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  1. Super religious people who judge you

    At this point in my life I practice my Christianity on my terms and try to find like minded people like me. How my relationship with God is to be determined by me and God, and no one else can judge me but me. I have very progressive views and I’d rather not argue with those ultra fundamentalist bible thumping Christians. It’s best to ignore or not engage in a debate with those types of Christians because either they grew up that way or they’re a born again Christianity who was literally the worst person beforehand and is now compensating by being the most judgmental, forceful, annoying human alive. That’s my aunt.
  2. Tea bagging quick kill

    Ah yes. Let Jason rip the player's genitals off when they take the time to tea bag him for too long when the cops are right there. This would be hilarious in my opinion and tone down that part of trolling.
  3. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    When I think of a mean girl name, I always think Heather, Tiffany, Tracy, Kimberly, Tammy, Jennifer, or Brittany. Other than Tiffany for obvious reasons, I think her name should be any of those names. Or her name could be Chris in reference to this iconic evil bitch in cinema:
  4. What generation are you?

    Thanks! And this will be pretty helpful for everyone here that’s not aware of this.
  5. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    Thank you! I actually applied today. Here’s to hoping I get it 🙏🏾!
  6. What generation are you?

    Tide pods are small, swirly colored detergent pods that you can just plunk into your washer machine without using a bottle. Teenagers are currently eating them as a challenge.
  7. Well I was going for options that only the hardest bitches would play lmao. "Real Gs play the game with no pocket knives or counselor markers in the match." I'm mainly going for fighting against the counselor buff and making Jason fun to play again with several of the options here.These are also putting more emphasis on teamwork again by making it the only way to survive. Your idea of locking lobbies and maybe turning off the timer in the match is great.
  8. -No location markers for counselors -Jason's music and marker being turned off -Melee Weapon availability correlating to how many counselors are in a match. If there's seven counselors, there's only seven melee weapons. If there's only five counselors, only five melee weapons -Either no pocket knives period, an option to toggle the amount of pocket knives you want during a match, or match Jason's traps to how many pocket knives are in a match. This means that if someone is playing Part 4 or 7 Jason, there should only be three pocket knives. -An option for the Phone Box to be unavailable -Even more difficult, only one escape option. -A mode where the only character to have a shotgun is Tommy -No flareguns or firecrackers -A mode where Jason is allowed to pick up and set additional traps. Because I think it's time for that now. -Flashlights are gone -A mode where if a car crashes, it's totaled and can't be used to escape anymore. Same for the boat. -If Jason destroys the phone box even once, it's trashed for the rest of the map and can't be used to call the cops. -Toggle option for no med sprays, or half the amount of counselors -Increased death by injury rate for counselors. Falling out of the second story window is going to kill you. Just ask Tina(Part 4) and Robin (Part 7). One accidental swing from someone's machete is going to leave you limping. -A toggle option for Friendly Fire. -Only one character per player. No three Vanessas in the same match. -Option for Shift and Sense to be gone, but Morph and Stalk are both heightened and never burn out. Can you guys tell I'm a closet sadist now?
  9. What generation are you?

    I also don't want to be associated with those dumbass tide pod eating kids. That's what Gen Z should be called: The Tide Pod Generation.
  10. What generation are you?

    I was born in 1997 and as far as I known, we have been considered millennials. I’m not sure if we belong in gen z because there’s a slight technology gap between children born between 1995-1999, and those born in 2000. EDIT: It depends on who you want ask I guess because some say Gen Z started in 1995.
  11. POLL - Best character without a proper team

    Vanessa because her sprint and stamina makes it easier to hop cabin to cabin and find parts or call the cops. She’s also the best girl to get the sweater because she’s fast enough to run in and get the sweater without getting caught by Jason when he’s alerted imo. I honestly think it’s best to play her alone if you’re in public because unless you’re in a very coordinated team with radios to interact with each and who’s planning to escape together or kill him, her loud footsteps could alert Jason and kill other people who can’t run as fast as her such as AJ, Deb, or Eric.
  12. What race are you?

    I’m Black American.
  13. Haven't you bored of those trolls?

    I prefer to not use my mic at all while I’m Jason because it kind of ruins the immersion for me, especially when it’s the voice of a shrieking child. It also brings back bad memories of that Campkill user on here who threw tantrums because no one else liked his cartoon voice Jason. I also play the counselors accurately, except for Chad who I don’t play as a dick lol. If you’re on PS4, you can join the Crystal Lake Employment Agency community on PS4 to lessen the troll problem. I can let you in as moderator.
  14. Rename the Games

    Kingdom Hearts: The Plot Gets More Confusing As You Go On Grand Theft Auto: The Ultimate Murder Simulator For Sixth Graders Pokémon: Cockfighting For Kids The Sims: Spending More Hours Achieving Your Fictional Life Goals Then Your Real Life Ones Mario Kart and Mario Party: %100 Guaranteed To Ruin Friendships For The Day Roller Coaster Tycoon: “Guest #5 Cannot Find The Exit.” Planet Coaster and Parkitect: What Roller Coaster Tycoon World Should Have Been. “Guest #5 Still Cannot Find The Exit.”
  15. How long is your member...

    I’ve been gaming since I was four with my sister’s Super Nintendo and PS1 (where I became addicted to playing games with a certain purple dragon) but I officially owned: -A Gameboy Advance at seven years old. Lots of love for plenty of the titles but the GBA is where I discovered Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon. Mario Kart too. -A DS. -A PS2 Slim. Many favorites but special mentions goes to falling in love with The Sims here, along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. -A PSP. That I later lost 😢. -A Wii -A 3DS -A PS4 and a Slim. -Now a Retro Duo console.