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  1. How long is your member...

    I’ve been gaming since I was four with my sister’s Super Nintendo and PS1 (where I became addicted to playing games with a certain purple dragon) but I officially owned: -A Gameboy Advance at seven years old. Lots of love for plenty of the titles but the GBA is where I discovered Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon. Mario Kart too. -A DS. -A PS2 Slim. Many favorites but special mentions goes to falling in love with The Sims here, along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. -A PSP. That I later lost 😢. -A Wii -A 3DS -A PS4 and a Slim. -Now a Retro Duo console.
  2. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    So many fond memories from the Pokémon series such as: -Deleting my cousin’s Firered save file at 5-6. She gave it to me out of frustration. My very first Pokémon game. -Beating Cynthia in Pearl after 20+ times. Cynthia was the hardest champion I faced to date, and the first one I beat. The only one rivaling her is Blue from my Leafgreen version. Pearl was the first Pokémon I completed too. -My Prinplup and Lopunny breeding five eggs unexpectedly when I left them both at the Day Care. I had no idea breeding even existed until that point. I was eleven. -Dominating Pokémon contests. My Empoleon and Lopunny earned me so many ribbons. I considered Empoleon to be my best friend too. The Pikachu to my Ash. -Going down Spring Path, walking around Turnback Cave and unexpectedly encountering Giratina. One of the scariest moments I had in gaming to date. -Surfing the route to Cinnabar Island for the first time. -Beating Blue in Leafgreen and traveling the Sevii Islands. Catching Moltres with the Master Ball. -Frantically surfing and diving around Sootopolis City and Pacifilog Town to find Rayquaza while the whole region was going to Hell due to Groudon and Kyogre. I had Emerald version. -Generally traveling Hoenn. My favorite region of all time. -Beating any Gym Leader or Elite Four member that gave me hell. Fuck you Whitney and your Miltank. -Naming my Rhyhorn “Horny” because I was a child and didn’t know any better.
  3. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    I’m currently studying Creative Writing and Hospitality and Tourism Management at university. I want to work down at Orlando for Disney and Universal as part of the creative team. I’m applying for the Disney College Program Fall 2018 Program when it drops.
  4. When did F13 end?

    For Halloween,if it couldn’t have ended with 2, it should have definitely ended with 4 for the “original continuity” (The pre-H20 timeline). 4 had the perfect ending; Michael is dead but he passed the evil over to Jamie. And I agree on Resurrection, it shouldn’t have existed after H20. A severed head is a severed head 🤦🏾‍♀️.
  5. F13 original artwork

    Very good.
  6. Friday the 13th switch ?

    If they ever do release it on the Switch it’ll be reason number four for me to buy it along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The World Ends With You Final Remix, and the next mainstream Pokémon game.
  7. If anyone can help

    My heart goes out for you and your dog 🙏🏾
  8. Where is everybody from...

    Philadelphia, PA. Greensburg, PA when I'm on campus at my university.
  9. F13 Game App Update 2

    I'm not good with these kind of things, but I hope this app goes well for you and I can't wait to play it! EDIT: I meant use.
  10. If looks could kill

    @Syomare I only see hatred for P9’s design here. Other fans seem to like his rotted and diseased look, which is why he got all those votes. Oh I know. He’s not my least favorite Jason in performance, just in design. P2 Jason just comes off as more scarier imo.
  11. If looks could kill

    I might piss people off but Part 3. I just find the design basic and boring compared to Part 2 and everyone else. Part 9 is right below it though for being completely hideous and looking like a rotted raspberry.
  12. What is your favorite game in 2017?

    Friday The 13th.
  13. What's your Strategy

    I slash until they are dead or at least start limping. I also treat trapping the phone box and four seater as a priority over trapping the two seater. I think I’m getting the hang of shift grabbing and using Stalk successfully.
  14. When did F13 end?

    My ideal ending is Jason Lives. I would have loved that the series officially ended with an undead Jason in the lake, now possibly terrorizing Camp Forest Green as an undead spirit. The only post P6 movie I’d accept is Jason X.
  15. Hi, with a couple recent threads, I thought it was a good idea to make a community and safe space for female players on PS4. Even if there might be one already, what’s wrong with another one? It’s called “Scream Queens F13”, and it’s request only for the moment. You must be a woman whether you were born as one or identify as one and you must be 17 and over. If you meet these requirements, put your PS4 tag here, PM me, or email me. My email address is pinkspidey62@gmail.com. My PS4 tag is ladyofcasterlyro
  16. 2/10 Speed

    I can run in heels but many other women can't. It takes years of wearing them or practicing in them. But the shoes you picked out seem doable. Wedges tend to be more comfortable to wear than stilettos due to wider support.
  17. Challenges for Offline Bots

    Sure. I was thinking it might not be too hard because the boys have an odd tendency to take a swim right when you're chasing them.
  18. Challenges for Offline Bots

