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  1. Favorite Jason theme

    I voted for Roy because his theme is the scariest to me.
  2. Horror Brawl

    With no Dream World, Jason is going to wipe his ass with everyone except Freddy and maybe the creeper. Maybe. And then after a long battle, Freddy is going to give up and die after Jason gets up for the 400th time. If the cage match takes place in the Dream World, then Freddy is going to kill all of them in their sleep before the cage match even starts. Now someone suggested the Xenomorphs and Pinhead, and while I don't know much about Pinhead, just one Xenomorph alone is going to wreck everyone because machetes, claws, kitchen knives, butcher knives chainsaws, and axes aren't going to do a damn thing against a fully grown Xenomorph.
  3. A Much Needed Break

    I'm really glad that you are getting counseling and finding activities to immerse yourself in. Depression and suicidal thoughts is something that I am also struggling with, and getting help is the first step towards recovery. I wish you the best and you're in my prayers. My PS4 name is LadyofCasterlyRo.
  4. Roy's Coveralls

    Looks great. Hopefully the debate will end with this and everyone will move on to something else now.
  5. Favorite Final Girl's Beau in the Friday the 13th series?

    Do baby daddies count? Because Steven’s my favorite but Paul is my second pick. I also liked Nick. I would probably rank it Steven>Paul>Nick>>>Bill >>>>Rick>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sean>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Will>>>>>>>>>>>Whoever Whitney’s boyfriend was in the reboot. I’m not bothering to look it up.
  6. Forum drinking game (satire/parody)

    "When is the Jason from FvJ/The Reboot going to be added?" "Here's a way to implement sex into the game..." "*Counselor Suggestion Thread*" "Is Tina going to be in the game?" "Poll thread" "Well meaning thread turns nasty thirty minutes later"
  7. If GUN/Illfonic Make Another Horror Series Game, What Should It Be?

    My heart sticks with Halloween, although I would also love a TCM game.
  8. Friday the 13th "H20 style"

    It would have to take place after Part 2 or 3 and ignore the Tommy Jarvis trilogy completely, just like how H20 ignored the Jamie Lloyd movies beyond a deleted scene. I’m not sure if I would want a franchise reboot or sequel because that would make the franchise timeline just as messy as the Halloween and Texas Chainsaw timelines.
  9. Voices silliness, streams, and Shaggy

    Welcome to the forums! I do adore Scooby Doo as well.
  10. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    I just thought he was of a higher position than all of you. My bad lol.
  11. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    Thanks so much! I actually do want to be a writer someday, whether it's horror, comedy, fantasy, romance, science fiction, or a combination of all five.
  12. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    Ahem. In the Kingdom of Friday The 13th: The Game forums, there is King @GunMedia_Ben, First of his name. He ultimately rules over all of us and tries to be fair and a good king. There are his forum councilmen @wes @Randygbk and @ShiftySamurai who each contribute to improving the kingdom and the game. In court there are the King’s loyal Forumsguards. They are @Kodiak, @DamonD7, @Ralph Wiggum777, @JPops, and @NthnButAGoodTime. Without the Forumsguards keeping the forums safe and fun for all citizens, the kingdom will be as horrible to reside in as the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. @deathbat96777 is the Head Priest of the kingdom and provides much religious insight and guidance for the citizens. @Ghostboy20 is the Court Jester, keeping much of us entertained with his magical “gifs”. @Brigadius, @bewareofbears, @lHeartBreakerl and @Alkavian are the Court Spies, gathering intel on what is going right with the kingdom and the game and what is not. @Gummybish and @Moe9999633 are the Princesses. They like dressing our councilors in pretty clothes and having them do funny things, and are very pleasant to be around. They also adore Queen Tiffany of the Kingdom of Thotville. If I missed you, it’s because I don’t know where to fit you but thanks to all those who tagged me!
  13. Sixteen Point Personality Test

    INFP-T (Mediator) I'm very introspective, creative, introverted with most people, and I sometimes follow my gut instinct over my mental.
  14. Religious Study Group

    I do believe He's all knowing and he allows us free will but he can still see the potential outcomes. He might be able to see alternate futures and realities.
  15. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    The Omen (76' version) 7/10 (Silver Tier). It's a good movie but a little overhyped.
  16. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    The Shining (Horror Film Class) 8/10 (Gold Tier) . Good horror movie although some of the scenes are more funny than scary. And I forgot to review Let The Right One In last week. One of the best vampire movies I ever saw and it's oddly cute and horrifying at the same time. 9/10 (Gold Tier).
  17. Religious Study Group

    I'm a Christian (Baptist) and I have gone to a Catholic institution of faith for now 14 years (my university is Catholic). As a result, I hold a mixture of both Protestant and Catholic beliefs although I'm not Catholic. I just adopted some of the things I was taught in grade school such as believing in saints, dogmas, Lent, and praying to the rosary. Sometimes I use to struggle with how my political opinions didn't align with majority of either faith (I'm a bi woman, very pro LGBT, and very Pro-Choice), but now I show more pride and I'm a strong believer of separation of Church and State in regards to the US. Over the years, I have become rather jaded with Christian churches due to seeing many hypocrises, snobbish, and asshole members who are no better than people out in the streets. So while I'm not on the path to atheism and agnosticism, for now I'm more of a Spiritual Christian than a religious one.
  18. Who is your favorite Jason?

    Ted White
  19. Top 10 Horror Icons

    10. Norman Bates 9.Death from Final Destination 8. Chucky 7. Freddy Kruger 6. Leatherface 5. Carrie White 4. The Xenomorphs 3. Pennywise 2. Michael Myers 1. Jason Voorhees
  20. Counselors relationships

    I'm just glad the ships I like got actual votes and I'm not just seeing it all in my head.
  21. Favorite Quotes

    Lmao the original post blocked out half my quotes
  22. Favorite Quotes

    Umm...ignore. I’m going to retry later.
  23. The Wasted Potential of Part 7 and Part 9

    I agree with most of these comments about Part 7 being mostly wasted potential. It had a great looking Jason and an interesting cast of characters but the kills were censored to death and the psychic plot was so weird and half baked. Part 9 could have been one of the best movies if that body hopping plot never happened and they didn’t introduce Jason’s half sister and make her seem like she was a big deal, only to kill her off like thirty minutes in. It’s a shame because Creighton Duke was a really interesting character, the gore was fantastic, and I genuinely believe that Steven is the second best male lead in the series behind Tommy. He was way better than Jessica.
  24. Pokemon