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  1. Not being able to hit through windows also needs to be adressed, the perks will not be a bandaid solution for all of jason's problems. Sure there are way bigger problems than jason not having perks, but they're still fun to think about for something down the road, or if gun finds it easier to implement perks than to fix other problems with jason, they can serve as a temporary band-aid.
  2. If Jason is low level e.g. a bad/rookie player, you don't have a good friday the 13 experience. Jason is supposed to be a ruthless killer, not a dunce. But if the counselors are bad you still have the friday the 13 experience as jason being a ruthless killer. Right now because any level person can be jason some level 1 player is often jason and it's just too painful to even watch. That's why I think the highest level people in the lobby should be given preference to be chosen as jason. Right now not only is jason nerfed but the jason players are really bad. One bad jason can ruin the entire game for 7 other people, while if you are a bad counselor the impact is much smaller. I think it's unfair but it needs to happen. Every game i am walking up to jason and giving him tips on how to play. I don't even get the experience of f13 that often. I know these players have to learn by playing jason, but jeez are there are a lot of "learning" players.
  3. They already did except they only used half the page.
  4. Oh that gave me an idea for a perk, get rage 20 percent more quickly.
  5. Your in-depth reasoning has clearly proved me wrong, thanks for your analysis.
  6. Jason needs perks, so far he just has stats like counselors have stats. Give him 3 choosable perks he can have as well. Perk ideas to start(jason has 3 slots): rusty dagger: throwing knives slow counselors by 15% for 4 seconds body rot: You cannot hear noise pings. You have 20% increased damage while in rage. Impatient: Each window you break reduces your stun chance by 1%
  7. Guy cosplays as jason while playing jason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwOOGuxgENI
  8. My post is not about the grab itself, it's about how people respond to and make nerf/buff suggestions, and how people make nerf and buff suggestions are misinterpreted for wanting nerfs instead of striving towards an ideal. Jason's grab is just a concrete example in which to discuss this problem in a more concrete way.
  9. That's not what this thread is about, and I am not complaining about the grab.
  10. Basically this is what happened community wanted better realism> developers made it more realistic>community realizes that this realism makes jason underpowered and that realism is not worth it compared to power level of jason>community complains. The thing is that they reduced the range down even further beyond the vaccum level, to the point where it's ridiculously short, sometimes struggling to grab people right next to you. The whole point of my post is the fact that vacuum arms doesn't fit the ideal of realism, and that's what people wanted. But it DID suit jason's power level in terms of balance far more accurately.
  11. It was both a bug-fix and and a nerf. The bug just happened to positively perceived by most of the community as making Jason feel powerful and actually as part of the game. The users did not see it as a bug but technically speaking for the developers it was an unintended effect of the game.
  12. Thank goodness, someone who actually understands what I posted. I mean I would be more open to criticism if it was clear that people did not misinterpret what i said.
  13. @Whitebabyjoker It was both corrected towards an ideal of realism(which is just an example of an ideal some people have for videogames) AND also nerfed, that's the whole problem. The attempt at realism reduced the balance in the game, negatively. But the intention of someone who makes a nerf suggestion in this EXAMPLE is to make jason more realistic, not to decrease how powerful he is.
  14. That's out of context, are you trolling? The key word is "example". I also state "when you get more realistic with the grab you also NERF jason" please try to read more than one sentence of my post, thanks. Not to be insulting, but I'm starting to think English is not the main language you speak, which is fine if you need clarification.