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  1. This isn't really a glitch but something that's more along the lines of unfortunate as Jason just happened to be in the right place to block your character from going anywhere when you exited the car. The only way of 'fixing' this might be to makes separate hitboxes for the car doors when they open but that's going to be quite a bit of work
  2. If you're stuck holding a couselor and you are unable to kill them then walk into the water. This should separate the two of you and you should be able to continue on killing as normal
  3. I could see this becoming a change that both benefits the game as well as the gameplay
  4. I think this is as designed since this has been in place like this since that Beta at the end of the last year and if you think about it it makes sense in line with the movies as Jason was always able to tell where people where and could get close to them in an instant. The only reason why they did include full cooldown for stalk is because otherwise everybody would be walking around as Jason stalking all the time witch causes the couselor players almost no chance of escape since they won't hear Jason coming. So in all fairness I'd say that this is as normal as it should be and a very good balance of Jason's power imo
  5. I know that this achievement is not glitched as I actually got it myself about 2 weeks ago by playing as Tiffany and winning by a time out. So my guess is that you comming back as Tommy Jarvis fucked up the achievement for you as according to the game you where not playing as Tiffany when the game ended(Since you where called back as Tommy). This has most likely voided your chance at the achievement so I would say that in the game you get it in be sure not to be called back as Tommy and be the only person to escape or win by time out
  6. It's not a glitch players use but rather a bug. Sometimes when Jason grabs a counselor for some weird reason the game decides to teleport them somewhere else but we don't know why this is happening
  7. The whole memory leak wasn't patched entirely. The made it so that about 80 to 90% of the games should work now with the crash happening sometimes but it's at least way less frequent then it used to be. Now they are still working to get it fixed entirely but that might take sometime as when they fix one leak another one might be popping up elsewhere
  8. If there are people in a lobby with a terrible connection then it's possible that they influence other people's connection too. And now that it's the summer holidays in most countries a lot of people with those kind of connections are going to be online and playing thus increasing the chance of having a laggy game. I notice this myself on Xbox as well. If I come across this I just leave and go to find a lobby with a better connection
  9. This is a bug that is known to the devs there is only no estimate when they will fix it but for what it's worth it is indeed an annoying bug as people tend to abuse it to win matches. I never use it on purpose as it ruins the game for me imo
  10. I belive this is a gameplay bug as I had this happen to me before as well. I was playing as Bugzy at the time and was calling the cops after someone put the fuse in. In the middle of the call Jason destroyed the fuse box again and I was stuck in the animation with the voice line playing untill Jason grabbed me and I could free myself with a pocket knife
  11. Any chance somebody could post it here as I would love to have the skin even if they end up revoking it again. It's just cool to play with this awesome skin while I can
  12. Can't see the Savini Jason on the Xbox Store where I live so is the leak only in certain countries then or is it just selectable in game or something??
  13. Xbox One patch is now live and fixes a lot of issues for us Xbox Players. So get back out there and start killing those pesky camp counselors again
  14. For as far as I know this is fixed on PC but still remains on consoles. Now I don't have a PS4 so I don't know if the most recent PS4 patch fixed this issue or not. So for all I know it's still active on Xbox One and maybe on PS4
  15. Second and third perk slot are bugged atm. Just place the perk you want most in your first slot and it works fine
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