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  1. ShinOmegaWeapon

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    This my point part x Jason was promised to be here on game before they said no more content and in fact it's on game hidden in coding and not new if in coding but just like most game Devs say there going do something and not get done. It's shame because Friday good been best horror hack slasher and I do think better then dead by day light.
  2. ShinOmegaWeapon

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    You should still give us part x Jason he in game already but hidden in coding and I careless about Grendel map. Keep your promise and give us part x because and like said part x is in game and not really new content.
  3. I'll trade my savini for part x jason
  4. Micheal Myers in hospital would be awesome because Micheal Myers had best music then Jason.
  5. Your missing point I been games every has good ping and soon game start it lags and every one has high ping in red.
  6. Let me ask you if you Jason and you red ping and every else red ping do you stay or do you go?
  7. True way stop conslors for teaming up make make Jason have true rage where all stats go up such as attack up, defence up, speed up, stun restiance up all ability recover up, or just make turn into part x Jason.
  8. ShinOmegaWeapon

    We're Still Here

    I play this all time on Xbox but my gamer tag not same on here.
  9. ShinOmegaWeapon

    We're Still Here

    Only problem I had last night game ending earlier then what time says left on clock but it's fine. I want this game live like Jason does in hearts and minds. Let's hope they can get settled so we can keep playing in future and get new dlc. It takes only one person to make lawsuit ruin for devolpers and fans like us.
  10. ShinOmegaWeapon

    We're Still Here

    I like ps1 resident evil but I just wish capcom remake resident evil outbreak file 1 and 2 back or make file 3.
  11. ShinOmegaWeapon

    We're Still Here

    I'm on Xbox all time playing Friday 13th I have all 52 achievements and I'm Max rank 150 and all dlc and emotes and I still play game because fun and great game.
  12. ShinOmegaWeapon

    We're Still Here

    I do think Devs show courts that there not like every other greedy company make quick buck in fact they made game for us and the Friday 13 fans and show Judges that we loyal fans here and we love this game and want see grow into game destin be. Remain strong devs we loyal fans here watching listing and playing master piece of game you made.
  13. ShinOmegaWeapon

    The Sequel or Volume 2

    We must stay on there side and ride storm with them because if we give up they give up on game and us.
  14. So now we not getting no future dlc so no part x or nothing and knew about lawsuit sense October. If they win will we get new dlc and if they lose will game get pulled off consoles?
  15. ShinOmegaWeapon

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    I been playing game on Xbox one and more half stuff you guys are saying are not happening. The only problem I have is killing some one there shaking. I'm guessing patch coming Monday for us Xbox one users