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  1. There's a problem with combat stance when you're a counselor trying to perform a certain function. For example, if I quickly enter combat stance to lock onto Jason and swing, or quickly enter combat stance to block jason's swing or knife, it works the first time, but then locks you the next time. This means that next time you enter combat stance to swing or block, it won't register. The only temporary tedious fix to this at the moment is to perform a free swing every time you've performed a function in combat stance to "unlock" yourself. (Besides that, I love the new graphics and grabsafe detection fix! Swing speed seems a lot faster too, not necessarily a problem tho, just a matter of adapting)
  2. Yes, if it really bothers you that much I wouldn't mind having Jason's weapon getting stuck in structures removed. It's no big deal. I never said anything about dying. You do realize that would just encourage me to bully Jason instead of going for the objective, right?
  3. 1) If you learn to quick scope with the knives, counselors won't have time to block. 2) Counselors are already at a major disadvantage indoors in terms of combat. Jason controls the pace of combat indoors, because he controls when to engange when the counselor is cornered or within confined space. The only reason I can see counselors using machetes or axes indoors is to perform a surprise attack from a corner, you want nerf counselors who actually don't follow the meta of beating up Jason? Effectively beating up Jason requires you, ironically enough, to be outside in the open where there is lots of space. 3) A counselor will, at the moment, just be able to infinite loop by climbing through a broken window over and over. 4) What if you are the last one alive and everyone escaped by boat or car already and you have to tank the trap by the phone to call the cops... Apparently this is the hardest game in history to balance accordingly to satisfy both ends, thank god I'm not a part of the dev team.
  4. You're forgetting that the internet is toxic in general. So no, no matter how much you desire a genuine and in-depth discussion, it's just not gonna happen.You need to realize that most on these forums are hardcore Jason fanboys referencing to the movie all the time. Problem is, in the movies counselors didn't have fun. You see the problem?
  5. There's a saying, and it goes something like this: "Too much skill becomes indistinguishable from cheating." Now I don't use PC, so macros and all that, sure, you can excuse that for cheating. But everything else? Such as utilizing the game's mechanics to its full potential, is not cheating. Cheating is using unauthorized 3rd party software which mostly only happens on the PC platform.
  6. Jason instant kill after grab is old news. Always been a thing. Low composure characters rely on other counselors to save them from the grab. You can dodge the grab, but it takes practice and is a little bit harder since this patch due to the grab buff.
  7. There is no point to even attempt to press x to break free, unless you are Jenny or any other high composure character. I'm used to playing Chad, so it's always game over when he grabs me.
  8. Do like every other Jason. Have one of your executions set to the tryhard instachoke execution :-). Trust me, no matter who you grab nobody escapes that one. It's one of the fastest, as well as having the most least space required.
  9. Hmm I guess. It's just tiring to see the: "blame the game attitude", instead of blaming oneself for once and perhaps adapt. But I can see where you are coming from. Continously buffing Jason and bad counselors will not stand a chance though, they'll get killed within the first minute of the match. The only reason people want Jason to be buffed now is because some counselors are beginning to reach a certain skill level in combat that most Jason players unfortunately can't keep up with. The bad "newbie" counselors will have an even harder time, but I dunno. Who am I to say what the "name of the game" is. If that statement was to be true though, then if you're up against a good Jason, you might as well put the controller down as a counselor. A good Jason already kills a good counselor a 100% of the time in combat at the moment. Anything more than that is a bit overkill, but yeah. Buffing Jason more and it will be a good Jason kills a good counselor 200 or 300% of the time in combat.
  10. You just described Jason mains in a nutshell. Jason players want their hand held. I get 8/8 as Jason 80% of the time, pre-buff. The times where people escape is because they manage to repair boat or car within 2-4 min of the match. If anyone tries to swing at me, they're dead within seconds. If people are cornered they evaded Jason by pure skill then. Git gud. Jason is too easy to play again now. The grab is already a bit too far for my taste as Jason now, from both sides of the spectrum (both playing as a counselor and Jason). What people fail to realize is that balance is not the in-game mechanics at this point, it's the players behind the screen. Skill outweighs balance.
  11. The range shouldn't have been increased at all, but they still did. The width is improved tho, so no more grabbing straight through counselors.
  12. My only issue is the amount of throwing knives. It feels like you have to drain Jason's knives. Good luck to the first one he decides to machine gun down with his storm of throwing knives.
  13. The new patch is great, but... I feel like the throwing knives are a bit over the top as I predicted. Maybe it's becuase everyone is playing part 5 atm because of hype, but it got to the point where Jason wouldn't even get close to me, he just kept ass pulling knives and executed me that way.
  14. Is this a bug/glitch or are you meant to be able to kill part 5 more easily since he is human? I was playing Pinehurst map. I demasked part 5 with macehete as Tommy, then Jason killed the girl with sweater, I pick up her axe and manage to hit Jason. He then falls to his knees and I am able to press A? What? I just killed Jason on my lonesome as Tommy without the sweater...
  15. Regardless of the balance, Jason will have to git gud or go home against experienced counselors in combat. It has always been like this.
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