    Great ideas. How about one where you channel Part I Jason and can only kill via drowning?
  19. Throat slit because I always hate seeing people get their throats slit. It’s why my eyes are closed during most Game of Thrones fight scenes and certain scenes from this movie. There’s also the crotch splitter kill as mentioned above and the fence through the head kill. And the slam headfirst into the ground kill.
  20. Map Specific DLCs

    I mean Chris’ blue sweater and jeans she wore at the end of Part 3 . And I realize that Jason already can throw someone out the second story window.
  21. If anyone already has a thread like this, my apologies, I haven’t been on this thread these past few months due to college. So I’m a little locked out the loop. Here are some map-specific dlc ideas such as new characters or skins. Now I’m taking into account that many of these ideas likely won’t go through until at least a couple of years down the line, when the developers have the time and funds to do these things. Much of the credit for the skins goes to @bewareofbears for coming up with this idea in a previous thread. Packanack: -Terry’s outfit for Tiffany, Scott’s outfit for Adam, Paul’s outfit for Kenny, and Ginny’s outfit for Jenny since she is our “Final Girl”. Or.... -Ginny herself as a dlc-specific counselor for Packanack instead of Tommy. Instead of a shotgun, Ginny would automatically come to the map with Pamela’s sweater along with a map, radio, and pocket knives. Another male character will simply fill in the role of killing Jason for Tommy. Or if she is summoned, she will be the only female character allowed to use the sweater. It’s the most iconic part of her character after all. -Paul. We can have the chance to find out if he lives or dies. - A new kill set for Part II Jason includes him throwing his pickaxe into a counselor’s face and knocking them down the down the steps similar to how he killed Mark and him showing his pickaxe into a counselor’s stomach, like how he killed Vicki. Crystal Lake -Alice’s outfit for Jenny, and Steve’s shorts and red bandanna for Kenny. Kenny is automatically shirtless with this outfit 😉. -I don’t think Alice or any of the characters from the first movie would be added as dlc characters since they’re all...y’know canonically dead at this point. But if there were any possible way for a willing dispension of disbelief, then Alice could replace Tommy as a summon. She comes in with an axe instead of a shotgun because.... -If Pamela is ever going to be added in as a killer or for “Paranoia Mode”, then Alice would be the only one allowed to kill her as a homage to the first movie. Shotguns are not in this mode for obvious reasons, unless one wants the game to be over in thirty seconds. Pamela also picks up whatever weapons she can find and many of hers kills are similar to her kills in the first movie. -Another variation of this is Part I Jason as a DLC Jason lurking in the lake. He’s not playable but if you have only Pamela as the killer, Part I Jason could kill you for his mother if he swims up to the boat. He can only kill you in the water however because of the game mechanics, and he’s, well, still a child. Higgins Haven - Chris’s outfit for Jenny. It comes full circle. Vera’s outfit for Deborah and Chuck’s outfit for Mitch. Whatever Ali or Lobo wore for Adam. -Chris as an actual counselor for those who want the real thing. She comes in with an axe and is the only one who can kill Jason instead of Tommy. Jarvis House -Trish’s Act Three outfit for Jenny. -Trish herself is a second summon. If both Jarvis siblings are present and all the necessary steps have occurred, a special cutscene will involve them beating down and killing Jason together as they pretty much did in the final chapter. -Jim, Sara, and Ted as dlc counselors. Jim gets a specific emote where he dances exactly like he did in the film. -If he drags them upstairs, Part IV Jason will throw a counselor out the upstairs window similar to how he did Tina . If it hits one of the cars, the car is irrevocable damaged. Other suggested kills include how he killed that creepy coroner Axel or the nurse. The corkscrew kill is added as an environmental kill and him throwing the pig splitter into the counselor’s chest, like Sara’s. Grendel Map( Now this is speculative territory”) -Jenny gets Rowan’s outfit. Vanessa gets Kay Em’s while Tiffany gets Janessa’s outfit. -Or everybody gets space military outfits. -Uber Jason could possibly have all his kills from the movie. -Sgt. Brodski replaces Tommy. I mentioned in a thread months ago how if he kills Jason the same way he did in the movie, he will die with Jason but whoever plays him gains massive points. - Kay-Em is a character dlc. Her strength and luck should both be extremely high. Any other thoughts and ideas on dlcs and maps are welcome.
  22. I voted for AJ but I honestly enjoy killing any high stealth/composer character because they can so annoying to find and it feels so rewarding. Like a cat catching a mouse or a man hunting a fox.
  23. Eh, I don’t want team killing to come back in quick play imo but there should have be a toggle option for friendly fire in both public and private so hosts can choose, and everyone could be happy. Or better yet, in the future, online matches should get difficulty levels like in offline mode, with friendly fire being in normal and hard mode. Edit: Your suggestions could work with normal difficulty and they’re not bad at all.
  24. late to the party

    Thank you for sharing your story. Welcome to the forums! If you ever need to talk, you can PM me.
  25. I think this should be available in a later update, along with the bots having the perks you picked up for them. Imagine going against 7 Battle Chads with the Heavy Hitter, Slugger, and Man at Arms or Sucker Punch perks XD.