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  1. 1. Those who close doors that Jason destroys in one fell swoop. 2. Experienced Jasons who only go to blows 3.Jasons that always block 4. Those who steal the car or boat and leave alone with a partner next to them 5. Those who take a piece of repair and move away from the area, escape or die in the middle of nowhere 6. Those who carry 3 knives. they leave the doors open and the house half looted. 7. Those who hide during the entire game. 8. Those who never release the pieces having buggzy, vanessa, chad, tiffany, or jeny 9. Those who leave before they execute them
  2. I do not think we'll see Roy as a variant of Jason, we'll see him as the murderer of the PARANOIA mode, no matter how you look at it, Roy did a good job, but he does not have Jason's powers ... Speaking of PARANOIA, Pamela Voorhees is probably a murderer, as is the spirit of Jason part 9, and ... perhaps Jarvis as a psychopath in one of his nightmares.
  3. Maybe part 1-8 is canonical and the other realities alternate, but someone has asked because Jason is "immortal", he regenerates, he is able to teleport, among many and countless other abilities, according to the canon of the 1-8 Jason He was presumed dead but miraculously survived the drowning and established a shelter near the Crystal Lake Camp and appeared just as his mother was killed and that's why he started killing, and as the movies progressed, supernatural abilities appeared out of nowhere. Why? It may have to do with Jason's mysterious father, maybe he was not human but a supernatural being, maybe a demon. Maybe Pamea used the necronomicon turning Jason into a deadite or a revenant. Or maybe (and more likely) the directors of the origin of their powers never crossed their minds
  4. I think so: Strengths. Water speed Morph Weapon strengh Weakness Cant Run shifth defense More morph would compensate the little shift, in addition, in the film seemed to be everywhere and almost always appeared on the side "out of nothing". The strength of the weapon would make it more effective at close range and to attack groups, and I think it is more useful than more grip strength, in addition in the movie most of the murders were with a weapon that with the environment. And finally change the less traps for less defense seems a fair change since not being able to run and have little shift is more difficult to control the map and I think that less defense is a fair disadvantage against its hypothetical improvement of strength with the weapon
  5. Assuming that the murderer is Roy disguised as a survivor, I think it is obvious that the game was based on a closed and small environment where the counselors have to look for objects and meet targets in order to survive. Probably a mix between the game Deceit and Murders Mystery, where they either have to escape from the camp in phases delivering obetos and / or solving puzzles and avoid being killed, or where based on clues and guesses they have to discover the murderer and kill him , or a mixture of both I also think they could add Pamea Voorhees as a killer and the spirit of Jason from part 9
  6. Hello everyone, a while ago Gun Media released a teaser about the new game mode called "Paranoia". My question and purpose of this topic is, what is it about? I have not seen anyone speculate about this and I would like to know their opinions. Personally I think that in this mode we will be on a very small map where we will have to solve puzzles, find objects and clues, and in passing discover the murderer who will be Roy Burns disguised as another counselor. Like Roy Burns we will have to kill the others without being discovered and prevent them from escaping. With this in mind they could also add Pamela Voorhees as a murderer. Well this is all thanks for reading this topic
  7. I think Roy is not very likely, not because it's not Jason, but because it seems that the makers of the game and the movies dislike it, although I'd love to see it. I think it is very likely that if they put the map of Pinehurts but not Roy. I think Jason from part X (not Uber) is more likely, but I do not think they'll put the spacecraft map or anything from the future. It would look more or less like this. As they see the shackles and the dark clothes distinguish it of the other Jason And about the remake, I know you do not have the rights but you can get them for sure. I think that the image of the minute 2:35 to 2:44 speaks for itself
  8. I would like them to create a weapon wheel for Jason and thus use any weapon in any Jason Not only this, but if you equip a weapon your appearance will change as Jason equips you, for example, any weapon that equips the Jason of part 7 has a mossy and rusty appearance (as if they had been underwater for a long time ), and so the thematic of the appearance of the weapons changes according to the Jason
  9. Hello people, as you know we are nowhere for the arrival of Jason Part IV to the game. We know that your main weapon will be a pig splinter and as we can see on the map of future DLC are still missing 3 Jason to see. Theyare probably Jason Uber, Jason Remake, Jason Part X, Roy Burns or some new design. And I wonder what main weapons they use, I know that for many it is not important, but I have not seen all the movies and I'd love for a veteran in the universe on Friday the 13th to give me some examples of what weapons Jason could use in the future. I would also like others to give me ideas of future weapons that do not necessarily come out in the movies but that Jason could use inside the GAME. Thanks for reading this post.
  10. For those who wonder, these are: Jason cryogenized, Jason drowned, Jason of mortal Kombat, and tommy Jarvis corrupted Jason cryogenized: Jason Drowned tommy jarvis corrupted Jason of motal kombat
  11. If I put it I think that would have different skills to those of Jason more stealth and murder behind the back. Something like invisibility (but you will notice its outline or mark it on the map), the ability to put traps inside the houses, be able to intraract with hiding places (such as closets or beds) to hide inside and kill from the closet or any other Hide, be able to unlock doors and enter through the windows, another ability that I can think of is to disguise itself as a survivor (but not the white circle that marks the allies), its weaknesses would be that it would be very easy to kill Or a blow with a machete would be enough), that would have little or no gripping force, and that could only be guided by noises or traces (such as footprints that Pamela would see startled) What do you think my proposal ?, please criticize me to be able Improve it
  12. Thank you for correcting me, the truth was that Jason's name was written that way
  13. Hello girls and guys this is my first post and I happened to do a survey to know that new killer would like to have on Friday 13th the video game, if they have an idea that does not appear in the survey please comment, you can use pictures and drawings , Even designs created by you that you would like to be added to the game. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey
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