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  1. Can jason hear you take your first breath when you hold your breath while hiding?(not when you start breathing after the bar runs out, just the very first breath when bar is full) I've never really got around to testing it
  2. I'm guessing he wants savini Jason to be available for everyone
  3. I don't see it as an exploit. It prevents counselors from barricading right in jason's face. As weird as they are I also love door battles through doors with jason because the more skilled player gets the hit off, and provides a way to fight jason in a more controlled way while also being at risk yourself. It's another scenario where counselor and jason can test their timing and knowledge against one another.I like the Bob Ross happy accidents in this game, they are what make the game fun. The same thing happened with pressing e on windows, being skilled to hit a window was part of the skill. Now it's all dumbed down albeit more clear what can and can't happen. But in my opinion those changes make jason really sterile and bland with no tricks up his sleeve.
  4. Seems like a lot of people are copying similar game titles into other games that are moddable. Roblox version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4rZw0_TLmU Here's also a garrys mod version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSMwOfC2brE
  5. I did post the link lol I think you just didn't see it because it's highlighted white
  6. I think it could be the case the shot fires before the blast is audible or visible, so if you quickdraw the shotgun in one direction and shoot as you turn around the bullet trajectory was registered in the first direction. I have heard of hacks being more available for the game without being caught though so it's also highly proabable it could be a hack. Ricochet bullets is not something you accidentally program into a game, it's a complicated physics effect. And I doubt gun media put time into ricochet ideas at all considering this is by no means a shooting game or reliant on ideas of ballistics at all. Their focus would have been on making the game as friday the 13 as possible, and gun trajectories really have nothing to do with that. Perhaps this is all a troll reference to the gun in gun media and ben is cackling in a dark alley somewhere.
  7. @WashingtonJonesThis whole thing stems from the fact the fear mechanic has a low impact on the game overall, and why high composure counselors are bottom tier. There are other benign things in the game as well such as the stealth stat. Stealth in this game just isn't viable because of sense and just how gameplay tends to unravel with hearing noise on repairs etc.
  8. @MichaelMyersBeing able to choose when to put on the mask e.g. when tommy Jarvis comes seems like it could add a whole other layer of gameplay. Imagine the mask just hanging in the shack and jason can put it on in a short cinematic. However, a male character can walk into the cabin and steal the mask and hide it from jason as well. The whole idea is should i risk wearing the mask and getting it cut, or put it on later but risk it getting stolen? Fun stuff. Heh.
  9. ...You can still use this strategy along with house morphing. But morphing inside the house is an experience more similar to the movies and adds more of a fear and horror aspect to the game, especially when stalk is enabled. And as a new player I thought the shift grab itself was cheating, like what in the actual hell is that ability? makes no sense if you first play the game
  10. But Jason's morph is on a cooldown so locking doors is still very important. If you leave the house and go to next one then you can lock the door on jason again and he will have to break in again or wait for morph. Jason will also have to break out of the house when doors are locked.
  11. I think it would be cool if jason could teleport/morph inside houses, I think it fits the movies way better with having jason suddenly corner you out of nowhere. Of course always teleporting inside a house to get counselors is not a sustainable strategy since your teleport is on cooldown and you will usually have to break your way out like a chicken in an egg, and you miss the chance to teleport to an objective. But the perfect moment I imagine is someone opening a drawer with jason behind them, seems to match the movies perfectly. It will introduce a lot more strategy to the game as well because teleporting inside houses near objectives is not a good idea if you are trying to stop someone driving the car away as the house doors are usually locked. Edit: due to feedback I was thinking jason can only teleport into houses that have their power taken out. Sounds like the better idea.
  12. The f13 franchise is not really remembered for pamela, it's always been about jason since he first appeared. The kills in the game wouldn't make sense at all neither would shift grab...pamela is a human murderer, nothing supernatural at all. Realistically a group of counselors would send pamela in a body bag if she tried anything vs a group, while jason is basically a superhuman. So the pamela game would be about isolating counselors somehow and then killing them without the other counselors knowing, I can't think of a way to accomplish that. Plus pamela was all about making people not know she was the killer, thats how she got her kills. But since you know how pamela looks like you know she's the killer unlike the movies ....probably why they're introducing paranoia instead.
  13. Theoretically what do you think is the best counselor stat distribution for survival?e.g. if you could customize your stat distribution what would it be
  14. I meant to say all jasons can slow walk and can either fast run or fast walk, I was just stating a current fact, that sentence was not an idea.
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