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  1. Rename the Games

    Kingdom Hearts: The Plot Gets More Confusing As You Go On Grand Theft Auto: The Ultimate Murder Simulator For Sixth Graders Pokémon: Cockfighting For Kids The Sims: Spending More Hours Achieving Your Fictional Life Goals Then Your Real Life Ones Mario Kart and Mario Party: %100 Guaranteed To Ruin Friendships For The Day Roller Coaster Tycoon: “Guest #5 Cannot Find The Exit.” Planet Coaster and Parkitect: What Roller Coaster Tycoon World Should Have Been. “Guest #5 Still Cannot Find The Exit.”
  2. How long is your member...

    I’ve been gaming since I was four with my sister’s Super Nintendo and PS1 (where I became addicted to playing games with a certain purple dragon) but I officially owned: -A Gameboy Advance at seven years old. Lots of love for plenty of the titles but the GBA is where I discovered Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon. Mario Kart too. -A DS. -A PS2 Slim. Many favorites but special mentions goes to falling in love with The Sims here, along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. -A PSP. That I later lost 😢. -A Wii -A 3DS -A PS4 and a Slim. -Now a Retro Duo console.
  3. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    So many fond memories from the Pokémon series such as: -Deleting my cousin’s Firered save file at 5-6. She gave it to me out of frustration. My very first Pokémon game. -Beating Cynthia in Pearl after 20+ times. Cynthia was the hardest champion I faced to date, and the first one I beat. The only one rivaling her is Blue from my Leafgreen version. Pearl was the first Pokémon I completed too. -My Prinplup and Lopunny breeding five eggs unexpectedly when I left them both at the Day Care. I had no idea breeding even existed until that point. I was eleven. -Dominating Pokémon contests. My Empoleon and Lopunny earned me so many ribbons. I considered Empoleon to be my best friend too. The Pikachu to my Ash. -Going down Spring Path, walking around Turnback Cave and unexpectedly encountering Giratina. One of the scariest moments I had in gaming to date. -Surfing the route to Cinnabar Island for the first time. -Beating Blue in Leafgreen and traveling the Sevii Islands. Catching Moltres with the Master Ball. -Frantically surfing and diving around Sootopolis City and Pacifilog Town to find Rayquaza while the whole region was going to Hell due to Groudon and Kyogre. I had Emerald version. -Generally traveling Hoenn. My favorite region of all time. -Beating any Gym Leader or Elite Four member that gave me hell. Fuck you Whitney and your Miltank. -Naming my Rhyhorn “Horny” because I was a child and didn’t know any better.
  4. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    I’m currently studying Creative Writing and Hospitality and Tourism Management at university. I want to work down at Orlando for Disney and Universal as part of the creative team. I’m applying for the Disney College Program Fall 2018 Program when it drops.
  5. When did F13 end?

    For Halloween,if it couldn’t have ended with 2, it should have definitely ended with 4 for the “original continuity” (The pre-H20 timeline). 4 had the perfect ending; Michael is dead but he passed the evil over to Jamie. And I agree on Resurrection, it shouldn’t have existed after H20. A severed head is a severed head 🤦🏾‍♀️.
  6. F13 original artwork

    Very good.
  7. Friday the 13th switch ?

    If they ever do release it on the Switch it’ll be reason number four for me to buy it along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The World Ends With You Final Remix, and the next mainstream Pokémon game.
  8. If anyone can help

    My heart goes out for you and your dog 🙏🏾
  9. Where is everybody from...

    Philadelphia, PA. Greensburg, PA when I'm on campus at my university.
  10. F13 Game App Update 2

    I'm not good with these kind of things, but I hope this app goes well for you and I can't wait to play it! EDIT: I meant use.
  11. If looks could kill

    @Syomare I only see hatred for P9’s design here. Other fans seem to like his rotted and diseased look, which is why he got all those votes. Oh I know. He’s not my least favorite Jason in performance, just in design. P2 Jason just comes off as more scarier imo.
  12. If looks could kill

    I might piss people off but Part 3. I just find the design basic and boring compared to Part 2 and everyone else. Part 9 is right below it though for being completely hideous and looking like a rotted raspberry.
  13. What is your favorite game in 2017?

    Friday The 13th.
  14. What's your Strategy

    I slash until they are dead or at least start limping. I also treat trapping the phone box and four seater as a priority over trapping the two seater. I think I’m getting the hang of shift grabbing and using Stalk successfully.
  15. When did F13 end?

    My ideal ending is Jason Lives. I would have loved that the series officially ended with an undead Jason in the lake, now possibly terrorizing Camp Forest Green as an undead spirit. The only post P6 movie I’d accept is Jason X.