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  1. Regarding Wes flooding the game with useless bullshit over fixes too, I'm reminded of amazing websites that got run into the ground by shady owners who rather than fix basic features, instead flooded them with monetised popups and viruses, eventually killing their own product with their short-sighted greed and lack of respect for their customers or the property. I'm also surprised GUN aren't the subject of a class-action lawsuit yet seeing as they've admitted knowing about the lawsuit for a long time, yet still continued in false advertising features they knew they'd never be able to add. Before I'm banned again, let me just add GUN that I have no desire to play your broken, dead game again anyway, or visit the forums and read any more of your lies in future (suuuuure we'll be getting dedicated servers...) so this is me done regardless. Impotently ban away! I encourage others to make a note never to buy a GUN product again, and move on too. Illfonic get the benefit of the doubt though. Much love for the incredible game that was before stupid and greedy publisher decisions and a lack of QA investment wrecked it.
  2. Because they could monetise them, while Jason X had to be free per the terms of the Kickstarter, so took a much lower priority. They knew they were running into the lawsuit deadline, and cheapo cash grabs took priority over content they already had your money for. As for bugs? It's a combination of not caring enough and not knowing enough to eliminate them promptly.
  3. Back in January I stopped playing the game in disgust at how poorly everything was being handled, and was also handed a 3 month ban from the forums for being "too negative" and "too critical of the developers." In my ban message, one of the GUN team told me I knew nothing about how hard development was, and should try coming back when my ban ended in April, and maybe I'd have a more positive attitude regarding the state of the game then. It's now June, and not only is the game buggier than ever, half the new content hasn't arrived, and now never will. Absolutely nothing about this turn of events surprises me one bit. I'm just glad I saved 5 months of my life by not allowing even more of my time to be wasted by shoddy work and false promises. Please excuse my appalling negativity! It was obviously totally unfounded! You guys really showed me! ?
  4. Counselors should be able to damage counselors only when Jason has that specific player in his grasp. Obviously Medic would also need to be fixed so they're not just instantly patched up if saved. It should be a significant use of a resource, not a trivial expense, to save someone from a limping state. It would penalise mobbers, and keep the original intent of friendly fire in the game without giving trolls much to work with in trying to exploit it. It's a good idea, and simple to implement, which means of course it'll never get added, and they'd fuck it up even if they tried.
  5. It went from thrilling survival horror to a mediocre slapstick farce. Jason went from being from being terrifying and avoided at all costs, to a joke who is actively hunted down and trolled. The engine went from being completely stable to having an unstable FPS and routine connection drops. And don't forget, this is all, incredibly, by purposeful design. And we're repeatedly told by the team how wrong we all are for not realising how superior their vision is to ours - even though everyone hates it. A dev team who barely play the game unless it's a promotional stream, and even then show a fundamental lack of skill and knowledge in their own product, instead preferring to play PUBG all day. They used to be humble, hardworking and enthusiastic, now they're lazy as shit and drowing in greed and hubris.
  6. Totally agree, other than offline bots. Like everything else in the game, they're half-assed and feel unfinished. But the former is why everyone is so angry. It went from a possible game of the year contender to a disgrace to the franchise, with a bunch of clueless and arrogant indie hacks lecturing a fanbase who evidently cares far more about the franchise than they do, why such changes were great.
