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  1. You do realize its Sony who decide what the ps plus monthly games are... right? It's a way to get people to buy ps plus... not the other way around...
  2. Seeker

    Just returned

    After hearing some news that uber Jason was dropped. I don't know what the devs or gun media did to earn such bad karma but this game was cursed from day 1. When single player challenges was released I was happy. That was great stuff. Truly loved it. I ended up quitting multiplayer like last year because of the toxicness from players and terrible bugs. Single player is something I would still play but I don't think I would ever buy a game from illfonic or gun media again. This is not a hate topic, I appreciate what I got and thank the devs for Singleplayer but there's too much chaos involved for me to stick around. Thanks and take care ?
  3. I thought uber Jason would be released today. ?
  4. Yeah I have been extremely busy, good to see you again.
  5. https://www.gofundme.com/angels-emergency-vet-costs
  6. The car is fine the way it is... I hope there's no changes and I like that Jason can destroy cars because it makes the game so intense.
  7. Scrubs are people with no jobs and lack the effort to get one. Look up the 90s song no scrubs by tlc.
  8. I'm seeing an increase in attempted team killing and trolling since these cheaters got unbanned. People trying to whack you but failing then trying to set up traps right beside drawers and stuff. Then you get others who aren't even trying to escape, or help team members, they just stand there dancing.
  9. Meh if you die 1st you have a 50% chance to be Tommy. ?
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