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  1. As Jason i NEVER quit, and as a councilor i quite rarely quit right after match's ending, like the very second the screen turns black. You just can't make people act normal and play for fun with kind words nowadays.
  2. Third person view when you driving. Please gun media pretty please with a cherry on a top. Why does a friggin boat has it and a car don't?
  3. Foreign language speakers, trolls, retards, austictic kids, JUST a little kids, I used to play with them all, and they had mics, and i wish they didn't.
  4. Savini Jason is not overpowered - it just looks unique and unattainable now and you have a gun media to thank for it. If you're good Jason player you'll win anyway. Still though Savini used to cost only 6$ with their kickstarter rewards and now in costs friggin 300$ on Ebay. AND i didn't even knew that Gun Media were that pennyless they had to run a kickstarter marathon. Them ads and notifications should've been more aggressive and eye catching instead of some lame Steam update like "meh, oh btw if you donate us on kickstarter you'll get a friggin unique Jason skin whatever". That's boolshit. Things surely changed with NES Jason update. Now that i think about it - would it be more fair to get a savini Jason for people who pre purchased this game? And should i spend all my time on their kickstarter and gamesite now so i won't miss any more unique goodies?
  5. It only takes a skype or discord or whatever alike software for these kind of players to ruin an entire match and if two or more people work as a team on two sides - we can't prove shit unless we record it. And i personally don't want to be that paranoid plus it's troublesome to do it when you have a shitty PC. So my best solution to this issue is to create a personal bottomless "shit-list" - and mute and ban every single player who ruins my game. Take an example of famous YouTubers like H2ODelirious or Ohmwrecker or ByceMcQuaid - gather all of your friends and generally people you like and trust, make a private match, host it, take your turns on being Jason. After all this game is for fun and fun only.
  6. eighth offence - picked up from the rocks below then incinerated alive, ashes to be put into a fireproof capsule which is sent on a rocket straight to the sun.
  7. Good councelor and Jason review man. I like it. As for Tiffany, c'mon we all know why people like to play as her heh.
  8. This bug is still present in a game. After the new update i got everyting except promised 13000 CP. Which also means that i won't begetting any double CP starting June, 23. This sucks.
  9. I ran into a similair problem during a match. There were at least three players "teamed up" probably talking via discord. You see unless you're very good and experienced Jason player, there's no way in hell you suspect a stealthy character with top stealth and anti-detection perks equipped crouching very slowly at the very border of a map and find him quickly and kill him. How come i know that? Well i was playing that stealth character. After only 3 guys left (including the one playing Jason) they just killed him. Really? 2 people killed Jason? When i asked wtf is going on and wtf are they doing a guy who played Jason explained with a horrible accent that he was afk... Yeah, sure. I was watching entire game after i was killed you know. Well i guess ti some people it an idea of a joke, dunno, but something has to be done with this.
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