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  1. This is the reason why I don't get mad anymore when Jason's slash me to death.
  2. Jarvis Residence. I love hiding and fooling Jason into thinking I'm in a room and lock him in there.
  3. Which one do you think is better? Honestly I find Part 5 to be the black sheep of the franchise, it really isn't that bad. I'd rather deal with a copycat rather than my favorite killer being sent into space. Jason Takes a Boat is pretty mediocre, but lemme hear your opinions.
  4. While you're Jason and setting multiple traps, how do you tell which one a counselor falls in?
  5. Any recommendations on the perks I should run for Chad? I'm currently using - Night Owl Marathon and Level Headed
  6. When you put it that way it makes more sense. After all the kids b****ing and moaning about the 2 being carbon copies in appearance. TBH I've always wanted Part 4 in the game since day one, he was my favorite looking Jason in the movies behind P7.
  7. I couldn't see a key difference in the movie on the mask perspective but I'll look it over again. Just feels weird how different the appearance is besides clothing-wise.
  8. One thing that bugs me about J3 and J4's appearance is the difference of the hockey mask. So Jason wears the same mask during the events of Parts 3-4 right? As the mask shows all the wear and tear from the rain and events of the past movie. Why in the game does J3's mask seem more ovally and J4's mask has a more circular shape? The holes surrounding the mask seem to be in different positions also. Someone with not so much OCD compared to me answer this for me?
  9. Maybe all he ever wanted was a Baby Ruth
  10. He just seems so innocent and I feel bad whenever I knock him out. He just reminds me so much of Sloth with his face design. Which is why he's my favorite Jay now.
  11. The only theme that seems ripped straight from the movie... I like it and fits well with J4. Makes you feel under pressure and racing against the clock.
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