  7. The game at launch felt like an authentic Friday the 13th experience. No stupid emotes. No stupid costumes. No weak Jason getting trolled. He was terrifying to face, and a joy to play as. Matches almost never went to time, and usually ended with between 0-2 survivors, unless the 4-seater managed an escape. People loved Jason so much that almost every match had someone quit at the start because they weren't Jason. Now it's common for people to quit because they are Jason. His grab had a longer range, he was harder to stun (though was stunned for longer), there were waaaay less weapons and items (1 shotgun versus 4), and Tommy had no items either. Parts weren't marked, so players had to actively communicate and work together and search to survive instead of just having everything handed to them. If a player died ferrying a part in the woods, then it was often lost for the rest of the map, meaning escape options were lost, and the fight for the remaining ones more desperate. We had team killing. This meant rescuing people from Jason's grasp could come at a cost, as it would often cripple your fellow counselors with accidental hits. The shotgun would kill friendlies often as much as it'd stun Jason. There was more gore. Blood would splatter on the ground when attacking counselors, but the developers took it out for unexplained performance reasons that nobody noticed, and introduced rain that ironically killed everyone's frame rate in half their matches. Occasionally even ones where it wasn't raining. The engine in general felt more solid. There were no invisible barriers around windows, meaning Jason could hit or grab players climbing through, and stopping them looping. You had to dive if he was on your tail. Connection stability was better. No getting randomly dropped out of every 4-5 matches. There were no small maps or Jarvis map, so matches felt a lot more balanced, instead of the absurd objective completion speed of the small maps, or the spread out parts and cabins on the Jarvis map. The bad: Matchmaking was fucked. You could wait up to 20 minutes to even be put in a match. The game had tons of out-of-map glitches, and players would get on rooftops, out of bounds, in locked rooms, etc, and force everyone to wait the 20 minutes out. Jason helpers would grab the shotgun, kill a counselor, come back as Tommy, then kill another. This happened often. Gun claim they also used to hide parts before marking, but nobody I know experienced that more than a handful of times. It simply wasn't popular as trolls like people to know they're being trolled. There were also a number of gameplay glitches. Jason could combat-stance his way through beartraps and block flares. Items (including keys and the fuse) would often sink into the floor when a player died, rendering them unrecoverable. Some perks and Jason bonuses simply didn't work at all. Less maps and characters, as DLC hadn't dropped yet. Neutral: Jason could stack traps, making some objectives totally locked down, but traps and falls were not auto-limps for some characters, especially those that used the overpowered Thick Skin perk. However, traps have now been forced to be spaced out, and everyone uses Medic, so it's virtually balanced out. The players were less experienced (on both sides) that led to more organic gameplay and less powergaming/metagaming. This also led to some poor decision making that could cost you the game, but it also felt realer than everyone making optimal decision as they do now, with marking just making that worse. Conclusion: The main difference that the launch version was amazing from a gameplay and atmosphere perspective, really poor from a trolling perspective, had lots of gameplay glitches, and matchmaking was unforgivably slow. The game was great, the community often shitty, and the game technically unpolished. We had hope for improvement. Now it's abysmal from a gameplay and atmosphere perspective, the trolls are still here but have simply been legitimised, and the engine performance and matchmaking stability has dropped a lot. The game is now shitty, the community still shitty (but now accomodated), and the game has amazingly gone downhill in 7 months from a technical perspective, but creating more bugs and performance issues than they've solved. We have lost all hope for improvement. I've never seen a game do this before. A game that over a period of 7 months got worse from both a gameplay and a technical perspective with almost every month that went by, and did so with tone-deaf and arrogant developers acting like their customers were the ones in the wrong for not enjoying it. My theory is they simply only care about money. They figured the backer, fan, and mature audience markets had all capped out after a few months, so pivoted the game towards kids and trolls to wring out a few more sales.
  8. This is exactly my take on it. They displayed some serious technical inexperience and design naivety, got rightfully slated for it, but rather than learn and change course, got their feelings hurt and decided to double-down instead. Now they'd rather run the game into the ground than admit they've repeatedly fucked up, because their arrogance and pride won't allow them to take the criticism they deserve like adults. They refuse to acknowledge the possibility that as professional developers, they might actually know less than us plebs about how to make the game fun. That's simply beyond their comprehension. They're just victims of their own severe hubris, and at this point I don't care if their game dies as a result of it. This was the hill they chose, after all.
  9. You all need to realise that debate is futile as the developers don't care about your opinions. Nobody in their right mind would look at months of balance complaints about Jason over thousands of posts across all platforms, and decide adding extra shotguns and knives was the answer, or like children, naively weren't aware of what that would do to the balance until they saw screenshots here. Nobody is that stupid. It's a conscious and sustained choice to ignore the community. The current balance isn't a result of inexperience or bumbling, but a now consistent trajectory of design decisions over a period of over 6 months. The pendulum has only ever swung one way. That isn't accidental. This game is exactly in the place they want it. They want Jason to suck. Most likely to lower the difficulty so as to make the appeal of the game broader, and thus make more money. That's it. Nothing we do or say will change that. It's a cynical business decision, not an artistic one. They've taken a franchise they were graciously trusted as custodians of and chosen to betray that trust and run it into the ground for profit. You can't make an appeal to art to a sell-out. Their priorites are completely and utterly alien to ours, and pretending otherwise is futile. All you can do is just stop wasting your time, money, and energy on them, and give it to people who deserve it instead. Now and in the future.
