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  1. Then if they not going add any new things in game even if they win the court case. Then they should just make new game then because there no point in fixing a game they not going add to.
  2. I'm glad you are but still like see part x Jason careless about Grendel map. I'm wondering shifty what you and Devs future for game if you win Court case?
  3. If they kill multiplayer part game there will be uproar and offline mode is boring a lot people earnered there Max ranks. For myself I'd very mad if the multiplayer goes down and I like playing Jason and consulers.
  4. Yeah bs leave game like this plus we promised part x Jason and game works right. I like kunomi take over they make good games like castlevania.
  5. If says game will continue he might leave with same team made game and if this letter true why hasn't Devs said anything.
  6. I watched all Friday movies again there major misteak made in this game one we don't have right consler in movie in right maps plus there name changed 2 Jason most time using his mishete in movie 3 part 8 map never in game so he's pointless in this game 4 map compared to movie look nothing alike and 5 they way game set up nothing like movie. Also for record part x Jason not new content because he's in game coding so they should just give to us and game has future in devs can win Court case.
  7. This my point part x Jason was promised to be here on game before they said no more content and in fact it's on game hidden in coding and not new if in coding but just like most game Devs say there going do something and not get done. It's shame because Friday good been best horror hack slasher and I do think better then dead by day light.
  8. You should still give us part x Jason he in game already but hidden in coding and I careless about Grendel map. Keep your promise and give us part x because and like said part x is in game and not really new content.
  9. Micheal Myers in hospital would be awesome because Micheal Myers had best music then Jason.
  10. Your missing point I been games every has good ping and soon game start it lags and every one has high ping in red.
  11. Let me ask you if you Jason and you red ping and every else red ping do you stay or do you go?
  12. True way stop conslors for teaming up make make Jason have true rage where all stats go up such as attack up, defence up, speed up, stun restiance up all ability recover up, or just make turn into part x Jason.
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