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  1. Too bad these weren't available 2 years ago during the kickstarter, I would've definitely ordered then... Waaaay too late now
  2. I thought i read a while back that this lawsuit wasn't going to effect the F13 game, what changed?
  3. X1000 most frustrating game i've played in the last 30 years lol
  4. what ever happened to the soundtrack backers were supposed to get?
  5. I knew DLC was eventually going to get silly...didn't expect it this early on though.. When does Jason get a diamond studded gold machete skin?
  6. here's a thought... Just let me swing the battery/ gas can like a weapon...
  7. This isn't really groundbreaking, people used to stand in doorways in games like call of duty over 10 years ago...nothing you can do about it either
  8. We'd be better off if they just replaced their entire social media/ twitter/forum PR team with an actual "quality control" team.
  9. I really don't understand why everyone is stroking off to this post. The whole "we see your complaints and are working on fixing them" posts are getting played out, they've been doing this from day one. How about they actually release a patch that doesn't cause more new issues than it fixes? that would be nice for a change...
  10. the whole game is clunkier not just Jason...i believe its due to the lower framerate now
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