  10. As everyone runs Medic too, that's effectively 22 medsprays. I haven't played in weeks, and topics like this remind me why I haven't missed it either. I really hope the developers understand how completely they've lost the goodwill and trust of their backers, and how utterly deserved that is. I don't think anyone trusts any future updates to do anything other than further shit the bed. Nobody trusts you as responsible custodians of the license anymore. And I hope that stings, because it really should. It takes a special kind of incompetence to make a game people loved less balanced and less technically stable every single month since release.
  11. The game is completely ruined. Every single person I know has given up on it for good. They'd not been enjoying the game for months, but the downward trajectory with every patch is now clear. It's never getting any better - only worse. The increase in items shows they're either hopelessly out of touch, or they know exactly what they're doing, and have simply cynically abandoned their backers and the franchise fans as their primary audience for shitty kids. Either way, It's done. It's a tragedy, as they took a great game that was faithful to the franchise, and funded by fans who'd been waiting for something like this their entire lives, and turned it into a digital playground for toxic players - idiots, trolls, and young children. It angers me as I genuinely consider this an act of cultural vandalism. They did a bait and switch, and took the Friday the 13th game we'd all been waiting for, and slowly morphed it into the shitty Summer Camp Vol 1. ripoff they wanted to make all along. The game's been out for 7 months, and just keeps getting worse from a gameplay and technical standpoint, which is just incredible when you think about it. It's actually shameful. There's so many better things to be doing in 2018 than giving these undeserving clowns any more of your time, money, or attention.
  12. I'm at the point where I'm done with balance talk, because I now believe it to be futile. I used to have a shred of good faith. I used to think they were just extremely misguided, and enough debate could make them see the light. Now I think they're purposely (and unethically) marketing the game towards children, and the increased revenue that brings, because they believe the fan market has capped out. They won't change the game back, and debate is pointless, because they're not arguing their reasons in good faith. It's purely about money, and they already have ours, so our opinions no longer matter. They've moved on from us as customers. So i'm moving on from caring about this game. Bye everyone!
  13. I don't agree that games make school-shooters. I think that's a reach. However, your point about parental responsibility falls down when looking at this from a developer's side, not a parental one, which I am. As a responsible parent, you know what is suitable for your child. Which is why it's only illegal for kids to buy these games, not play them. Rules on alcohol are often similar. Kids are often allowed to drink at home under parental supervision at home. But we have laws on companies because they don't know if a parent will be irresponsible or not before a product enters a home. And that's a good thing. Yes, it's on the parent. But it's also on the people marketing this to kids without good parents. My friend has a kid who he won't even let watch. If I had kids, I might allow them limited supervised play. But i'd still be upset if I actively felt developers were purposely courting kids, as that undermines both the law and parental choice, simply for more money.
  14. I was likely the wrong person to start such a topic, as it'd only ever get conflated with my views on balance. I also watched horror and gore films at a young age. However... That doesn't detract from the point of it it being potentially illegal or unethical to try to make mature rated content appeal more to kids, IF such a thing is happening here. Your opinion on this can obviously wildly vary. What can't be denied is that far more children play this game these days than ever have. And I don't think that's right. The question was simply - are the developers actively courting this demographic for money which their rating suggests they shouldn't be allowed to, or are their balance changes genuinely just how they think the game should be played, and it being more child-friendly is an unfortunate side-effect? The new 'white blood' effect has just made me question this. It could be a glitch, but it's a peculiar one if so, as it emulates tactics distributors used on anime and videogames such as Mortal Kombat in the 80s and 90s to - wait for it - make those things more child-friendly.
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