, I would love Skins for Jason, Weapons, or Kills
  6. Steam has a progress bar for Achievements, So does the Xbone, but PS4 has nothing... no way to track anything. And some trophies do need tracking, as the badges are not accurate at all since you only get 1 tick towards some badges a match yet you can get multiply ticks towards the Achievements/Trophies a match. Not to mention A Ph.D in Murder where I have done every kill 10+ times over for it to finally pop when I am killing someone hiding in a bed. This needs an in game check list to show what has been done.
  7. first grab escape at 27 seconds knife was in the neck, 48 seconds knife in the neck again, at 1:25 you see the third knife to the neck, and at 2:01 the final knife to the neck. Its right there in the video visual and all.
  8. 4 Pocket Knifes to the neck if any one was counting.
  9. The reason they do not save some stuff on your system is because of Hacks, and yes Save Data can be modded on a PS4. They basically don't want people with 100,000,000,000 CP and Every Perk at Epic with Perk Rolls running around. But for those who do not have access to the internet 24/7 due to an outage they should have what I would call a Dummy Save, It has all Jasons unlocked, with all Kills but no stats or achievement/trophies can be earned or saved.
  10. Damn it you and the Devs hate me don't you I worked hard on re hauling the Wiki page for the Kills for Jason. Getting everyone i could right and for each Jason and BOOM Weapon swaping .... gonna have to rework the page. Then I ask you guys for help with the Perks and stuff as I have been redoing all the perk pages from the ground up, you guys said you were gonna be busy which was cool then BOOM This... I am going to have to re do all the pages I just redid. Why Shifty why do you hate me I am just one man working hard on the wiki, ''cries''
  11. I think they need to rework broken windows. If Jason breaks the window and counselor dies from the window, Jason should be awarded 20 - 50 XP. He does not get the kill but he did assist towards it. Like when he traps a counselor he gets a pop up saying assisted kill or something. If Jason does not smash the window it is just a simple suicide. I would like to find away to add a penalty to it as people do it 5 seconds into the game to try and spawn as Tommy. They do not contribute to the match at all. Or make it so Suicide voids you from being Tommy.
  12. This has happened to me several times, they opened the door to run in and I grabbed them walked inside to do a context kill and they locked the door while holding them.
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