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  1. Multiplayer would be mostly the same but my additions are -Toggle option for friendly fire. You can not be killed by a shotgun by it does instantly put you in a limping state. Being hit by the car remains fatal. -A option to have no duplicates in a match. That means no two Vanessas, Chads, etc. -Ginny, Tina, Creighton Duke, Sgt. Brodski, Kay-Em are hero characters along with Tommy but they are map-specific. -Forest Green, The Shepherd House, Lazarus, the sewers of Manhattan, Voorhees mabsion, the Diner from Part 9, and the Crystal Lake town would be all added along the way. There would also be a map based on an abandoned Crystal Lake before Steve Christy attempted to reopen it. -A story mode for single player that plays similar to a F13 film. You pick a character in the game. You and your friends (the othet characters in game) are hired to be counselors during Camp Crystal Lake's reopening. However, Jason is there to crash the party. Depending on your choices, you end up the only survivor among your friends, you and another survives, or you all die. In story mode, a character similar to Crazy Ralph cameos at the beginning, warning you and your friends about coming to Crystal Lake. -There would be an offline bots with a Jason AI mode, similar to Left 4 Dead. It would debut along with the offline bots where you're Jason. Jason always has permanent stalk in offline. -
  2. The ones I've read...it's not that deep. Someone on here even went out of their way to make post with Miller as a new counselor. Sending deaths threats to a man and his family over a broken $40 game is not worth it. All it does is make the community almost look worse than Star Wars fans (and I say this as a Star Wars fan). It's a shame that Shifty had to go out of his way to make an announcement.
  3. I feel the same way. I would have loved to see Jamie Lloyd to exist in this timeline, and I enjoyed H20, but I can see Carpenter wanting to eliminate both timelines. I’m just glad that no Thorn bullshit will once again not be relevant in this version. And Resurrection being not canon to this film is also a mega plus. I really hope the best for this reboot because the last time a major slasher franchise decided to ignore all of its sequels in favor for the new one, we got Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D ?.
  4. With tattoos, I think of it more of a historical thing in regards to the Israelites needing to separate themselves from the pagan rituals that were occurring back then. Getting your body marked back then was associated with worshipping false idols. Today, I believe that whether a tattoo is a sin or not depends on if the tattoo in question will damage your self-conscious and relationship with God. I plan to get a few tattoos. A Wu tang clan symbol dipped in ice cream, a Slytherin tattoo, and the One Ring.
  5. Ah I see. Well I do like the idea of Jenny and Kenny, because they remind of Alice and Bill. I could totally see them as lifelong best friends in a relationship.
  6. Hello! Welcome to the community. Sorry you’re joining at what is about to be a really bad time.
  7. @sedaiv The Girl Next Door is a “Betty Cooper” type character. She is nice and compassionate. Not too feminine, not too masculine. Attractive, but not sexy. She has basic morals and is often the neighbor of your main character or their childhood best friend. Basically the ideal love interest. Sounds interesting as for ships I’m mostly Chad/Vanessa and Brandon/Deborah but it’s what YOU as the author that decides what’s best. What are your reasonings for your intended ships? Characterization wise, maybe deconstruct everyone’s stereotypes like The Breakfast Club. Victoria is an evil bitch because her rich parents are neglectful and just gives her their credit/debit cards. Same with Chad. Tiffany slept with only two guys but was demonized for it and now acts as her reputation demands. Brandon is only into sports because of pressure from his overbearing father who is living through him.
  8. It is nine days in but I would like to say Happy Pride month to all my fellow members on here who are part of the LGBT+ community! May the rest of your June be full of peace and happiness!❤
  9. I could never be a vegan or a vegetarian because I love ribs, burgers, and steaks too much but if it makes someone else happy I don't care. Just don't try to guilt trip me into being a vegan or compare meat-eating to slavery, the holocaust, or any other human atrocities. I stay away from those type of vegans.
  10. I voted for Eric for but Jenny is right behind him. Both of them have stats that I personally don’t find useful. And both of them also have poor fashion taste, Eric with his outfit and Jenny with that mud colored mop that is her “hair”. Mitch and Shelly would also be in the top four because their stats are also not...good. To me, feel free to disagree.
  11. I would love to contribute to this but I only got into wrestling just recently so I have to research a bit before I do my list. However I will support Adam as the Undertaker.
  12. Top Ten for me is 1. Ed Edd n Eddy 2. Codename Kids Next Door 3. Courage The Cowardly Dog 4. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy 5. Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends 6. The Powerpuff Girls 7. Teen Titans 8. Young Justice 9. Total Drama 10. 6Teen However I also enjoyed Camp Lazlo, Totally Spies, Class of 3000, Samurai Jack, Hi-Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, the first Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, The Looney Tunes Show, Justice League, Stoked, Juniper Lee, and Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. CN only went to shit when they started doing live-action. That's when I truly fled to Nickelodeon and Disney XD.
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