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  1. Same here, I don't know where I'm supposed to go to specifically report locations on the map where people are glitching, I have som video recordings of locations and how they're doing it but I don't know how to put it into the devs hands.
  2. Fair enough, I just thought I'd explain the stuff in detail. I thought that might potentially get the devs attention.
  3. Team Killing is a far worse problem, Jason helpers are unavoidable, thankfully it doesn't happen aggressively often. Check out the letter I just posted, I think I provided some reasonings and solutions.
  4. Check out the message I just posted, I went in depth about potential solutions for the Team Killer issue.
  5. First off, I love this game, as you can tell by my ranking. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible. The music, the lighting, it's all gold. From a counselors perspective, every round is a terrifying experience regardless of what level I'm at. Almost like the film Predator. Terrified and overwhelmed when I first started playing, and now at Level 60 feeling like Dutch towards the end of the film. Scared, yet prepared to fight to get out of Crystal Lake alive. There are some technicals hiccups and glitches that people take advantage of that I consider cheating, (I.E. map glitching) but those things iron themselves out over time through the cooperation of devs and the community. However throughout the two hundred plus or so matches I've played there's one thing that is unavoidable at the moment that absolutely destroys a quick lobby.... Team Killers. Team killing is a MAJOR issue. During these instances, without fail one of two things will happen next... 1. Before the round is even finished, the team killer(s) will leave once they've been killed to go find another lobby of victims. Or.. 2. The lobby is closed by the host. It literally sucks all the life out the match and potentially the lobby. You may hear some people on the forums defend Team Killing, saying it adds another layer or that it thematically makes sense. And while you may hear that on the forums, I have NEVER heard any person mid game who was excited about having to fend off an asshole counselor wielding a machete at them. And very rarely if ever in the F13 movies do counselors just start blatantly attacking one another with weapons. I know you implement a betrayal penalty involving XP, it doesn't work....Here's why... I recently was killed by a team killer. I messaged him as I normally do team killers to call them an asshole who is ruining everyone's fun. He gave me the usual charming "go fuck yourself" response. But this time I decided to ask the guy why he does it. I really wanted to know. His response was... "I'm already at a high level, I have all the perks that I need, I don't need the xp, and I love getting people like you angry."......This isn't a normal F13 gamer, this is a troll. A troll isn't playing the game to have fun, they have fun by ensuring others aren't. And a troll breeding ground is being created by allowing people to attack others with weapons. I know that people have the ability to turn off team killing in private matches, but doesn't it make sense that players in a private match are generally going to not kill each other anyway? Or if they are, they're all in agreement that that's what they're going to do? Giving hosts or whole lobbies the ability to kick people IS NOT THE ANSWER. This would cause more disarray. From my time with R6 Siege, I can tell you exactly what will happen... Counselors will be kicked because they're the last one alive and some people in the session will vote to kick simply to start the next round faster...Dick move and not fun. There's plenty of things counselors can do to each other THEMATICALLY to screw each other over that make the game fun and hilarious! If a counselor gets killed by a car, thats fine, shit happens. Driver still loses xp for not being more careful and you move on. Leaving behind fellow counselors as you drive off with the other set of keys and or phone fuse in your possession, totally approve, because it's something that chad would do and still leaves the players alive to attempt to survive the night. If a counselor runs into another counselors bear trap? Watch your step next time. Also, the counselor who sets bear traps shouldn't get a betrayal penalty if a teammate dies. I've seen trolls step into multiple traps on purpose to screw someone else out of xp and it really sucks, not the trappers fault. For the sake of the health of the casual players and the game itself, Quick Match team killing with weapons must be disabled. I cannot stress enough how damaging it is and every player I come across in quick match feels helpless when it happens. The only people who will cease to play quick matches if you don't allow weapon damage from counselor to counselor are trolls and griefers who are ruining the experience for everybody else. And they can feel free to play privately amongst themselves. Thank you to Gun Media and IlFonic for creating such a wonderful game. I hope to soon write a post of things that I love and things that can be improved upon, but this really needed to take precedence. If anybody wants to get in touch or to play with me, I'm on the PS4. My PSN name is Cult_Of_Nash
  6. I'll add you, I've been building a nice little community of good people
  7. Maybe their servers are fuckingup again due to high activity. I was hosting a match but I was the only one in the lobby, I accepted an invite from a friend without exiting said lobby, the game crashed, and now this is happening. Devs?
  8. If I didn't have an internet connection I wouldn't be connected to the game. What's up with this bug?
  9. Hey, I play on the PS4, im level 51 and I'm an absolute savage. I love the game, love Jason, and potentially in the future would like to write a page of pros and cons and ideas for the game that would be relatively easy to implement. I don't know if the devs read that kind of stuff but might be fun even if it's just for the community. See all of you around the campfire before Chads face turns into a "Celebrity Death Match" character.
  10. He flat out said "He likes to glitch and it isn't cheating because it's in the game". Really pissed me off.
  11. Take down his name if you can from your reply, I thought twice now that I'm not pissed as much anymore and am just gonna repost the video minus dudes name. gives the devs a chance to fix it without me becoming a full savage
  12. Yep, glitchers hurt the community
  13. This happened on packanack lodge, South East corner of the map at sand pond. As jason i went past the campfire looked out onto the pond and he was glowing red on the left hand side on top of a forestry hill that was out of bounds. I have video footage but after reconsideration I decided to edit the post and omit the name of the prick who did it. I'm going to repost a video of the incident minus the persons name.
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