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  1. again and again of the glitch you go do what fucking do ban I wonder what you do on the day
  2. zoey45

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    you are still incredible the devs do you let savini and jason X hack like that without saying anything? strip of none it's players should be banned live without asking any question you are unable to devs seen the state of the game I understand the bugs etc .... you take out an update to fix the bugs ok and the rest do you care? anyway in a few months your game is dead if you are afraid to banish players because of savini and jasonX leave like that pffff
  3. 2 things to do the challenges put in french and Jason Savini Blood Pc not work on pc
  4. I would like to list here, the bugs due to the new update! Since here is what happened to me. -Select a counselor, and have another at the beginning of the game. (The worst thing is when I got Lachappa !: crazy -Sprays do not heal the first time, but after the 3-4th time .. -In the car, on several occasions, the game spawned me below the map, before spawn again in front of the car. -Some sounds are not played, like the sound of doors, drawers etc ... -Jason can sometimes no longer use his transfer. -The animations of some murders are buggy, the counselors have an epileptic crisis l (Enuclation for example) Monitors can sometimes no longer interact with objects, windows, or doors. The last bug completely ruins the gameplay! I did not have a single game without having had it
  5. zoey45

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Hello very disappointed with this update for challenges challenges even not able to translate into French what shame the devs make us wait more than 4 months to get a crappy update.
  6. Savini always deactivate on pc all the jasons have blood except Savini why ?
  7. it is the double XP but when you are at the max level 150 what is it used for?
  8. anyway you do not have to trust them they are liars
  9. the devs for lying and stealing our money for savini and the concept of the game I hope you make another skin for the backers for the savini codes that circulates on ebay and the worst of all the devs are connect to the forum and no response from them what a liar strip.
  10. Hello no need to refract and get out of school what must be done is to remove all the codes and return the savini codes to the backer it's not easier if the devs can not do this Well, it stops to continue to develop this game is the end for everyone
  11. HelloI am level 150 is what the devs will add new levels? thank you
  12. I hope to have new levels
  13. Hello I give you a cheater in the game in video,care ilimitee and teleportation here is his profile: [redacted] [redacted] do some things quickly and banish people like that it's a joke thank you for your understanding cordially
  14. Sorry cheat at 3 minutes 51
  15. ok ok thank you yes I'm french sorry
  16. ok no problem all will play like that. after all it's not a cheat ok okay great to play like that !!!!! well let's see this player play like this pffff
  17. not a cheat mdrr we learn a lot of things on this forum open your eyes and put glasses
  18. Risinggrave you need a pair of glasses I think anything people like you who do not see cheating we are badly barred
  19. I want a response from a moderator
  20. i also send messages to all devs, moderators and as randy on steam
  21. thanks for address I hope that the devs will do something because otherwise the game is due because of the cheaters
  22. can you give me the mail to contact them thank you