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  1. Good stealth, good stamina, good luck, great design (looks just like Melissa!)... Well I just found my third main after Chad and Vanessa. I love her already! Thanks Wes and staff!
  2. New to the forum

    Welcome! Congrats on the Level 150!
  3. OG Spyro Trilogy is getting remade

    I think it's more of a HD remake than a remaster because while the gameplay is going to be similar to the original three games, the graphics and world building seem to be remade from the ground up.
  4. OG Spyro Trilogy is getting remade

    Is anyone else excited? This little purple dragon was my childhood and the PS1 games were some the first video games I ever played. Tom Kenny is coming back and the developers is keeping the original soundtrack albeit slightly altered. I almost feel like shedding tears of joy 😭❤.
  5. Faverite Star Wars Charachters

    Luke Skywalker for being the quintessential hero and an absolute sweetheart full of love and hope. Finn for the same reasons, and pretty much the reason I got into Star Wars.
  6. Favorite Jason theme

    I voted for Roy because his theme is the scariest to me.
  7. Horror Brawl

    With no Dream World, Jason is going to wipe his ass with everyone except Freddy and maybe the creeper. Maybe. And then after a long battle, Freddy is going to give up and die after Jason gets up for the 400th time. If the cage match takes place in the Dream World, then Freddy is going to kill all of them in their sleep before the cage match even starts. Now someone suggested the Xenomorphs and Pinhead, and while I don't know much about Pinhead, just one Xenomorph alone is going to wreck everyone because machetes, claws, kitchen knives, butcher knives chainsaws, and axes aren't going to do a damn thing against a fully grown Xenomorph.
  8. A Much Needed Break

    I'm really glad that you are getting counseling and finding activities to immerse yourself in. Depression and suicidal thoughts is something that I am also struggling with, and getting help is the first step towards recovery. I wish you the best and you're in my prayers. My PS4 name is LadyofCasterlyRo.
  9. Roy's Coveralls

    Looks great. Hopefully the debate will end with this and everyone will move on to something else now.
  10. Favorite Final Girl's Beau in the Friday the 13th series?

    Do baby daddies count? Because Steven’s my favorite but Paul is my second pick. I also liked Nick. I would probably rank it Steven>Paul>Nick>>>Bill >>>>Rick>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sean>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Will>>>>>>>>>>>Whoever Whitney’s boyfriend was in the reboot. I’m not bothering to look it up.
  11. Forum drinking game (satire/parody)

    "When is the Jason from FvJ/The Reboot going to be added?" "Here's a way to implement sex into the game..." "*Counselor Suggestion Thread*" "Is Tina going to be in the game?" "Poll thread" "Well meaning thread turns nasty thirty minutes later"
  12. My heart sticks with Halloween, although I would also love a TCM game.
  13. Friday the 13th "H20 style"

    It would have to take place after Part 2 or 3 and ignore the Tommy Jarvis trilogy completely, just like how H20 ignored the Jamie Lloyd movies beyond a deleted scene. I’m not sure if I would want a franchise reboot or sequel because that would make the franchise timeline just as messy as the Halloween and Texas Chainsaw timelines.